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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Asur kralları (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 94
Abazu (create)
Adamu (create)
Akiya (create)
Apiashal (create)
Arik-den-ili (create)
Asarid-apal-Ekur (create)
Asinum (create)
Asur-Dan I (create)
Asur-bel-kala (create)
Asur-bel-nisesu (create)
Asur-etil-ilani (create)
Asur-nadin-ahhe I (create)
Asur-nadin-apli (create)
Asur-res-isi I (create)
Asur-res-isi II (create)
Asur-rim-nisesu (create)
Asur-saduni (create)
Asur kralları listesi (edit)
Azarah (create)
Bazaya (create)
Belu (create)
Belu-bani (create)
Didanu (create)
Enlil-kudurri-asur (create)
Enlil-nirari (create)
Hanu (create)
Harharu (create)
Harsu (create)
I. Adad-nirari (create)
I. Asur-nirari (create)
I. Asur-rabi (create)
I. Asur-uballit (create)
I. Aşurnasirpal (create)
I. Enlil-nasir (create)
I. Eriba-Adad (create)
I. Erisum (create)
I. Ishme-Dagan (create)
I. Puzur-Asur (create)
I. Sarma-Adad (create)
II. Adad-nirari (create)
II. Asur-Dan (create)
II. Asur-nadin-ahhe (create)
II. Asur-nirari (create)
II. Asur-rabi (create)
II. Asur-uballit (create)
II. Enlil-nasir (create)
II. Eriba-Adad (create)
II. Erisum (create)
II. Isme-Dagan (create)
II. Puzur-Asur (create)
II. Tiglat-Pileser (create)
II. Tukulti-Ninurta (create)
II. Şalmanezer (create)
II. Şamşi-Ahad (create)
III. Adad-nirari (create)
III. Asur-Dan (create)
III. Asur-nirari (create)
III. Erisum (create)
III. Puzur-Ashur (create)
III. Şalmanezer (create)
III. Şamşi-Ahad (create)
IV. Asur-nirari (create)
IV. Şalmanezer (create)
IV. Şamşi-Ahad (create)
Ikunum (create)
Ilusuma (create)
Imsu (create)
Istar-Sin (create)
Libaia (create)
Lullaya (create)
Mandaru (create)
Mut-Asur (create)
Mutakkil-nusku (create)
Naram-Sin (edit)
Ninurta-apal-Ekur (create)
Ninurta-tukulti-asur (create)
Nuabu (create)
Nur-ili (create)
Rimus (edit)
Sarma-Adad (create)
Semiramis (create)
Shammuramat (create)
Sin-sar-iskun (create)
Sin-sumu-lisir (create)
Su-Ninua (create)
Suhlamu (create)
Sulili (create)
Ushpia (create)
V. Asur-nirari (create)
V. Şalmanezer (create)
V. Şamşi-Ahad (create)
Yangi (create)
Zuabu (create)
Şallim-ahhe (create)


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