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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Kartal'daki yıldızlar (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 294
10 Aquilae (create)
11 Aquilae (create)
12 Aquilae (create)
14 Aquilae (create)
14 Sagittae (create)
15 Aquilae (create)
18 Aquilae (create)
19 Aquilae (create)
1H 1905+000 (create)
20 Aquilae (create)
21 Aquilae (create)
22 Aquilae (create)
23 Aquilae (create)
24 Aquilae (create)
26 Aquilae (create)
27 Aquilae (create)
28 Aquilae (create)
31 Aquilae (create)
35 Aquilae (create)
36 Aquilae (create)
37 Aquilae (create)
3C 391 (create)
3C 396 (create)
3C 397 (create)
3C 403 (create)
42 Aquilae (create)
45 Aquilae (create)
46 Aquilae (create)
4U 1907+09 (create)
4 Aquilae (create)
51 Aquilae (create)
56 Aquilae (create)
57 Aquilae (create)
58 Aquilae (create)
5 Aquilae (create)
62 Aquilae (create)
62 Serpentis (create)
64 Aquilae (create)
66 Aquilae (create)
68 Aquilae (create)
69 Aquilae (create)
70 Aquilae (create)
71 Aquilae (create)
7 Aquilae (create)
8 Aquilae (create)
AA Aquilae (create)
Abell 58 (create)
Abell 70 (edit)
Açık yıldız kümesi (edit)
B335 (create)
Bayer belirtmesi (edit)
Beta Aquilae (create)
CI Aquilae (create)
COROT-2 (create)
COROT-3 (create)
Chi Aquilae (create)
CoRoT-8 (create)
DO Aquilae (create)
Delta Aquilae (create)
Değişen yıldız belirtmesi (edit)
EL Aquilae (create)
Epsilon Aquilae (create)
Eta Aquilae (create)
FF Aquilae (create)
FM Aquilae (create)
FN Aquilae (create)
Flamsteed belirtmesi (edit)
G29.96-0.02 (create)
G31.31+0.31 (create)
G34.26+0.15 (create)
G35.2-0.74 (create)
G45.45+0.06 (create)
GRS 1915+105 (create)
Galaksi (edit)
Gama Aquilae (create)
Gezegenimsi nebula (edit)
Gliese 735 (create)
Gliese 752 (create)
Gliese Kataloğu (edit)
HD 174240 (create)
HD 174569 (create)
HD 175640 (create)
HD 176095 (create)
HD 176981 (create)
HD 177178 (create)
HD 178744 (create)
HD 179079 (create)
HD 179218 (create)
HD 179791 (create)
HD 180262 (create)
HD 180555 (create)
HD 180782 (create)
HD 181122 (create)
HD 181907 (create)
HD 182038 (create)
HD 182040 (create)
HD 182101 (create)
HD 182475 (create)
HD 182900 (create)
HD 183144 (create)
HD 183227 (create)
HD 183263 (create)
HD 183387 (create)
HD 183492 (create)
HD 183589 (create)
HD 184279 (create)
HD 184573 (create)
HD 184663 (create)
HD 184944 (create)
HD 185018 (create)
HD 185423 (create)
HD 185966 (create)
HD 186535 (create)
HD 186660 (create)
HD 187195 (create)
HD 187203 (create)
HD 187660 (create)
HD 187734 (create)
HD 187753 (create)
HD 187923 (create)
HD 188385 (create)
HD 188405 (create)
HD 189322 (create)
HD 189340 (create)
HD 189695 (create)
HD 190073 (create)
HD 190664 (create)
HD 191104 (create)
HD 191263 (create)
HD 191984 (create)
HD 192086 (create)
HD 192699 (create)
HD 193329 (create)
HD 194013 (create)
HD 194244 (create)
HD 194263 (create)
HD 194454 (create)
HD 195617 (create)
HD 196426 (create)
HR 7671 (create)
Henry Draper Kataloğu (edit)
IC 4846 (create)
IRAS 19111+1048 (create)
Iota Aquilae (create)
KL Aquilae (create)
