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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Kral'daki yıldızlar (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 295
11 Cephei (create)
12 Cephei (create)
13 Cephei (create)
14 Cephei (create)
15 Cephei (create)
16 Cephei (create)
18 Cephei (create)
19 Cephei (create)
20 Cephei (create)
24 Cephei (create)
25 Cephei (create)
26 Cephei (create)
2 Ursae Minoris (create)
30 Cephei (create)
31 Cephei (create)
3C 427.1 (create)
3C 61.1 (create)
4C +74.26 (create)
4U 2206+54 (create)
4 Cephei (create)
6 Cephei (create)
77 Draconis (create)
78 Draconis (create)
79 Draconis (create)
7 Cephei (create)
80 Draconis (create)
9 Cephei (create)
AH Cephei (create)
AK Cephei (create)
Alfa Cephei (create)
Açık yıldız kümesi (edit)
BH Cephei (create)
BO Cephei (create)
Bayer belirtmesi (edit)
Beta Cephei (create)
CB 244 (create)
CP Cephei (create)
CQ Cephei (create)
CR Cephei (create)
CTA 1 (create)
CW Cephei (create)
CX Cephei (create)
Cepheus A (create)
Cepheus A HW 2 (create)
Cepheus B (create)
Cepheus OB2 (create)
Cepheus OB3 (create)
Cepheus OB4 (create)
Cepheus X-4 (create)
DH Cephei (create)
DI Cephei (create)
DQ Cephei (create)
Delta Cephei (create)
Değişen yıldız belirtmesi (edit)
EE Cephei (create)
EG Cephei (create)
EI Cephei (create)
EK Cephei (create)
EM Cephei (create)
Epsilon Cephei (create)
Eta Cephei (create)
Fil Hortumu Bulutsusu (edit)
Flamsteed belirtmesi (edit)
GJ 1277 (create)
GRB 980519 (create)
GW Cephei (create)
Galaksi (edit)
Gama Cephei (create)
Gezegenimsi nebula (edit)
Gliese 48 (create)
Gliese 809 (create)
Gliese Kataloğu (edit)
HD 1141 (create)
HD 12005 (create)
HD 12467 (create)
HD 12918 (create)
HD 12927 (create)
HD 16458 (create)
HD 18438 (create)
HD 18778 (create)
HD 192781 (create)
HD 197373 (create)
HD 197734 (create)
HD 198236 (create)
HD 198781 (create)
HD 199661 (create)
HD 19978 (create)
HD 200039 (create)
HD 200205 (create)
HD 200614 (create)
HD 200775 (create)
HD 20084 (create)
HD 201636 (create)
HD 202214 (create)
HD 202582 (create)
HD 202987 (create)
HD 203399 (create)
HD 203501 (create)
HD 203574 (create)
HD 204521 (create)
HD 204754 (create)
HD 204827 (create)
HD 205072 (create)
HD 205139 (create)
HD 206267 (create)
HD 206842 (create)
HD 207198 (create)
HD 207538 (create)
HD 207636 (create)
HD 207780 (create)
HD 207826 (create)
HD 208095 (create)
HD 208132 (create)
HD 208392 (create)
HD 208606 (create)
HD 208682 (create)
HD 208947 (create)
HD 209112 (create)
HD 209258 (create)
HD 210220 (create)
HD 210855 (create)
HD 210884 (create)
HD 210905 (create)
HD 210939 (create)
HD 211029 (create)
HD 211242 (create)
HD 211300 (create)
HD 211554 (create)
HD 211853 (create)
HD 212136 (create)
HD 212454 (create)
HD 212495 (create)
HD 212710 (create)
HD 213022 (create)
HD 213242 (create)
HD 213973 (create)
HD 214019 (create)
HD 214035 (create)
HD 214710 (create)
HD 215588 (create)
HD 215907 (create)
HD 216102 (create)
HD 216172 (create)
