Wikimedia Toolforge

This is the web server for the Toolforge project, the home of community-maintained external tools supporting Wikimedia projects and their users.

Hosted tools

Tool Maintainers Notes
a [manage maintainers] Jean-Frédéric
aaaaaa [manage maintainers] Geofrizz
aaabot [manage maintainers] Roktim
abbe98tools [manage maintainers] Abbe98
Get articles by lat/lon without good images or Wikidata items without any image.
Author(s): Abbe98
Import rephotographs from to Commons.
Author(s): Abbe98
Serves static lists of WMF Mediawikis, updated automatically every 15 days.
Author(s): Abbe98
Service for embedding warped maps externally.
Author(s): Abbe98
API for churches in Sweden, currently combaining Wikidata, Commons, Wikipedia, Kulturarvsdata, etc.
Author(s): Abbe98
Userscript for Wikidata to make all Kulturarvsdata URIs(P1260) link to their human readable source.
Author(s): Abbe98
Display taxon/specie information from Wikidata ID(made for qr-codes in botanical gardens) Proof of concept made for WMNO.
Author(s): Abbe98
Kyrksö is a external site/directory for browsing churches in Sweden, linking together Commons, Wikipedia, Wikidata and other datasets.
Author(s): Abbe98
Userscript for displaying georefrenced maps directly on Wikimedia Commons.
Author(s): Abbe98
Boilerplate for writing Commons UserScripts that takes advantage from the Warper API.
Author(s): Abbe98
This userscript adds a link to OpenStreetMap from a item page whenever a Wikidata item is referenced in the OSM database.
Author(s): Abbe98
abdumubot [manage maintainers] Saanina
abibot [manage maintainers] Abián
abigor [manage maintainers] Abigor
abohadi [manage maintainers] AboHeidi
abohadi1 [manage maintainers] Abohadi
abot [manage maintainers] Dr0ptp4kt
abricot [manage maintainers] Assassas77
abshir [manage maintainers] Abshir
abusereport [manage maintainers] Samtar
acc-utilities [manage maintainers] DeltaQuad Stwalkerster
account [manage maintainers] Ireas
actrial [manage maintainers] Kaldari MusikAnimal Nettrom
adas [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
add-information [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske Adds an {{Information}} template to a file on Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
addbot [manage maintainers] Addshore Addshores tools and Addbot scripts.
addshore [manage maintainers] Addshore Addshores tools and Addbot scripts.
addshore-dev [manage maintainers] Addshore Addshore's development and testing environment
admin [manage maintainers] Alexandros Kosiaris Andrew Bogott ArielGlenn BryanDavis Muehlenhoff Madhuvishy Giuseppe Lavagetto Ori.livneh Petrb Reedy Rush Tim Landscheidt Merlijn van Deen Yuvipanda This tool serves the Tool Labs landing page, and performs a number of scheduled processes to maintain the project metadata.

Maintainers of this tool have administrative access to the tools project infrastructure, and are good people to contact if you are having issues.

Author(s): Marc-André Pelletier, et. al.
admin-beta [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Merlijn van Deen Yuvipanda
admin-test [manage maintainers] Tim Landscheidt
adminstats [manage maintainers] JamesR
afc-research [manage maintainers] Bluma.Gelley
afch [manage maintainers] Theopolisme
afch-updater [manage maintainers] Legoktm
afdstats [manage maintainers] APerson Scottywong Σ A Wikipedia tool to analyze a user's history of contributions to deletion discussions.
Author(s): Scottywong, Σ, APerson
aftabbot [manage maintainers] Aftab
aharonitelegrambot002 [manage maintainers] Amire80
ahechtbot [manage maintainers] Ahecht
aivhelperbot [manage maintainers] JamesR
ajapaik2commons [manage maintainers] Abbe98 Tool for importing rephotographs in to Wikimedia Commons.
akkakkbot [manage maintainers] Akkakk Bot AkkakkBot that runs on wikidata.
alaabot [manage maintainers] Alaa
alan [manage maintainers] Alan
alanajjar [manage maintainers] Alaa
alchimista [manage maintainers] Alchimista
aleph [manage maintainers] Alchimista
alessiobot [manage maintainers] Alessio
alex [manage maintainers] Alex Monk
alfa80 [manage maintainers] Alfa80
algo-news [manage maintainers] Fako85
alkamidbot [manage maintainers] Alkamid A bunch of scripts for use on pl.witkionary.
alphatest [manage maintainers] TerraCodes
alphawakt [manage maintainers] Bohrnsen
altobot [manage maintainers] Betacommand Altostratus
altostratus [manage maintainers] Altostratus
alvaro [manage maintainers] AlvaroMolina Personal interface for testing and development purposes.
amarbot [manage maintainers] Ebrahim
amdb [manage maintainers] Mr.Z-man English Wikipedia admins willing to make difficult blocks sorted by activity.
ameen [manage maintainers] Ameen.Akbar محمد شعیب Obaid Raza Tahir mq
anagrimes [manage maintainers] Darkdadaah JackPotte Psychoslave This tool has two sides:
  • The first is a set of scripts to extract data from the Wiktionnaire (fr.wiktionary)
  • The second is a webservice using the extracted data to search words, pronunciations, anagrams and such with various filters.
analytalks [manage maintainers] Deba

