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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Dorud şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 101
Abbid (create)
Akbarabad, Dorud (create)
Amirabad (33°23′ N 48°58′ E), Dorud (create)
Amirabad (33°34′ N 49°00′ E), Dorud (create)
Andikan (create)
Baba Hani (create)
Baba Mohammad (create)
Bagh-e Jamal (create)
Bagh Ali-ye Olya (create)
Bagh Ali-ye Sofla (create)
Bahramabad-e Olya (create)
Bahramabad-e Sofla (create)
Bamsar-e Bala (create)
Bani Hashim Defense Industial Complex (create)
Bar Aftab (create)
Bar Aftab-e Deraz (create)
Barzan, Iran (create)
Bonakabad (create)
Budineh (create)
Cale (create)
Chamnar (create)
Chaqa Bahram (create)
Chubdar-e Olya (create)
Chubdar-e Pain (create)
Chughadun (create)
Darb-e Astaneh (create)
Darmian, Lorestan (create)
Darreh Esbar (create)
Darreh Hadavand (create)
Darreh Zhan-e Bala (create)
Darreh Zhan-e Pain (create)
Daryab (create)
Deh Now, Dorud (create)
Dehistanlar (create)
Dorud (edit)
Dorud dehistanı (create)
Dorud merkezî bahşı (create)
Dorud şehristanı (edit)
Farmanabad (create)
Gandab, Dorud (create)
Gav Koshteh (create)
Gel-e Gurchak (create)
Guşe Pol (create)
Hamza Ali (create)
Havilan (create)
Haşmetabad dehistanı (create)
Heshmatabad, Dorud (create)
Hüseyinabad, Dorud (create)
Hüsrevabad, Dorud (create)
Khan Verdi (create)
Khanabad, Dorud (create)
Khargush Khani (create)
Kushk, Dorud (create)
Latifabad, Lorestan (create)
Lencabad (create)
Masurabi (create)
Meydanak, Lorestan (create)
Naser ol Din (create)
Papiun (create)
Pirabad (create)
Poşt Kale (create)
Qaleh-ye Jahangir (create)
Qaleh-ye Kamohammad Reza (create)
Raken Olya (create)
Raken Sofla (create)
Razvar (create)
Sabandan (create)
Sangar, Lorestan (create)
Sarabişhe (create)
Saravand (create)
Senderkan (create)
Seyavel (create)
Shahrak Emam (create)
Shor Shoreh, Dorud (create)
Silahor bahşı (create)
Sireh-ye Olya (create)
Sireh-ye Sofla (create)
Siyahkale, Luristan (create)
Sizan (create)
Soranjeh, Dorud (create)
Suran, Lorestan (create)
Tanur Dar (create)
Taqiabad, Dorud (create)
Tey, Luristan (create)
Tidar, Lorestan (create)
Torshab, Lorestan (create)
Tut, Luristan (create)
Yengeh Hoseyn (create)
Yusufabad, Luristan Eyaleti (create)
Zagheh, Dorud (create)
Zhan, Lorestan (create)
Zhan dehistanı (create)
Zirteng (create)
Çam Çit (create)
Çenar (create)
Çenar Hatun (create)
Çeşme Sarnace (create)
Çogabdar (create)
İmaret, Luristan (create)
İran (edit)
Şekerabad (create)


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