KO Aquilae (create)
KP Aquilae (create)
Kappa Aquilae (create)
Kes 75 (create)
Kes 79 (create)
Küresel yıldız kümesi (edit)
LDS 678 (create)
Lambda Aquilae (create)
Me 1-1 (create)
Mu Aquilae (create)
NGC 6709 (edit)
NGC 6741 (edit)
NGC 6749 (edit)
NGC 6751 (edit)
NGC 6755 (edit)
NGC 6756 (edit)
NGC 6760 (edit)
NGC 6772 (edit)
NGC 6778 (edit)
NGC 6781 (edit)
NGC 6790 (edit)
NGC 6803 (edit)
NGC 6804 (edit)
NGC 6807 (edit)
NGC 6814 (edit)
NGC 6821 (edit)
NGC 6837 (edit)
NGC 6852 (edit)
NGC 6865 (edit)
NGC 6900 (edit)
NGC 6901 (edit)
NGC 6906 (edit)
NGC 6915 (edit)
NGC 6922 (edit)
NGC 6926 (edit)
NGC 6929 (edit)
NGC 6941 (edit)
Nebula (edit)
Nu Aquilae (create)
OO Aquilae (create)
Omega1 Aquilae (create)
Omega2 Aquilae (create)
Omicron Aquilae (create)
PSR B1853+01 (create)
PSR B1913+16 (create)
PSR B1915+13 (create)
PSR B1916+14 (create)
PSR B1929+10 (create)
PSR B1933+16 (create)
PSR B1955+09 (create)
PSR J1846-0258 (create)
PSR J1903+0327 (create)
PSR J1951+1123 (create)
Parlak Yıldız Kataloğu (edit)
Phi Aquilae (create)
Pi Aquilae (create)
Psi Aquilae (create)
QSO B1937-1009 (create)
QS Aquilae (create)
QY Aquilae (create)
RR Aquilae (create)
RT Aquilae (create)
R Aquilae (create)
SGR 1900+14 (create)
SS 433 (create)
SZ Aquilae (create)
Sh 2-71 (create)
Sigma Aquilae (create)
Smith'in Bulutu (create)
Süpernova kalıntısı (edit)
TT Aquilae (create)
Tau Aquilae (create)
Teta Aquilae (create)
UU Aquilae (create)
U Aquilae (create)
Upsilon Aquilae (create)
V1182 Aquilae (create)
V1208 Aquilae (create)
V1229 Aquilae (create)
V1286 Aquilae (create)
V1291 Aquilae (create)
V1302 Aquilae (create)
V1315 Aquilae (create)
V1333 Aquilae (create)
V1339 Aquilae (create)
V1370 Aquilae (create)
V1379 Aquilae (create)
V1402 Aquilae (create)
V1412 Aquilae (create)
V1413 Aquilae (create)
V1419 Aquilae (create)
V1425 Aquilae (create)
V1427 Aquilae (create)
V1429 Aquilae (create)
V1432 Aquilae (create)
V1449 Aquilae (create)
V1472 Aquilae (create)
V1493 Aquilae (create)
V1494 Aquilae (create)
V1654 Aquilae (create)
V1663 Aquilae (create)
V1703 Aquilae (create)
V337 Aquilae (create)
V341 Aquilae (create)
V346 Aquilae (create)
V368 Aquilae (create)
V374 Aquilae (create)
V417 Aquilae (create)
V450 Aquilae (create)
V500 Aquilae (create)
V536 Aquilae (create)
V603 Aquilae (create)
V604 Aquilae (create)
V605 Aquilae (create)
V606 Aquilae (create)
V725 Aquilae (create)
V794 Aquilae (create)
V803 Aquilae (create)
V805 Aquilae (create)
V822 Aquilae (create)
V889 Aquilae (create)
V923 Aquilae (create)
VB 10 (create)
VX Aquilae (create)
V Aquilae (create)
Vy 2-2 (create)
W43A (create)
W44 (bulutsu) (create)
W49A (create)
W49B (edit)
W49N (create)
W50 (bulutsu) (create)
W51A (create)
W51C (create)
W51 IRS 2 (create)
W51 North (create)
W51 e2 (create)
WR 123 (create)
W Aquilae (create)
Westerhout 43 (create)
Westerhout 48 (create)
Westerhout 49 (create)
Westerhout 51 (create)
Xi Aquilae (create)
Yeni Genel Katalog (edit)
Yıldız (edit)
Yıldız kümesi (edit)
Yıldız oluşumu (edit)
Zeta Aquilae (create)


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