HD 216380 (create)
HD 216446 (create)
HD 216595 (create)
HD 217157 (create)
HD 217348 (create)
HD 217382 (create)
HD 218029 (create)
HD 218537 (create)
HD 218560 (create)
HD 219460 (create)
HD 219485 (create)
HD 219841 (create)
HD 220974 (create)
HD 221525 (create)
HD 221861 (create)
HD 222386 (create)
HD 222387 (create)
HD 223128 (create)
HD 223274 (create)
HD 224890 (create)
HD 225216 (create)
HD 22701 (create)
HD 25904 (create)
HD 26659 (create)
HD 26836 (create)
HD 30338 (create)
HD 32196 (create)
HD 3440 (create)
HD 36905 (create)
HD 431 (create)
HD 4853 (create)
HD 6319 (create)
HD 6473 (create)
HD 6798 (create)
HD 7238 (create)
HD 8065 (create)
HR 7955 (create)
HR 9038 (create)
H II bölgesi (edit)
Henry Draper Kataloğu (edit)
IC 1396 (edit)
IC 1396N (create)
IL Cephei (create)
IRAS 21391+5802 (create)
IR Cephei (create)
IV Cephei (create)
Iota Cephei (create)
Kappa Cephei (create)
Karanlık nebula (edit)
Kruger 60 (create)
Küresel yıldız kümesi (edit)
LDN 1157 (edit)
LDN 1228 (create)
Lambda Cephei (create)
Moleküler bulut (edit)
Mu Cephei (create)
NGC 1184 (edit)
NGC 1544 (edit)
NGC 188 (edit)
NGC 2276 (edit)
NGC 2300 (edit)
NGC 40 (edit)
NGC 6939 (edit)
NGC 6949 (edit)
NGC 6951 (edit)
NGC 7023 (edit)
NGC 7076 (edit)
NGC 7129 (edit)
NGC 7139 (edit)
NGC 7142 (edit)
NGC 7160 (edit)
NGC 7226 (edit)
NGC 7234 (edit)
NGC 7261 (edit)
NGC 7281 (edit)
NGC 7354 (edit)
NGC 7380 (edit)
NGC 7419 (edit)
NGC 7423 (edit)
NGC 7429 (edit)
NGC 7510 (edit)
NGC 7538 (edit)
NGC 7538 IRS 1 (create)
NGC 7538 IRS 9 (create)
NGC 7762 (edit)
NGC 7822 (edit)
NY Cephei (create)
Nebula (edit)
Nu Cephei (create)
OH 104.9+2.4 (create)
OV Cephei (create)
Omicron Cephei (create)
PQ Cephei (create)
PSR B2224+65 (create)
PSR J2229+6114 (create)
PV Cephei (create)
Palomar 1 (edit)
Parlak Yıldız Kataloğu (edit)
Pi Cephei (create)
QSO B2021+614 (create)
RW Cephei (create)
RZ Cephei (create)
Rho1 Cephei (create)
Rho2 Cephei (create)
S140 IRS 1 (create)
S5 0014+81 (create)
SN 2008S (create)
SSTGFLS J222557+601148 (create)
SV Cephei (create)
S 128 (create)
S 140 (create)
S 155 (create)
S 156 (create)
S Cephei (create)
Süpernova kalıntısı (edit)
TYC 3980-1081-1 (create)
T Cephei (create)
Teta Cephei (create)
Trumpler 37 (create)
U Cephei (create)
V350 Cephei (create)
V354 Cephei (create)
V368 Cephei (create)
V379 Cephei (create)
V381 Cephei (create)
V388 Cephei (create)
V398 Cephei (create)
V408 Cephei (create)
V414 Cephei (create)
V421 Cephei (create)
V422 Cephei (create)
V429 Cephei (create)
V431 Cephei (create)
V438 Cephei (create)
V444 Cephei (create)
VW Cephei (create)
V Cephei (create)
WISEPA J031325.96+780744.2 (create)
WR 152 (create)
WX Cephei (create)
WZ Cephei (create)
W Cephei (create)
XX Cephei (create)
XZ Cephei (create)
Xi Cephei (create)
Yansı bulutsusu (edit)
Yeni Genel Katalog (edit)
Yıldız (edit)
Yıldız kümesi (edit)
Yıldız topluluğu (edit)
ZZ Cephei (create)
Zeta Cephei (create)


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