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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Flor bileşikleri (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 205
1,1,2-Trikloro-1,2,2-trifloroetan (create)
Aktinyum florür (create)
Altın(III) florür (create)
Amerikyum(III) florür (create)
Amerikyum(IV) florür (create)
Amonyum biflorür (create)
Amonyum florosilikat (create)
Amonyum florür (create)
Amonyum hekzaflorofosfat (create)
Antimon pentaflorür (create)
Antimon triflorür (create)
Arsenik pentaflorür (create)
Arsenik triflorür (create)
Avogadrit (create)
Azot triflorür (create)
Bakır(I) florür (create)
Baryum floborat (create)
Baryum florür (create)
Baryum hekzaflorogermanat (create)
Baryum hekzaflorosilikat (create)
Baryum klor florür (create)
Berilyum florür (create)
Bizmut pentaflorür (create)
Bizmut triflorür (create)
Bor triflorür (create)
Brom pentaflorür (create)
Brom triflorür (create)
Bromasil triflorür (create)
Bromil florür (create)
Cıva(I) florür (create)
Cıva(II) florür (create)
Demir(II) florür (create)
Demir(III) florür (create)
Dibromodiflorometan (create)
Diflorometan (create)
Diklorodiflorometan (create)
Disprozyum(III) florür (create)
Döteryum florür (create)
Erbiyum florür (create)
Evropiyum(II) florür (create)
Evropiyum(III) florür (create)
Flor nitrat (create)
Flor tetroksit (create)
Florobenzen (create)
Floroborik acid (create)
Floroform (create)
Florometan (create)
Fosfor florür (create)
Fosfor pentaflorür (create)
Fosfor triflorür (create)
Gadolinyum(III) florür (create)
Galyum(III) florür (create)
Germanyum tetraflorür (create)
Gümüş(I) florür (create)
Gümüş(II) florür (create)
Gümüş hekzaflorofosfat (create)
Gümüş subflorür (create)
Gümüş tetraflorokarbonat (create)
Hafniyum tetraflorür (create)
Hekzaflorofosforik asit (create)
Hekzaflorometan (create)
Holmiyum(III) florür (create)
Kadmiyum florür (create)
Kalay(II) floborat (create)
Kalay(II) florür (create)
Kalay(IV) florür (create)
Kalsiyum florür (create)
Karbonil florür (create)
Klor pentaflorür (create)
Klor triflorür (create)
Klorotriflorometan (create)
Kobalt(II) florür (create)
Kobalt(III) florür (create)
Krom(II) florür (create)
Krom(IV) florür (create)
Krom(VI) diflorürdioksit (create)
Krom(VI) tetraflorüroksit (create)
Krom hekzaflorür (create)
Krom pentaflorür (create)
Kromtriflorür (create)
Kurşun(II) floborat (create)
Kurşun(II) florür (create)
Kurşun tetraflorür (create)
Lantan triflorür (create)
Lityum hekzafloroarsenat (create)
Lityum hekzaflorofosfat (create)
Lityum tetraflorokarbonat (create)
Lutesyum florür (create)
Magnezyum florür (create)
Mangan(II) florür (create)
Mangan(III) florür (create)
Molibden(IV) florür (create)
Molibden(V) florür (create)
Molibden hekzaflorür (create)
Neodimyum florür (create)
Nikel(II) floborat (create)
Nikel(II) florür (create)
Nitril florür (create)
Nitrosil florür (create)
Niyobyum(IV) florür (create)
Niyobyum(V) florür (create)
Oksijen diflorür (create)
Osmiyum(IV) florür (create)
Osmiyum(V) florür (create)
Osmiyum hekzaflorür (create)
Paladyum(II) florür (create)
Perflorotripentilamin (create)
Periodyl florür (create)
Platinum hekzaflorür (create)
Plütonyum(III) florür (create)
Plütonyum hekzaflorür (create)
Plütonyum tetraflorür (create)
Potasyum biflorür (create)
Potasyum florür (create)
Potasyum hekzafloroalüminat (create)
Potasyum hekzafloroantimonat (create)
Potasyum hekzafloroarsenat (create)
Potasyum hekzaflorofosfat (create)
Potasyum heptafloroniyobat (create)
Potasyum heptaflorotantalat (create)
Praseodim(IV) florür (create)
Praseodim florür (create)
Prometyum(III) florür (create)
Renyum(IV) florür (create)
Renyum(V) florür (create)
Renyum hekzaflorür (create)
Renyum heptaflorür (create)
Rodyum hekzaflorür (create)
Rubidyum florür (create)
Rubidyum tetraflorokarbonat (create)
Rutenyum(III) florür (create)
Rutenyum(IV) florür (create)
Rutenyum(V) florür (create)
Rutenyum hekzaflorür (create)
Samaryum(III) florür (create)
Selenyum hekzaflorür (create)
Selenyum tetraflorür (create)
Seryum(III) florür (create)
Sezyum floroalüminat (create)
Sezyum floroborat (create)
Sezyum florür (create)
Silisyum tetraflorür (create)
Siyanojen florür (create)
Skandiyum florür (create)
Sodyum biflorür (create)
Sodyum florosilikat (create)
Sodyum florür (create)
Sodyum hekzafloroalüminat (create)
Sodyum hekzafloroantimonat (create)
Sodyum hekzafloroarsenat (create)
Sodyum hekzaflorofosfat (create)
Sodyum hekzaflorotitanat (create)
Sodyum hekzaflorozirkonat (create)
Sodyum tetraflorokarbonat (create)
Stronsiyum florür (create)
Sülfür hekzaflorür (create)
Sülfür tetraflorür (create)
Talyum(I) florür (create)
Talyum(I) hekzaflorofosfat (create)
Talyum(III) florür (create)
Tantalum pentaflorür (create)
Teknesyum(V) florür (create)
Teknesyum hekzaflorür (create)
Tellür hekzaflorür (create)
Tellür tetraflorür (create)
Terbiyum florür (create)
Tetraflorohidrazin (create)
Tetraflorometan (create)
Tetraflorürbor (create)
Titanyum(III) florür (create)
Titanyum tetraflorür (create)
Tiyofosforil florür (create)
Tiyonil florür (create)
Toryum oksiflorür (create)
Toryum tetraflorür (create)
Tribromoflorometan (create)
Trifloroiyodometan (create)
Triflorotoluen (create)
Trikloroflorometan (create)
Tulyum(III) florür (create)
Tungsten(IV) florür (create)
Tungsten(V) florür (create)
Tungsten hekzaflorür (create)
Uranyum hekzaflorür (create)
Uranyum pentaflorür (create)
Uranyum tetraflorür (create)
Uranyum triflorür (create)
Vanadyum(II) florür (create)
Vanadyum(III) florür (create)
Vanadyum pentaflorür (create)
Vanadyum tetraflorür (create)
Vinil florür (create)
Zirkonyum(II) florür (create)
Zirkonyum tetraflorür (create)
Çinko florür (create)
İndiyum(III) florür (create)
İridyum(III) florür (create)
İridyum hekzaflorür (create)
İterbiyum(II) florür (create)
İterbiyum florür (create)
İtriyum(III) florür (create)
İyodosil triflorür (create)
İyot heptaflorür (create)
İyot monoflorür (create)
İyot pentaflorür (create)


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