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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Erdebil şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 172
Abbasabad (edit)
Abdarlı (create)
Abr Bakuh (create)
Aga Baker (create)
Ahu Kale (create)
Akbulak-e Agacan Han (create)
Akbulak-e Rüstem Han (create)
Akkale, Erdebil Eyaleti (create)
Akçe Kent (create)
Ali Kışlakı (create)
Almagalan (create)
Almas, Erdebil Eyaleti (create)
Aluçeh-ye Fuladlu (create)
Amirabad (create)
Amukin (create)
Anzab-e Olya (create)
Arallu-ye Bozorg (create)
Arallu-ye Kuçek (create)
Ardipithecus (edit)
Arvanak (create)
Arşak Şarki dahestanı (create)
Aynalı (create)
Ayurik (create)
Aşkşehr (create)
Balghelu dahestanı (create)
Banafşe Darak (create)
Baqarabad (create)
Baruk, Erdebil Eyaleti (create)
Bayram Badani (create)
Bileh Darak (create)
Budalalu (create)
Cabah Dar (create)
Camadi (create)
Camayran (create)
Dahestan (create)
Dalilar (create)
Davil (create)
Daşlujeh (create)
Deliklitaş (create)
Dijujin (create)
Divlak (create)
Domdomeh (create)
Elmas Kenti (create)
Firuzabad, Erdebil Eyaleti (create)
Forudgah Erdebil (create)
Fuladlui Cenubi dahestanı (create)
Fuladlui Şimali dahestanı (create)
Garbi dahestanı (create)
Garjan (create)
Gavar Qaleh (create)
Gendişmin (create)
Gilan Deh (create)
Guradil (create)
Gül Mugan (create)
Gül Tepe, Erdebil (create)
Gül Tepe-ye Malali (create)
Güli (create)
Hakim Kışlakı (create)
Halac (create)
Halilabad, Erdebil Eyaleti (create)
Hamidabad (create)
Hamlabad (create)
Hanegah (create)
Harabe-ye Kohal (create)
Hasan Baruk (create)
Hasanali Kenti (create)
Havace Bulagi (create)
Haça Kenti (create)
Helabad (create)
Hiarak (create)
Hir dahestanı (create)
Hisar, Erdebil Eyaleti (create)
Hoşke Rud (create)
Hıfzabad (create)
Jiavan (create)
Kaftare (create)
Kalecik-e Sabalan (create)
Kalharan Şeyh (create)
Kalhuran (create)
Kalkharan dahestanı (create)
Kamer Kenti (create)
Kamiabad (create)
Kara Tepe-ye Sabalan (create)
Kara Vali (create)
Kara Çaman (create)
Karalar (edit)
Kargan (create)
Karkarak (create)
Kasem Kışlakı (create)
Keliçi (create)
Kerik (create)
Konsul Kenti (create)
Kuhsar Deh (create)
Kulan Kuh (create)
Kurd Kenti (create)
Kurd Kışlakı (create)
Kurdlu (create)
Kuza Toprağı (create)
Kızılkaya (edit)
Kışlak-e Muhammed Beyk-e Olya (create)
Kışlak-e Muhammed Beyk-e Sofla (create)
Kışlak-e Uç Bulak (create)
Lalahlı (create)
Mahmudabad, Erdebil Eyaleti (create)
Masumabad (create)
Mazra-ye Pile Sehran (create)
Mejandi (create)
Mescidli (create)
Mirani (create)
Molla Başı (create)
Molla Yusuf (create)
Muhammed Canlı (create)
Muhtarabad (create)
Nakdi Kenti (create)
Nevşehr (create)
Niar (create)
Niver Sofla (create)
Nuran (create)
Omidçeh (create)
Pir Akuyam (create)
Pir Alkar (create)
Pir Alvan (create)
Ravinduzak (create)
Razamgah (create)
Raziabad (create)
Rovşanak (create)
Samarin (create)
Samiyan (create)
Sardabe (create)
Sardabeh dahestanı (create)
Savaş Bulak (create)
Sorhanlı (create)
Sovmae (create)
Sultanabad (edit)
Tahmasebabad (create)
Taki Dizac (create)
Taki Kenti (create)
Taleb Kışlakı (create)
Taze Kent-e Muhammrdiye (create)
Taze Kent-e Rızaabad (create)
Taze Kent-e Şerifabad (create)
Taşbulak (edit)
Topraklı (create)
Vare Nov (create)
Vekilabad (create)
Yayçi (create)
Yengeje-ye Molla Muhammed Hasan (create)
Yengejeh-ye Rıza Beyli (create)
Yönetim merkezi (edit)
Zerdalı (create)
Zive (create)
Çagunkeneş (create)
Çanzab (create)
Çanzanak (create)
Çat Kaya (create)
Çehel Gaz (create)
Çenakrud (create)
Çuhvor Yurt (create)
Çurapa (create)
İmir (create)
İran (edit)
İran'ın şehristanları ve bahşları (edit)
İsmail Han Kenti (create)
Şablu (create)
Şam Asbi (create)
Şamşir Hane (create)
Şarki dahestanı (create)
Şehrivar (create)
Şender Şami (create)
Şerif Beyli (create)
Şeyh Ahmed (create)
Şişe Garan (create)


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