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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Bircend şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 497
Abbasabad, Bakeran (create)
Abbasabad, Kahşang (create)
Abdullah, İran (create)
Adigan (create)
Afkaşt (create)
Afzalabad (create)
Agoldar (create)
Ahmed Şah Bey (create)
Alemabad (create)
Ali Hacı Pain (create)
Ali Kari (create)
Aliabad, Barakuh (create)
Aliabad, Husf (create)
Aliabad, Jolge Mazhan (create)
Aliabad, Kale Zeri (create)
Aliabad Davarabad (create)
Aliabad Lule (create)
Aliabad Zarein (create)
Alkur (create)
Alkurat dehestanı (create)
Allah Yar (create)
Aminabad (create)
Amirabad Payin (create)
Amirabad Şeybani (create)
Anaran (create)
Arabşah Bala (create)
Aruşe Pain (create)
Arvic (create)
Arviz (create)
Asgariye (create)
Asnan (create)
Asu (create)
Aşkabad, Bircand (create)
Aştahu (create)
Bagan (edit)
Bagiran dehistanı (create)
Bahlgerd (create)
Bak, Güney Horasan (create)
Baki, Güney Horasan (create)
Bangabad (create)
Barakuh dehestanı (create)
Barmanc (create)
Barmazid Sofla (create)
Barzac (create)
Basiran (create)
Batcag (create)
Bavik Vosta (create)
Bağ, Güney Horasan (create)
Bağ Alişah (create)
Bağ Dehne (create)
Bağ Manazarie (create)
Behdan (create)
Beynabad (create)
Biabani Bala (create)
Biabani Pain (create)
Bicar, Güney Horasan (create)
Bid (create)
Bidesk (create)
Bidistan, Güney Horasan (create)
Bidoht (edit)
Bidoht, Khusf (create)
Biduk (create)
Bimad (create)
Bistkonc (create)
Bizhanabad (create)
Bişe (create)
Bohnabad (create)
Bojd (create)
Bolancab (create)
Bondeşk (create)
Boniabad (create)
Borzaj (create)
Borzegan (create)
Bovaj (create)
Boz Konc (create)
Boz Kuç Olya (create)
Boz Kuç Sofla (create)
Burç-e Ziyad (create)
Buşad (create)
Caferabad, Bircand (create)
Celal Sofla (create)
Cemaleddin (create)
Chah-e Nemati (create)
Chah-e Panj Tan ol Aba (create)
Chah-e Sadeqi (create)
Chah Abuzer Ghafari (create)
Chah Kuran Vekilabad (create)
Cimabad (create)
Colge Mazhan dehistanı (create)
Dahan Rud (create)
Dahaneh (create)
Dam Ruba (create)
Darac (create)
Darsaleh (create)
Dastgerd (create)
Deh Mir, Birjand (create)
Deh Nev (create)
Dehistanlar (create)
Delabad (create)
Delcan (create)
Dere Acgu (create)
Dere Gazan Sofla (create)
Dere Mirak (create)
Dere Pain (create)
Devletabad (edit)
Deym (create)
Dezg Pain (create)
Do Kuheh (create)
Dohlkuh (create)
Dowlatabad, Jolgeh-e Mazhan (create)
Duskam (create)
Ekberabad (create)
Ekberabad Olya (create)
Ekberiye (create)
El-Ariş (edit)
Elkar (create)
Esfahrud (create)
Espigi (create)
Estakhr (create)
Eylaki Bala (create)
Eylaki Pain (create)
Fahrabad (create)
Fakhrabad (create)
Fatemiyeh (create)
Faşarud dehestanı (create)
Fedeshk (create)
Felarg (create)
Feriz, Bayramören (edit)
Feriz Morg (create)
Feriz Nuk (create)
Fesun (create)
Feyzabad, Bircand (create)
Feyzabad, Khusf (create)
Fudac (create)
Fur Jan (create)
Galgun-e Bala (create)
Ganj-e Olya (create)
Ganjabad (create)
Garmidar (create)
Garmuk (create)
Garung (create)
Gave (create)
Gazar (create)
Gazik (create)
Gazzeh (create)
Geminj (create)
Geysar (create)
Geyuk (create)
Geyuk, İran (create)
Giv, South Khorasan (create)
Givak Olya (create)
Givak Sofla (create)
Givshad (create)
Golunabad (create)
Golunak (create)
Golund-e Olya (create)
Govd Mahmud (create)
Govd Muhammed Han (create)
Gowlag (create)
Gugçin (create)
Gusheh-ye Olya (create)
Gusheh-ye Sofla (create)
Gül (edit)
Gül Pance (create)
Gülbargan (create)
Güliyan (create)
Hacc Naj (create)
Hacı Kuhi (create)
Hacıabad, Alkurat (create)
