Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Kahraman'daki yıldızlar (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
NGC 884 (edit)

Total: 247
10 Persei (create)
11 Persei (create)
12 Persei (create)
14 Persei (create)
16 Persei (create)
17 Persei (create)
1 Aurigae (create)
1 Persei (create)
20 Persei (create)
21 Persei (create)
24 Persei (create)
29 Persei (create)
2 Persei (create)
30 Persei (create)
31 Persei (create)
32 Persei (create)
34 Persei (create)
36 Persei (create)
3 Persei (create)
40 Persei (create)
42 Persei (create)
43 Persei (create)
48 Persei (create)
49 Persei (create)
4 Persei (create)
50 Persei (create)
52 Persei (create)
53 Persei (create)
54 Persei (create)
55 Persei (create)
56 Persei (create)
57 Persei (create)
58 Persei (create)
59 Persei (create)
5 Persei (create)
7 Persei (create)
8 Persei (create)
9 Persei (create)
AB Persei (create)
AG Persei (create)
AR Persei (create)
AS Persei (create)
AW Persei (create)
AX Persei (create)
Alfa Persei (create)
BD+48 740 (create)
BM Persei (create)
Bayer belirtmesi (edit)
DM Persei (create)
DY Persei (create)
Delta Persei (create)
Değişen yıldız belirtmesi (edit)
Epsilon Persei (create)
Eta Persei (create)
FO Persei (create)
Flamsteed belirtmesi (edit)
GD 61 (create)
GJ 1068 (create)
GK Persei (create)
GRO J0422+32 (create)
G 38-29 (create)
G 95-57 (create)
Gama Persei (create)
Gliese Kataloğu (edit)
HAT-P-15 (create)
HAT-P-29 (create)
HD 10110 (create)
HD 11013 (create)
HD 11151 (create)
HD 11335 (create)
HD 11408 (create)
HD 13137 (create)
HD 13476 (create)
HD 13519 (create)
HD 13831 (create)
HD 14433 (create)
HD 16175 (create)
HD 16523 (create)
HD 16735 (create)
HD 16760 (create)
HD 16780 (create)
HD 17092 (create)
HD 17228 (create)
HD 17240 (create)
HD 17245 (create)
HD 17484 (create)
HD 17605 (create)
HD 17656 (create)
HD 17743 (create)
HD 17818 (create)
HD 18153 (create)
HD 18155 (create)
HD 18339 (create)
HD 18474 (create)
HD 18482 (create)
HD 18537 (create)
HD 18552 (create)
HD 18970 (create)
HD 18991 (create)
HD 19066 (create)
HD 19268 (create)
HD 19735 (create)
HD 19736 (create)
HD 19845 (create)
HD 20041 (create)
HD 20063 (create)
HD 20123 (create)
HD 20162 (create)
HD 20193 (create)
HD 20283 (create)
HD 20346 (create)
HD 20468 (create)
HD 20675 (create)
HD 20995 (create)
HD 21278 (create)
HD 21362 (create)
HD 21402 (create)
HD 21455 (create)
HD 21551 (create)
HD 21620 (create)
HD 21661 (create)
HD 21684 (create)
HD 21856 (create)
HD 22402 (create)
HD 22780 (create)
HD 22781 (create)
HD 23049 (create)
HD 23139 (create)
HD 23193 (create)
HD 23300 (create)
HD 23301 (create)
HD 23552 (create)
HD 23596 (create)
HD 23626 (create)
HD 23838 (create)
HD 24131 (create)
HD 24167 (create)
HD 24240 (create)
HD 24504 (create)
HD 24640 (create)
HD 24843 (create)
HD 25152 (create)
HD 25354 (create)
HD 25799 (create)
HD 26311 (create)
HD 26605 (create)
HD 26702 (create)
HD 26961 (create)
HD 27084 (create)
HD 27192 (create)
HD 27278 (create)
HD 27349 (create)
HD 27650 (create)
HD 27971 (create)
HD 28459 (create)
HD 28503 (create)
HD 29526 (create)
HD 29587 (create)
HD 29645 (create)
HD 29721 (create)
HD 29866 (create)
HD 30138 (create)
Henry Draper Kataloğu (edit)
IK Persei (create)
IP Persei (create)
IQ Persei (create)
IU Persei (create)
IW Persei (create)
IX Persei (create)
IZ Persei (create)
Iota Persei (create)
KP Persei (create)
KS Persei (create)
KT Persei (create)
KW Persei (create)
Kappa Persei (create)
L1448-IRS2E (create)
LRLL 54361 (create)
LX Persei (create)
Lambda Persei (create)
Mu Persei (create)
NGC 1333 13 (create)
NSV 1436 (create)
Nu Persei (create)
Omega Persei (create)
Omicron Persei (create)
PSR J0357+3205 (create)
Parlak Yıldız Kataloğu (edit)
Phi Persei (create)
Pi Persei (create)
Psi Persei (create)
RS Persei (create)
RT Persei (create)
RV Persei (create)
RW Persei (create)
RY Persei (create)
Rho Persei (create)
ST Persei (create)
SU Persei (create)
SV Persei (create)
S Persei (create)
Sigma Persei (create)
TZ Persei (create)
Tau Persei (create)
Teta Persei (create)
UV Persei (create)
UX Persei (create)
UY Persei (create)
U Persei (create)
V351 Persei (create)
V356 Persei (create)
V357 Persei (create)
V361 Persei (create)
V376 Persei (create)
V386 Persei (create)
V396 Persei (create)
V400 Persei (create)
V423 Persei (create)
V432 Persei (create)
V440 Persei (create)
V459 Persei (create)
V461 Persei (create)
V471 Persei (create)
V472 Persei (create)
V480 Persei (create)
V492 Persei (create)
V505 Persei (create)
V509 Persei (create)
V521 Persei (create)
V545 Persei (create)
V551 Persei (create)
V572 Persei (create)
V573 Persei (create)
V575 Persei (create)
V576 Persei (create)
V621 Persei (create)
V718 Persei (create)
VX Persei (create)
V Persei (create)
WASP-11/HAT-P-10 (create)
XY Persei (create)
XZ Persei (create)
X Persei (create)
Xi Persei (create)
YZ Persei (create)
Z Persei (create)
Zeta Persei (create)


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