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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Arabacı'daki yıldızlar (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 279
12 Aurigae (create)
14 Aurigae (create)
16 Aurigae (create)
18 Aurigae (create)
19 Aurigae (create)
22 Aurigae (create)
25 Camelopardalis (create)
26 Aurigae (create)
2 Aurigae (create)
33 Camelopardalis (create)
34 Camelopardalis (create)
35 Camelopardalis (create)
36 Aurigae (create)
38 Aurigae (create)
39 Aurigae (create)
3C 147 (create)
40 Aurigae (create)
41 Aurigae (create)
42 Aurigae (create)
43 Aurigae (create)
45 Aurigae (create)
47 Aurigae (create)
49 Aurigae (create)
4C 41.17 (create)
51 Aurigae (create)
53 Aurigae (create)
54 Aurigae (create)
59 Aurigae (create)
5 Aurigae (create)
60 Aurigae (create)
62 Aurigae (create)
63 Aurigae (create)
64 Aurigae (create)
65 Aurigae (create)
66 Aurigae (create)
6 Aurigae (create)
9 Aurigae (create)
AB Aurigae (create)
AE Aurigae (create)
AFGL 5142 (create)
AP Aurigae (create)
AR Aurigae (create)
Açık yıldız kümesi (edit)
BF Aurigae (create)
BK Aurigae (create)
Bayer belirtmesi (edit)
CL Aurigae (create)
CQ Aurigae (create)
Chi Aurigae (create)
DA 93 (create)
Delta Aurigae (create)
Değişen yıldız belirtmesi (edit)
EO Aurigae (create)
Epsilon Aurigae (create)
Eta Aurigae (create)
FS Aurigae (create)
Flamsteed belirtmesi (edit)
GD 66 (create)
GM Aurigae (create)
GRB 910503 (create)
GRB 980329 (create)
G 87-7 (create)
Galaksi (edit)
Galaksi kümesi (edit)
Gezegenimsi nebula (edit)
Gliese 268 (create)
Gliese Kataloğu (edit)
HAT-P-9 (create)
HB 9 (create)
HD 29867 (create)
HD 30453 (create)
HD 30454 (create)
HD 30557 (create)
HD 30823 (create)
HD 31069 (create)
HD 31327 (create)
HD 32188 (create)
HD 32406 (create)
HD 32608 (create)
HD 32633 (create)
HD 32655 (create)
HD 33167 (create)
HD 33203 (create)
HD 33232 (create)
HD 33463 (create)
HD 33632 (create)
HD 33654 (create)
HD 34078 (create)
HD 34332 (create)
HD 34498 (create)
HD 34557 (create)
HD 34656 (create)
HD 34790 (create)
HD 34904 (create)
HD 35202 (create)
HD 35238 (create)
HD 35239 (create)
HD 35519 (create)
HD 35520 (create)
HD 35521 (create)
HD 35600 (create)
HD 35619 (create)
HD 35681 (create)
HD 35984 (create)
HD 36040 (create)
HD 36041 (create)
HD 36484 (create)
HD 36499 (create)
HD 36678 (create)
HD 36719 (create)
HD 36891 (create)
HD 37138 (create)
HD 37250 (create)
HD 37519 (create)
HD 37646 (create)
HD 38200 (create)
HD 38229 (create)
HD 38358 (create)
HD 38765 (create)
HD 39182 (create)
HD 39225 (create)
HD 39586 (create)
HD 39866 (create)
HD 40083 (create)
HD 40084 (create)
HD 40325 (create)
HD 40486 (create)
HD 40588 (create)
HD 40626 (create)
HD 40650 (create)
HD 40722 (create)
HD 40832 (create)
HD 40979 (create)
HD 41162 (create)
HD 41269 (create)
HD 41330 (create)
HD 41467 (create)
HD 41636 (create)