Hacıabad (32°46′ N 59°31′ E), Bakeran (create)
Hacıabad (32°51′ N 59°19′ E), Bakeran (create)
Haderbad Olya (create)
Halemi (create)
Halilan (create)
Halvai (create)
Hamand (create)
Hambal (create)
Hamech (create)
Hami, Iran (create)
Hamun (create)
Harding (edit)
Hasanabad Mian (create)
Hasanabad Pain (create)
Havang Pain (create)
Havigan (create)
Hazan (edit)
Hemmatabad, Birjand (create)
Hengaran, South Khorasan (create)
Hesar Dar (create)
Heyrabad (create)
Hisar, Güney Horasan (create)
Hisar-ı Sangi (create)
Holudar Pain (create)
Hong (create)
Hong-e Bala (create)
Hoseynabad-e Miran (create)
Hoseynabad-e Sheybani, South Khorasan (create)
Hoseynabad Alam (create)
Hosrak (create)
Howz-e Hasan Ali (create)
Hunik (create)
Hunik (32°44′ N 59°20′ E), Bakeran (create)
Hunik (32°46′ N 59°22′ E), Bakeran (create)
Hunik (32°48′ N 59°11′ E), Bakeran (create)
Hunik Zirak (create)
Husf dehestanı (create)
Huşine Olya (create)
Hvajegi (create)
Hüseyinabad (create)
Hüseyinabad, Husf (create)
Jamshidabad, South Khorasan (create)
Janbuk (create)
Jijk (create)
Jirg (create)
Joft Rud (create)
Jovzan Nuki (create)
Jowmian (create)
Kafki (create)
Kaftar Milan (create)
Kahşang dehistanı (create)
Kaju-ye Pain (create)
Kaju Bala (create)
Kakhk, South Khorasan (create)
Kakhkuk (create)
Kalac Darg (create)
Kalate Arab (create)
Kalate Baba (create)
Kalate Bazargan (create)
Kalate Bocdi (create)
Kalate Hacı Yusuf (create)
Kalate Hasan Beyk (create)
Kalate Huda Bahş (create)
Kalate Hüseyin (create)
Kalate Kannadan (create)
Kalate Kannadan (32°49′ N 59°06′ E), Birjand (create)
Kalate Mirza (create)
Kalate Mohammed Gulam (create)
Kalate Molla Hudadad (create)
Kalate Muhammed Hüseyin Han (create)
Kalate Muhammed Sultan (create)
Kalate Nev (create)
Kalateh-ye Karbalai Barat (create)
Kalateh-ye Malek (create)
Kalateh-ye Qassab, Birjand (create)
Kalateh-ye Sheykh (create)
Kale Zeri dehistanı (create)
Kamar Sabz, South Khorasan (create)
Kamçah (create)
Kanal (edit)
Karicgan (create)
Karimabad, Jolgeh-e Mazhan (create)
Karimabad, Qaleh Zari (create)
Kariz Nev (create)
Kasaba, Güney Horasan (create)
Kasakstan (create)
Kaseh Sangi (create)
Kashuk-e Olya (create)
Kashuk-e Sofla (create)
Katar Gez (create)
Keysabad (create)
Khaleqabad (create)
Kharam, Birjand (create)
Kheyrabad, Khusf (create)
Khorashad (create)
Khvanand (create)
Khvor, South Khorasan (create)
Kondor, Bircand (create)
Kuch (create)
Kuch Elqar (create)
Kur Gez Bala (create)
Kuriyan (create)
Kusheh, South Khorasan (create)
Kushkabad (create)
Köşk, Güney Horasan (create)
Madan-e Qaleh Zari (create)
Mafand Ab (create)
Mafriz (create)
Mahiabad (create)
Mahmiran (create)
Mahmudabad, Bircend (create)
Mahmui (edit)
Mahuk (create)
Mahusk (create)
Malekabad (create)
Marak (create)
Margh (create)
Marghuk (create)
Markaç (create)
Maruk (create)
Masen (create)
Masumabad, Birjand (create)
Mazar-e Shah (create)
Mazhan (create)
Mazrabad (create)
Mazraeh-ye Mohammad Sharif (create)
Mehdiabad, Birjand (create)
Mehinc (create)
Mehrabad, South Khorasan (create)
Mezar, Güney Horasan (create)
Mezg (create)
Mihteran (create)
Mina Hun (create)
Mirik (create)
Mirozg (create)
Mohammadabad, Qaleh Zari (create)
Mohammadabad (32°27′ N 59°02′ E), Birjand (create)
Mohammadabad (32°33′ N 59°06′ E), Birjand (create)
Mohammadiyeh, Birjand (create)
Mosaveri (create)
Mozdab (create)
Mulid (create)
Murachek (create)
Mübarekabad (create)
Nakenc (create)
Nalinow (create)
Nasrabad (edit)
Nasrabad, Khusf (create)
Nasırabad (32°45′ N 59°24′ E), Bircand (create)
Nasırabad (32°48′ N 59°12′ E), Bircand (create)
