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Results for Şablon:Macaristan Ulusal Meclis başkanları (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

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Total: 67
Albert Apponyi (create)
Albert Berzeviczy (create)
Albin Csáky (create)
András Tasnádi Nagy (create)
Antal Apró (create)
Aurél Dessewffy (1846–1928) (create)
Bertalan Széchényi (create)
Béla Katona (create)
Béla Perczel (create)
Béla Scitovszky (create)
Béla Varga (siyasetçi) (create)
Béla Zsedényi (create)
Dezső Bánffy (edit)
Dezső Perczel (create)
Dezső Szilágyi (create)
Dénes Pázmándy (1816–1856) (create)
Endre Hadik-Barkóczy (create)
Erzsébet Metzker Vass (create)
Ferenc Nagy (create)
Főrendiház (create)
Gaszton Gaál (create)
Gyula Justh (create)
Gyula Kornis (create)
Gyula Wlassics (create)
György Apponyi (create)
György Majláth (1786–1861) (create)
György Majláth (1818–1883) (create)
György Szabad (create)
Imre Dögei (create)
István Bittó (edit)
István Fodor (create)
István Sarlós (create)
István Stadinger (create)
Jenő Rátz (create)
József Madarász (create)
József Szlávy (edit)
Katalin Szili (create)
Kálmán Ghyczy (create)
Károly Olt (create)
Károly Szentiványi (create)
Károly Szász (create)
Lajos Drahos (create)
Lajos Návay (create)
László Almásy (siyasetçi) (create)
László Palóczy (create)
László Szőgyény-Marich Sr. (create)
Macaristan Ulusal Meclis başkanları listesi (create)
Macaristan Ulusal Meclisi (edit) Ulusal Meclis (Macaristan) (edit)
Miklós Vay (create)
Mátyás Szűrös (create)
Pál Almásy (create)
Pál Beőthy (create)
Pál Sennyey (create)
Pál Somssich (create)
Sámuel Jósika (siyasetçi) (create)
Sándor Gál (create)
Sándor Rónai (create)
Sándor Sztranyavszky (create)
Tamás Péchy (create)
Tibor Károlyi (siyasetçi) (create)
Tibor Zsitvay (create)
Vilmos Tóth (create)
Zoltán Gál (create)
Zsigmond Perényi (1783–1849) (create)
Zsigmond Perényi (1870–1946) (create)
Árpád Szabó (create)
İstván Vásáry (create)

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Total: 1
Macaristan Ulusal Meclisi (edit) Ulusal Meclis (Macaristan) (edit)


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