Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Kaşan şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 3
Coşegan ve Kamu (edit)
Meşkat (edit)
Gamsar (edit)

Total: 104
Ab Sefidab (create)
Ab Şirin, İsfahan (create)
Abval Abbasabad (create)
Alavi, İsfahan (create)
Aliabad, Kaşan (create)
Amirabad, Kaşan (create)
Arencan (create)
Azaran, Isfahan (create)
Aznave (create)
Babaafzal dehistanı (create)
Bahş (edit)
Bahşlar (create)
Bari Karsaf (create)
Barovnak (create)
Bağ Şah, Kashan (create)
Berzok bahşı (create)
Bonabeh-ye Maraq (create)
Borzabad, İsfahan (create)
Caferabad, Hürremdeşt (create)
Caferabad, Kuhpayeh (create)
Cehak (create)
Darreh, Isfahan (create)
Dasht-e Latehor (create)
Deh Nar, İsfahan (create)
Deh Zire (create)
Deram, İsfahan (create)
Devletabad, Kaşan (create)
Deşt Fedek (create)
Esadabad Bala, Isfahan (create)
Estark (create)
Fathabad-e Jusheqan (create)
Ferahabad, Kaşan (create)
Ghiasabad, Kaşan (create)
Gülab dehistanı (create)
Gülistan İmam Humeyni (create)
Hasnarud (create)
Hesamiyeh (create)
Huzak (create)
Hürremdeşt, Kaşan (create)
Hürremdeşt dehistanı (create)
Hüseyinabad Şeybani, İsfahan (create)
Jazeh, Kashan (create)
Jusheqan-e Estark (create)
Kalle, İsfahan (create)
Karkhaneh-ye Derin (create)
Kaşan merkezi bahşı (create)
Keh (create)
Khonb (create)
Khoncheh (create)
Kuh Dasht dehistanı (create)
Kuhpaye dehistanı (İsfahan Eyaleti) (create)
Kurbani, İsfahan (create)
Maraq, Isfahan (create)
Marghdari-ye Akarmian Basraha (create)
Mashhad-e Ardahal (create)
Mazra Ayatullah Talekani (create)
Mazra Hatun, İsfahan (create)
Mazra Ruy Deh (create)
Mazra Seyfabad (create)
Mezra Bale La (create)
Mezra Kumeseriha (create)
Mezra Şur Ab, Isfahan (create)
Miyandeşt dehistanı (İsfahan Eyaleti) (create)
Muhammadiye, Kaşan (create)
Nabar (create)
Nasrabad, Kaşan (create)
NeŞlac (create)
Niyaser bahşı (create)
Niyaser dehistanı (create)
Nizamabad, Kaşan (create)
Ormak, İsfahan (create)
Ozvar, Kashan (create)
Pendas, Iran (create)
Rahak (create)
Sadabad, Kashan (create)
Sadat, Isfahan (create)
Sadian-e Maraq (create)
Safiabad, Kaşan (create)
Salh Nov (create)
Sar, İsfahan (create)
Sen Sen (create)
Shurab, Isfahan (create)
Soranj (create)
Surabad, İsfahan (create)
Tacare, Niyaser (create)
Tahirabad, Kaşan (create)
Tajareh, Barzok (create)
Tavakkolabad, Isfahan (create)
Totmach (create)
Vadekan (create)
Van, İran (create)
Varkan (create)
Viduj (create)
Viduja (create)
Yahyaabad Bala (create)
Yazdabad, Kashan (create)
Yönetim merkezi (edit)
Zanjanbar (create)
Çale Kara (create)
Çinar, İsfahan (create)
İran (edit)
İshakabad, İsfahan (create)
Şadiyan, İsfahan (create)
Şucaabad, Kashan (create)


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