Nevdar (create)
Nevraşk (create)
Neyistan (create)
Nov Deh (create)
Nov Gidar (create)
Nov Kac (create)
Novferest (create)
Novgab-ı Afzalabad (create)
Novik (create)
Novkand (create)
Nowduk (create)
Nugab (create)
Nughab, Khusf (create)
Nughab Çik (create)
Nuk (create)
Ovcad (create)
Ovjan (create)
Padamrud (create)
Parmiç (create)
Pespatang-e Sofla (create)
Pesteh (create)
Pey Rud (create)
Peygodar-e Chah-e Huz (create)
Piranj (create)
Piş Kuh Olya (create)
Posuj (create)
Qaemabad, South Khorasan (create)
Qala, Iran (create)
Qaleh Kuh (create)
Qaleh Zari (create)
Qanat, South Khorasan (create)
Rabian (create)
Rahdarhane (create)
Rahnishk (create)
Rahniç (create)
Razg (create)
Razuk (create)
Raç (create)
Reg, Iran (create)
Rekat-e Olya (create)
Rekat-e Sofla (create)
Revzanabad (create)
Reyhan, Güney Horasan (create)
Rezakabad (create)
Rezaviyeh (create)
Rig-e Bala (create)
Riz Ab (create)
Rokbagal (create)
Rokui-ye Pain (create)
Rowshnavand, Khusf (create)
Ruboht (create)
Rud-e Kaj (create)
Ruk Annabi (create)
Rukiyeabad (create)
Rumenjan (create)
Sad Gol (create)
Saft-e Sorh (create)
Sagdar (create)
Saki, Güney Horasan (create)
Salak, İran (create)
Salimabad (create)
Salmabad (create)
Sama, Güney Horasan (create)
Samadabad, South Khorasan (create)
Samu (create)
Sar-e Pol (create)
Sar-e Razg (create)
Sar Asiab (create)
Sar Chah-e Ammari (create)
Sar Chah-e Shur (create)
Sar Tangan (create)
Sar Çah Taziyan (create)
Sard Haneh (create)
Sarkan Sofla (create)
Sarv Bad (create)
Sengabad (create)
Senjeduk (create)
Ser Had (create)
Seyyedan, Birjand (create)
Shadan (create)
Shah Mahmud (create)
Shamsabad, Khusf (create)
Sheykhabad (create)
Sib Chah (create)
Siskan (create)
Sivcan (create)
Siçan (create)
Solami (create)
Surag (create)
Surg (create)
Tacag (create)
Tag-e Oştoran (create)
Tag Ab Khanak (create)
Tagab (create)
Tahirabad-e Sofla (create)
Tak-e Kharu (create)
Tak-e Sifi (create)
Tak Mazhani (create)
Takçarabad (create)
Tang Behdan (create)
Tang Hanedanı (edit)
Tangal Ali Beyk (create)
Tangal Bala (create)
Taqiabad (create)
Taqiabad, Qaleh Zari (create)
Tarakani Pain (create)
Taç Kuh (create)
Tiduk (create)
Torş Ab Bala (create)
Torş Ab Pain (create)
Tuj (create)
Turman (create)
Tuti, İran (create)
Vahedabad (create)
Varkane (create)
Vaşan (create)
Yahn (create)
Yekke Deraht (create)
Yoşt (create)
Yuş (create)
Yuşu (create)
Yönetim merkezi (edit)
Zadonbe-ye Bala (create)
Zadonbe-ye Pain (create)
Zamanabad (create)
Zanuk (create)
Zardan (create)
Zargar (create)
Zerkeş (create)
Zeyd, South Khorasan (create)
Zeynabad (create)
Zeyni (create)
Zirac (create)
Zirak (create)
Çac (create)
Çah-e Harif (create)
Çah-e Rakateyha (create)
Çah-e Zini Ha (create)
Çah-ı Zerd (create)
Çah Ali Muhammedi (create)
Çah Hovz (create)
Çah Kend (create)
Çah Kolak-e Pain (create)
Çah Rüstemi (create)
Çahardeh Pain (create)
Çahkandak (create)
Çahkanduk (create)
Çahkenan Bala (create)
Çahkenan Pain (create)
Çahkend (create)
Çahkend Gol (create)
Çarkaş (create)
Çehardeh Bala (create)
Çeşme Gazu (create)
Çeşme Mulid (create)
Çeşme Murteza (create)
Çeşme Zard (create)
İran'ın şehristanları ve bahşları (edit)
Şah Zile (create)
Şahabad (create)
Şahen (create)
Şahin dehistanı (create)
Şahinat dehistanı (create)
Şahne (create)
Şahra (create)
Şahrestanak (create)
Şarkonc (create)
Şaşdeng (create)
Şekarane (create)
Şems Bala (create)
Şemsabad (create)
Şerifabad, Güney Horasan (create)
Şeyhan (create)
Şir Manc (create)
Şirag (create)
Şur Ab (create)
Şuşk (create)
Şuşud (create)


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