The project attempts to visualise the sentiment of recent conversations happening over user talk pages on the english wikipedia in the form of a sentiment graph

ananthrk-test [manage maintainers] Ananthrk
ancestors2 [manage maintainers] Nurni
android-maven-repo [manage maintainers] BearND Dbrant Mholloway Niedzielski Yuvipanda
android-sdk-builds [manage maintainers] Tim Landscheidt Yuvipanda
andxor [manage maintainers] Lil' Miss Rarity
ankitbot [manage maintainers] QEDK
anno [manage maintainers] AleXXw
anomiebot [manage maintainers] Anomie AnomieBOT is a general purpose bot running many tasks on enwiki.
anon [manage maintainers] Edsu Eeevanbbb Ineffyble Komachi Krelnik Lbjay Mavrikant Nruest Queth Remagio
anorange [manage maintainers] Anorange0409
antigng [manage maintainers] Stang
antigng-bot [manage maintainers] Antigng antigng-bot running on wmflabs
aobo [manage maintainers] 青子守歌
apersonbot [manage maintainers] APerson Tools that APerson made.
api-citations [manage maintainers] PAC2
arcanist [manage maintainers] Luke081515 MGChecker
archaeo [manage maintainers] Guillom
archiving [manage maintainers] Revi Whym Bot for archiving discussion pages running on multiple wikis, based on Pywikibot/
arelph [manage maintainers] Elph
arkivbot [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Profoss Archive bot for Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia running Pywikibot
arnaubot [manage maintainers] Arnaugir ArnauBot performs tasks for Catalan Wikipedia.
arowf [manage maintainers] Prnk28

Accuracy Review of Wikipedias - a registration-free, text-based blind review system built during Google Summer of Code 2016.

