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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Bane şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 2
Servabad şehristanı (edit)
Armerde (edit)

Total: 213
Ali Mekan (create)
Alut, Nemşir (create)
Alut bahşı (create)
Amre Sit (create)
Anjile (create)
Anjine İbrahim Cenubi (create)
Anjine İbrahim Şimali (create)
Atabak (create)
Aşağı Anjine (create)
Aşağı Kupiç (create)
Aşağı Mir Yusuf (create)
Aşağı Mirabad (create)
Aşağı Saluk (create)
Bademcan (create)
Bahş (edit)
Balve, Kürdistan (create)
Bane merkezi bahşı (create)
Barde Raşe (create)
Barde Reş (create)
Barviş Kani (create)
Bayizid (create)
Bazarçe Marzi (create)
Başven (create)
Bele Keh (create)
Bele Keh dehistanı (create)
Benavile Kohneh (create)
Bend Jaj (create)
Benevan (create)
Beraver (create)
Berde Buk (create)
Berde Reş (create)
Berviş Kani (create)
Beyazidabad (create)
Bezi (create)
Bikaş (create)
Bilu (create)
Biyan Dere (create)
Bone Hoy (create)
Bone Rezan (create)
Boruzhe Kohne (create)
Bovalhasan (create)
Bovalhasan dehistanı (create)
Buyin Olya (create)
Damame (create)
Darine Olya (create)
Darule (create)
Dergah Şeyhan (create)
Deyme (create)
Dovle Guyer (create)
Du Sine (create)
Dul Arzan (create)
Garmab, Bane (create)
Gavizle (create)
Gaşkase (create)
Gele Sure (create)
Gendoman (edit)
Govozle (create)
Guil (create)
Gurehdar (create)
Hajak (create)
Halu (create)
Hamze Lan (create)
Hange Jal (create)
Hasanabad, Bane (create)
Havare Hul (create)
Heft Taş (create)
Hoca Mir (create)
Hoşke Dere (create)
Huraze (create)
Huriabad (create)
Ka Rüstem (create)
Kai Berd (create)
Kandal, Kurdistan (create)
Kande Sure (create)
Kande Şin (create)
Kani Benav (create)
Kani Bend (create)
Kani Berd (create)
Kani Bid (create)
Kani Guyz (create)
Kani Güli (create)
Kani Harrat (create)
Kani Holuçe (create)
Kani Mamer (create)
Kani Nov (create)
Kani Peri (create)
Kani Pezmake (create)
Kani Semakan (create)
Kani Seyf (create)
Kani Seyf, Alut (create)
Kani Sib (create)
Kani Sur, Nanur (create)
Kani Sur dehistanı (create)
Kani Çulke (create)
Kani İbrahim (create)
Kani Şilan (create)
Kani Şileme (create)
Kara Bulak, Bane (create)
Kerimabad, Bane (create)
Kile Abbasabad (create)
Kivale (create)
Kive Rud (create)
Kola Dul (create)
Koliabad (create)
Koşne (create)
Kuh Hacı Kerim (create)
Kuh Kani Guyz (create)
Kuh Mamu (create)
Kuh Rüstem (create)
Kuh Sufi Raşi Piruz (create)
Kuh Şeyh ol İslam (create)
Kuhan (create)
Kul İstar (create)
Kupiç (create)
Kuru Çay, Bane (create)
Kuyre Guyze (create)
Küçer (create)
Malateh (create)
Mamal (create)
Manijalan (create)
Markad (create)
Mazerlan (create)
Mesidar (create)
Mir Hesam (create)
Mirabad Olya (create)
Mocase (create)
Muhammed Aliabad (create)
Muçe (create)
Nadr (create)
Najne Olya (create)
Najne Sofla (create)
Namazgah, Kurdistan (create)
Name Şir (create)
Name Şir dehistanı (create)
Nanur (create)
Nanur bahşı (create)
Nanur dehistanı (create)
Nave (create)
Nemşir bahşı (create)
Neyze Rud (create)
Nezhu (create)
Nirvan (create)
Novdeh, Kurdistan (create)
Novdeh Kohne (create)
Omarşal (create)
Ovgal (create)
Oştorabad (create)
Parşe (create)
Peyavin (create)
Pir Gani (create)
Poşt Arbaba dehistanı (create)
Rashki (create)
Raşid Kale (create)
Sabadlı (create)
Sad Bar (create)
Salih, Iran (create)
Salihabad, Bane (create)
Sar Sunj (create)
Sarkul (create)
Sarsul (create)
Satiar (create)
Savan, Kurdistan (create)
Saviru (create)
Sefid Kamare (create)
Sepidare, Alut (create)
Sepidere, Namshir (create)
Serberd (create)
Serdav (create)
Sertazin (create)
Serteke Olya (create)
Serteke Sofla (create)
Seyyid Sarem (create)
Sisarek (create)
Siveç Olya (create)
Siveç Sofla (create)
Siyahume (create)
Siyahume Kohne (create)
Siçan, Kurdistan (create)
Somakan (create)
Sunj, Baneh (create)
Surav (create)
Sureban (create)
Surin (create)
Sutu (create)
Tarhanabad (create)
Tavakkol (create)
Tazan (create)
Tazban (create)
Valiabad, Baneh (create)
Vazhe (create)
Vaştarmal (create)
Vezmele (create)
Visak (create)
Yakubabad, Kurdistan (create)
Yukarı Kupiç (create)
Yukarı Mir Yusuf (create)
Yukarı Saluk (create)
Yönetim merkezi (edit)
Zali, Kurdistan (create)
Zarbone (create)
Zarvav Olya (create)
Zarvav Sofla (create)
Ziviye (create)
Çeruş (create)
Çiçuran (create)
Çuman (create)
İran (edit)
Şahinan (create)
Şarge, Baneh (create)
Şaşeh (create)
Şilman (create)
Şuy, Kürdistan Eyaleti (create)
Şuy dehistanı (create)


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