HD 42083 (create)
HD 42466 (create)
HD 42471 (create)
HD 42616 (create)
HD 43691 (create)
HD 44092 (create)
HD 45192 (create)
HD 45350 (create)
HD 46703 (create)
HD 47270 (create)
HD 47703 (create)
HD 48073 (create)
HD 48272 (create)
HD 49364 (create)
HD 49674 (create)
HD 49949 (create)
HD 50056 (create)
HD 50384 (create)
HD 50763 (create)
HD 51021 (create)
HD 51418 (create)
HD 53925 (create)
HD 56171 (create)
HD 56941 (create)
HD 57263 (create)
HL Aurigae (create)
HP Aurigae (create)
HS Aurigae (create)
Henry Draper Kataloğu (edit)
IC 2149 (edit)
IC 405 (edit)
IM Aurigae (create)
IQ Aurigae (create)
IRAS 05345+3157 (create)
IRAS 05358+3543 (create)
IU Aurigae (create)
Iota Aurigae (create)
KELT-2A (create)
KR Aurigae (create)
Kappa Aurigae (create)
Küresel yıldız kümesi (edit)
L1512 (create)
L1517B (create)
LY Aurigae (create)
Lambda Aurigae (create)
MACS J0717.5+3745 (create)
MCG +8-11-11 (create)
MWC 480 (create)
MZ Aurigae (create)
Messier 36 (edit)
Messier 37 (edit)
Messier 38 (edit)
Mu Aurigae (create)
NGC 1664 (edit)
NGC 1724 (edit)
NGC 1778 (edit)
NGC 1798 (edit)
NGC 1857 (edit)
NGC 1883 (edit)
NGC 1893 (edit)
NGC 1907 (edit)
NGC 1931 (edit)
NGC 2013 (edit)
NGC 2126 (edit)
NGC 2165 (edit)
NGC 2192 (edit)
NGC 2208 (edit)
NGC 2240 (edit)
NGC 2242 (edit)
NGC 2281 (edit)
NGC 2303 (edit)
NGC 2387 (edit)
NO Aurigae (create)
NV Aurigae (create)
Nebula (edit)
Nu Aurigae (create)
OH 471 (create)
Omega Aurigae (create)
Omicron Aurigae (create)
PU Aurigae (create)
Palomar 2 (edit)
Parlak Yıldız Kataloğu (edit)
Phi Aurigae (create)
Pi Aurigae (create)
Psi1 Aurigae (create)
Psi2 Aurigae (create)
Psi3 Aurigae (create)
Psi4 Aurigae (create)
Psi5 Aurigae (create)
Psi6 Aurigae (create)
Psi7 Aurigae (create)
Psi8 Aurigae (create)
Psi9 Aurigae (create)
QSO B0710+439 (create)
QSO B0711+356 (create)
RT Aurigae (create)
RU Aurigae (create)
RW Aurigae (create)
RX Aurigae (create)
R Aurigae (create)
Rho Aurigae (create)
S235 (create)
S235 B (create)
SGR 0501+4516 (create)
SS Aurigae (create)
SU Aurigae (create)
SX Aurigae (create)
SY Aurigae (create)
Sigma Aurigae (create)
Süpernova kalıntısı (edit)
TT Aurigae (create)
TZ Aurigae (create)
T Aurigae (create)
Tau Aurigae (create)
Teta Aurigae (create)
UGPS J0521+3640 (create)
UU Aurigae (create)
UV Aurigae (create)
UY Aurigae (create)
Upsilon Aurigae (create)
V352 Aurigae (create)
V362 Aurigae (create)
V390 Aurigae (create)
V394 Aurigae (create)
V403 Aurigae (create)
V405 Aurigae (create)
V410 Aurigae (create)
V420 Aurigae (create)
V433 Aurigae (create)
V440 Aurigae (create)
V538 Aurigae (create)
VRO 42.05.01 (create)
WASP-12 (create)
WW Aurigae (create)
Xi Aurigae (create)
Yeni Genel Katalog (edit)
Yıldız (edit)
Yıldız kümesi (edit)
Yıldız oluşumu (edit)
ZZ Aurigae (create)
Zeta Aurigae (create)


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