artemisia [manage maintainers] Shonagon
article-locations [manage maintainers] Samwilson
articleplaceholderwiki [manage maintainers] Lucie Kaffee A MediaWiki instance to show and test the ArticlePlaceholder extension.
articlerequest [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
articlerequest-dev [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
articles-by-lat-lon-without-images [manage maintainers] Abbe98 API tunnel for returning nearby articles without good images.
artlist [manage maintainers] Jérémie Roquet Replacement for [[Projet:Articles sans portail]] (and a few others) on the French Wikipedia.
artuploader [manage maintainers] Sergento
asaifmbot [manage maintainers] Asaifm This is a tool for running a bot on the Arabic and English Wikimedia projects.
asdf [manage maintainers] Waldir
ash-dev [manage maintainers] Ash Crow
ash-django [manage maintainers] Ash Crow
ashbot [manage maintainers] ԱշոտՏՆՂ
askbot-01 [manage maintainers] Florianschmidtwelzow
asurabot [manage maintainers] Sitic A pywikibot running on dewiki.
Author(s): sitic
aswnbot [manage maintainers] Aswn
ato [manage maintainers] Ato 01 Multipurpose bot atobot for Hungarian Wikipedia.
atriskwiki [manage maintainers] Bmfarley
attribution [manage maintainers] Josh Parris
aude [manage maintainers] Aude
audetools [manage maintainers] Aude
auth [manage maintainers] Ireas
authorlang-game [manage maintainers] Abartov Coren
authors [manage maintainers] Eccenux
autodesc [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
autolist [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
autometrics [manage maintainers] Blahma
autopromote-status [manage maintainers] Rafael Gattringer
avicbot [manage maintainers] Avicennasis
awb [manage maintainers] Magioladitis Reedy AutoWikiBrowser tools. See also:
awstats [manage maintainers] Petrb Statistics of usage of tools project webservers. This temporary project will be replaced with some better stats gui in future :-)
axel [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
badges [manage maintainers] APerson Lixxx235 Symmachus A pilot program for using Mozilla OpenBadges.
bajo [manage maintainers] Apsdehal
balasankarc [manage maintainers] Balasankarc
baljeetdhaliwal [manage maintainers] Baljeet Bilaspur
baljeetsingh [manage maintainers] Baljeet Bilaspur
bambots [manage maintainers] Bamyers99
English WikiProject new article reports.
Author(s): bamyers99
English WikiProject cleanup category reports.
Author(s): bamyers99
Convert CSV records to a Wikitable.
Author(s): bamyers99
Display the database replication lag for a wiki.
Author(s): bamyers99
Watch category membership changes (page adds/removals).
Author(s): bamyers99
Searches for Wikidata item in other languages; provides Authority control searches
Author(s): bamyers99
Displays template parameter usage from monthly data dump
Author(s): bamyers99
Displays wikidata users statement addition counts
Author(s): bamyers99
Displays wikidata class information including subclass and instance totals
Author(s): bamyers99
Displays recent changes for WikiProject articles
Author(s): bamyers99
basebot [manage maintainers] Base Base's tool. Does or contains nothing useful at the moment.
basetool [manage maintainers] Base
bash [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Reedy Yuvipanda A inspired quips server powered by Elasticsearch for Wikimedia
Author(s): Bryan Davis
bawolff [manage maintainers] Brian Wolff Miscellaneous dumping ground for small things I'm working on.
bbc-tv-cite [manage maintainers] A930913
bd808-pywikibot [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
bd808-test [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
bd808-test2 [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Resident Mario
beastiebot [manage maintainers] Pengo
become [manage maintainers] Altostratus
bene [manage maintainers] Bene Tools and bot tasks run by Bene*
benin1 [manage maintainers] Mah3110
best-image [manage maintainers] Léna
betabot [manage maintainers] Beta16
betacommand-dev [manage maintainers] Betacommand
betaweb [manage maintainers] Coren Development / test version of the Tool Labs landing page.
bibleversefinder [manage maintainers] Atethnekos This is the Bible Verse Finder tool developed by Joel Nothman. Hosted now by Wikimedia Tool Labs for use with Template:Bibleverse and other templates on and elsewhere.
bibleversefinder2 [manage maintainers] Jfhutson
bibliodata [manage maintainers] Samwilson
bingle [manage maintainers] Awjrichards Diederik Jdlrobson MarkTraceur MaxSem Milimetric Spage Yuvipanda
bingo [manage maintainers] Braveheart Jean-Frédéric PierreSelim
bkllc [manage maintainers] Luke081515 A bot from Luke081515 which generates lists with links at disambiguation pages, avaible at enwiki and dewiki, please contact me here
bkstats-test [manage maintainers] Bjelleklang
bl-assist [manage maintainers] Jheald Scripts to assist with the tagging and organising 1 million free images uploaded to Flickr by the British Library, with a view to identifying good images to upload to Commons -- in particular the 50,000 images identified as being of maps, which are currently the focus of a georeferencing drive.
blahma [manage maintainers] Blahma Miscellaneous little scripts by User:Blahma, related to Wikidata, WLM, interlanguage links, revision history etc.
blankpages [manage maintainers] Krinkle
blockcalc [manage maintainers] C-M Prolineserver
blog [manage maintainers] Tim Landscheidt
blogconverter [manage maintainers] HaeB
bn-googleocr [manage maintainers] Jayantanth
bomwiki [manage maintainers] Addshore Tarrow
book2scroll [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
