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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Damğan şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 150
Abbasabad, Hovme (create)
Abbasabad, Rudbar (create)
Abdia (create)
Abdulabad (create)
Abdullahabad, Amirabad (create)
Abdullahabad, Damğan (create)
Abirabad (create)
Agare (create)
Ahmedabad, Damğan (create)
Ahvanu (create)
Aliabad-u Mutallib Han (create)
Alian (create)
Allahabad, Simnan (create)
Amirabad bahşı (create)
Amravan (create)
Astan (create)
Avazabad, Semnan (create)
Badele Kuh (create)
Bag (create)
Bagirabad, Simnan (create)
Bahaabad (create)
Baharabad (create)
Bahşabad (create)
Bağ Dadu (create)
Cazan (create)
Damankuh dehestanı (create)
Damğan Jujeh Poultry Company (create)
Damğan merkezî bahşı (create)
Damğan şehristanı (edit)
Darvar (create)
Deh Gazi (create)
Deh Hüda (create)
Dehu (create)
Devletabad, Damğan (create)
Deşt-i Bu (create)
Dian (create)
Ebu el Bag (create)
Fahrabad (create)
Firuzabad, Amirabad (create)
Firuzabad, Damğan (create)
Fırat, Simnan Eyaleti (create)
Ganiabad (create)
Guhab-ı Rasteg dehestanı (create)
Guhab-ı Sarsar dehestanı (create)
Guşe (create)
Haccabad-ı Hacc Ali Muhammed (create)
Haccaci (create)
Hacıabad-ı Bosticiyan (create)
Hacıabad-ı Musavian (create)
Hacıabad-ı Razve (create)
Haddade (create)
Hasanabad, Amirabad (create)
Hasanabad, Damğan (create)
Haydarabad, Simnan (create)
Hovme dehestanı (create)
Hurzan (create)
Huseynan (create)
Hüseyinabad-ı Dula (create)
Hüseyinabad-ı Hacı Ali Nagi (create)
Industrial Estate, Damghan (create)
Kabutar Han (create)
Kalate Molla (create)
Kale Bala Baram (create)
Kale Pain Baram (create)
Kamranabad (create)
Kela (create)
Kelatu (create)
Kelu (create)
Kudretabad (create)
Kuh Zar (create)
MaYaN (edit)
Mabad (create)
Masumabad (create)
Mehdiabad, Damğan (create)
Mehman Duye (create)
Mehmandust (create)
Mezra Asparuzian (create)
Mezra Feth Alian (create)
Mezra Hasanabadu (create)
Mezra Kale Çeh (create)
Mezra Labrud (create)
Mezra Mansurkuh (create)
Mezra Mascidpol (create)
Mezra Mazahri ve Şerka (create)
Mezra Muhammed Ali Kuşa (create)
Mezra Mübarekabad (create)
Mezra Riyisi (create)
Mezra Seyyidha (create)
Mezra Tagiabad (create)
Mezra Şahid Çamran (create)
Mezra Şahid Şemsipur (create)
Mezra Şerifi (create)
Mil, Simnan (create)
Moinabad (create)
Mualliman (create)
Muhammedabad, Damğan (create)
Muradabad, Simnan (create)
Mümiabad, Damğan (create)
Naimabad, Semnan (create)
Namakeh (create)
Narişam (create)
Nuva (create)
Qaderabad, Damghan (create)
Qasemabad, Damghan (create)
Qasemabad-e Muqufeh (create)
Rasul Akram Scientific Centre (create)
Raziabad (create)
Reşm (create)
Rudbar dehestanı (create)
Rumenan (create)
Salehabadu (create)
Selmabad (create)
Sertange (create)
Seyang (create)
Seydabad (create)
Seyyed Abadu (create)
Sharifabad, Damghan (create)
Sharifiyeh, Semnan (create)
Shimi, Iran (create)
Siyah Pare (create)
Sobhan (create)
Sulhabad (create)
Surh Deh (create)
Susan Var (create)
Tag (create)
Talh Ab (create)
Tazareh (create)
Tuye (create)
Tuyehdarvar dehestanı (create)
Tuçah (create)
Vamarzan (create)
Verkian (create)
Yezdanabad (create)
Zergerabad (create)
Zerrinabad, Simnan Eyaleti (create)
Zeylabad (create)
Zun (create)
Çeşme Ali (create)
İbrahimabad-ı Yezdani (create)
İkbaliye, Simnan (create)
İmamabad, Simnan Eyaleti (create)
İmamzade Heft Tan (create)
İran'ın şehristanları ve bahşları (edit)
Şah (edit)
Şahrasazi Tazare (create)
Şaman, Simnan Eyaleti (create)
Şemsabad, Simnan Eyaleti (create)
Şir Aşiyan (create)
Şovkatabad (create)
Şüphe (edit)


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