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Results for Şablon:Balao sınıfı denizaltı (edit)

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Total: 139
ABD Deniz Kuvvetleri denizaltıları listesi (edit) Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Donanması denizaltıları listesi (edit)
Balao sınıfı denizaltı (create)
Gato sınıfı denizaltı (create)
TCG Burakreis (S-335) (edit)
TCG Dumlupınar (S-339) (edit)
TCG Gür (S-334) (edit)
TCG Hızırreis (S-344) (edit)
TCG I. İnönü (S-330) (edit)
TCG I. İnönü (S-346) (edit)
TCG II. İnönü (S-331) (edit)
TCG II. İnönü (S-333) (edit)
TCG Muratreis (S-336) (edit)
TCG Oruçreis (S-337) (edit)
TCG Preveze (S-345) (edit)
TCG Sakarya (S-332) (edit)
TCG Turgutreis (S-342) (edit)
Tench sınıfı denizaltı (create)
Türk Deniz Kuvvetleri savaş gemileri listesi (edit)
USS Apogon (SS-308) (create)
USS Archer-Fish (SS-311) (create)
USS Aspro (SS-309) (create)
USS Atule (SS-403) (create)
USS Balao (SS-285) (create)
USS Bang (SS-385) (create)
USS Barbel (SS-316) (create)
USS Barbero (SS-317) (create)
USS Batfish (SS-310) (create)
USS Baya (SS-318) (create)
USS Becuna (SS-319) (create)
USS Besugo (SS-321) (create)
USS Billfish (SS-286) (create)
USS Blackfin (SS-322) (create)
USS Blenny (SS-324) (create)
USS Bowfin (SS-287) (create)
USS Bugara (SS-331) (create)
USS Bullhead (SS-332) (create)
USS Burrfish (SS-312) (create)
USS Cabezon (SS-334) (create)
USS Cabrilla (SS-288) (create)
USS Capelin (SS-289) (create)
USS Capitaine (SS-336) (create)
USS Carbonero (SS-337) (create)
USS Carp (SS-338) (create)
USS Catfish (SS-339) (create)
USS Charr (SS-328) (create)
USS Chivo (SS-341) (create)
USS Chopper (SS-342) (create)
USS Cisco (SS-290) (create)
USS Clamagore (SS-343) (create)
USS Cochino (SS-345) (create)
USS Crevalle (SS-291) (create)
USS Cubera (SS-347) (create)
USS Cusk (SS-348) (create)
USS Dentuda (SS-335) (create)
USS Devilfish (SS-292) (create)
USS Diodon (SS-349) (create)
USS Dogfish (SS-350) (create)
USS Dragonet (SS-293) (create)
USS Dugong (SS-353) (create)
USS Eel (SS-354) (create)
USS Escolar (SS-294) (create)
USS Espada (SS-355) (create)
USS Garlopa (SS-358) (create)
USS Garrupa (SS-359) (create)
USS Goldring (SS-360) (create)
USS Greenfish (SS-351) (create)
USS Hackleback (SS-295) (create)
USS Halfbeak (SS-352) (create)
USS Hardhead (SS-365) (create)
USS Hawkbill (SS-366) (create)
USS Icefish (SS-367) (create)
USS Jallao (SS-368) (create)
USS Jawfish (SS-356) (create)
USS Kete (SS-369) (create)
USS Kraken (SS-370) (create)
USS Lagarto (SS-371) (create)
USS Lamprey (SS-372) (create)
USS Lancetfish (SS-296) (create)
USS Ling (SS-297) (create)
USS Lionfish (SS-298) (create)
USS Lizardfish (SS-373) (create)
USS Loggerhead (SS-374) (create)
USS Macabi (SS-375) (create)
USS Manta (SS-299) (create)
USS Menhaden (SS-377) (create)
USS Moray (SS-300) (create)
USS Needlefish (SS-379) (create)
USS Nerka (SS-380) (create)
USS Ono (SS-357) (create)
USS Pampanito (SS-383) (create)
USS Parche (SS-384) (create)
USS Perch (SS-313) (create)
USS Picuda (SS-382) (create)
USS Pilotfish (SS-386) (create)
USS Pintado (SS-387) (create)
USS Pipefish (SS-388) (create)
USS Piper (SS-409) (create)
USS Piranha (SS-389) (create)
USS Plaice (SS-390) (create)
USS Queenfish (SS-393) (create)
USS Redfish (SS-395) (create)
USS Roncador (SS-301) (create)
USS Ronquil (SS-396) (create)
USS Sabalo (SS-302) (create)
USS Sablefish (SS-303) (create)
USS Sand Lance (SS-381) (create)
USS Scabbardfish (SS-397) (create)
USS Sea Cat (SS-399) (create)
USS Sea Devil (SS-400) (create)
USS Sea Dog (SS-401) (create)
USS Sea Owl (SS-405) (create)
USS Sea Poacher (SS-406) (create)
USS Sea Robin (SS-407) (create)
USS Seahorse (SS-304) (create)
USS Sealion (SS-315) (create)
USS Segundo (SS-398) (create)
USS Sennet (SS-408) (create)
USS Shark (SS-314) (create)
USS Skate (SS-305) (create)
USS Spadefish (SS-411) (create)
USS Spikefish (SS-404) (create)
USS Spot (SS-413) (create)
USS Springer (SS-414) (create)
USS Sterlet (SS-392) (create)
USS Stickleback (SS-415) (create)
USS Tang (SS-306) (create)
USS Tilefish (SS-307) (create)
USS Tiru (SS-416) (create)
USS Trepang (SS-412) (create)
USS Trumpetfish (SS-425) (create)
USS Turbot (SS-427) (create)
USS Tusk (SS-426) (create)
USS Ulua (SS-428) (create)
USS Unicorn (SS-429) (create)
USS Vendace (SS-430) (create)
USS Walrus (SS-431) (create)
USS Whitefish (SS-432) (create)
USS Whiting (SS-433) (create)
USS Wolffish (SS-434) (create)

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ABD Deniz Kuvvetleri denizaltıları listesi (edit) Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Donanması denizaltıları listesi (edit)


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