Version française

Vocabulary indexing for french Wikiversity's foreign languages department

Vocabulary-index is a new project just created on: at January 2016.

The git solution is running.
To access the repository:

Now available on Gerrit: Gerrit repository for vocabulary-index
For now the project is just a command line programm using Python and Pywikibot.
Try: ./ -h

The main script and the modules are in vcb directory.
The script will scans files given in arguments, collecting two templates contains, collecting couple of words and creat a page list pointing to the wiktionnary's items. The templates scanned are Traduction(s) and Prononciation(s).
The files to scan are determined by analasis of french templates Leçon and Département.
The bot page on fr.Wikiversité.
The bot's project in laboraty with templates from various languages départements.
If you need to test the scripts please run it against Département:Portugais where it pretends to be fully implemented.
French Help page on Wikiversity laboratory for:
The softwares in vocabulary-index directory are licenced under: GNU General Public License version 3.0
Any comment are welcome at

New tool

A children project for french wikiversity namespace 106 & 108 dashboards

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