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Results for Şablon:CAF ligleri (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

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Total: 47
Afrika (edit)
Afrika Futbol Konfederasyonu (edit)
Botswana Premier League (create)
Campeonato Nacional (create)
Championnat National Première Division (create)
Cibuti Premier Ligi (create)
Division 1 Promotionnelle (create)
Ekvator Ginesi Premier Ligi (create)
Eritre Premier Ligi (create)
Etiyopya Premier Ligi (create)
GFA 1. Premier Ligi (create)
Gabon 1. Ulusal Şampiyonası (create)
Gana Premier Ligi (create)
Gine-Bissau Ulusal Şampiyonası (create)
Gine Ulusal Şampiyonası (create)
Kenyan Premier League (create)
Komorlar Premier Ligi (create)
Kongo Premier Ligi (create)
Lesotho Premier Ligi (create)
Liberya Premier Ligi (create)
Libya Premier Ligi (create)
Ligue 1 (Cezayir) (create)
Ligue A (create)
Ligue de Bangui (create)
Linafoot (create)
Malavi Premier Ligi (create)
Mali Premier Ligi (create)
Mauritian Ligi (create)
Moritanya Premier Ligi (create)
Moçambola (create)
Mısır Premier Ligi (create)
Namibya Premier Ligi (create)
Nijer Premier Ligi (create)
Ruanda Premier Ligi (create)
Seyşeller Ligi (create)
Sierra Leone Ulusal Premier Ligi (create)
Somali Ligi (create)
South Sudan Football Championship (create)
Sudan Premier Ligi (create)
Svaziland Premier Ligi (create)
São Tomé and Principe Championship (create)
Tanzanya Premier Ligi (create)
Togo Ulusal Şampiyonası (create)
Uganda Premier Ligi (create)
Zambiya Premier Ligi (create)
Zimbabve Premier Futbol Ligi (create)
Çad Premier Ligi (create)


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