bookmanagerv2 [manage maintainers] Danilo Deepali He7d3r Mollywhite Raylton P. Sousa
booksplitter [manage maintainers] Ash Crow
bookworm [manage maintainers] Coren
bot-ash-nazg [manage maintainers] Joancreus
bot24 [manage maintainers] Negative24
botadventures [manage maintainers] Ghouston
boteas [manage maintainers] Ireas Bot running in the German Wikipedia, see user page.
bothasava [manage maintainers] Kotz
botomatik [manage maintainers] Automatik fr.wiktionary bot (user page)
botorder [manage maintainers] Kotz
botqa [manage maintainers] PtQa
botsister [manage maintainers] Kotz
boty [manage maintainers] Shbib Al-Subaie
bovlbbot [manage maintainers] Bovlb Bot bovlbbot that runs on Wikidata
bowleerin [manage maintainers] Bowleerin
bracketbot [manage maintainers] A930913 Dmw BracketBot notifies editors when they might have broken the wiki syntax by failing to match their brackets properly.
bsaut [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Search the Norwegian Bibsys authority register for persons, and check linkage to VIAF and Wikidata.
Author(s): Dan Michael O. Heggø
bub [manage maintainers] Nemo bis 8ohit.dua Samwilson BUB : Book Uploader Bot (Webservice available)
Transfer books directly from digital-libraries(eg. Google-Books) to Internet Archive and Commons
bugello [manage maintainers] Awjrichards Jdlrobson MaxSem Yuvipanda
bytesadded [manage maintainers] Jarry1250
calak-dev [manage maintainers] Calak
calakbot [manage maintainers] Calak
calling-card [manage maintainers] LFaraone
camelbot [manage maintainers] Seth CamelBot unlinks or removed external links, e.g., if they are blacklisted, see CamelBot's user page. Furthermore CamelBot listens to RC-chat and updates some pages automatically.
canary [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
captcha [manage maintainers] CoolCanuck Matthewrbowker Tom29739
captcha-dev [manage maintainers] CoolCanuck Matthewrbowker Tom29739
catbot [manage maintainers] Jean-Frédéric Multichill Rillke
category-by-uploaders [manage maintainers] Dereckson
catfood [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
catgraph [manage maintainers] Jkroll In-memory graph database for Wikipedia category structure.
catgraph-jsonp [manage maintainers] Addshore Jkroll WMDE-Fisch
catimages [manage maintainers] AbdealiJK
catmonitor [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Profoss
catnap [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
cats-php [manage maintainers] Simon04 Lightweight Category Scanner
catscan-pop [manage maintainers] Kolossos Little tool that use Catscan and show longest articles in a part of the tree. Example.
catscan2 [manage maintainers] Hedonil Magnus Manske Yellowcard
catscan3 [manage maintainers] Gifti
catscore [manage maintainers] Psychoslave
catsize [manage maintainers] Newyorkadam
catwatchbot [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo
cauchy [manage maintainers] Cauchy7
cauchy7 [manage maintainers] Cauchy7
cbench [manage maintainers] Rush
cbench2 [manage maintainers] Rush
cdnjs [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
cdrini-dev [manage maintainers] Hardwigg
cerabot [manage maintainers] Ceradon
cewbot [manage maintainers] Kanashimi A bot running routine works on enwiki, zhwiki, jawiki, zhwikinews, and listen to #wikipedia-zh, #wikinews-zh, #mediawiki-i18n. Please contact me on [[zh:user:kanashimi]].
cgstat [manage maintainers] Addshore Jkroll WMDE-Fisch Status app for CatGraph. Displays running graphs, memory usage, host mapping. WiP.
chat [manage maintainers] Dispenser
checkdictation-fa [manage maintainers] Ebrahim Ladsgroup Reza
checker [manage maintainers] Billinghurst Legoktm MZMcBride
checkpersondata [manage maintainers] Kolossos Stefan Kühn Tool check integrity of Personendaten in de.wikipedia
checkwiki [manage maintainers] Bgwhite Ladsgroup Magioladitis Tim Landscheidt Tool help to clean the syntax of articles in Wikipedia and to find some other errors.
chemobot [manage maintainers] Beetstra
chie-bot [manage maintainers] Leloiandudu
chobot [manage maintainers] ChongDae
chocobot [manage maintainers] Lil' Miss Rarity
churches [manage maintainers] Abbe98
ci [manage maintainers] Legoktm
cil2 [manage maintainers] Myst
cipherbot [manage maintainers] Ciphers A bot that runs maintainance task mainly on ArWp and its sister projects.
citation-bot [manage maintainers] Fhocutt Kaldari Maximilianklein Smith609 Old version of Citation Bot code. No longer used. See citations tool for current code.
citation-template-filling [manage maintainers] Boghog
citationhunt [manage maintainers] Surlycyborg
citations [manage maintainers] Fhocutt Mattsenate Maximilianklein Smith609 Updates and maintains citation templates; see en:User:Citation_Bot
citations-dev [manage maintainers] Fhocutt Kaldari Smith609 Updates and maintains citation templates; see en:User:Citation_Bot This is the development version running the latest code, which may not have been thoroughly checked for errors. For the stable release, use the tool "citations".
cite-o-meter [manage maintainers] DarTar Find citations by publisher in the top 100 Wikipedias
citeimage [manage maintainers] Dominic Jeremyb
citeplato [manage maintainers] Atethnekos This is the citeplato tool for use with the citeplato template on enwiki and elsewhere.
citing-bot [manage maintainers] Karibekov Vladislav Y. This bot creates templates with bibliographic descriptions. See ru:User:Citing_Bot
cleanup [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Rillke Dirty scripts to help clean the wikis!
clickstream-api [manage maintainers] Ananthrk Yuvipanda
cluebot [manage maintainers] Cobi DamianZaremba Rich Smith
cluebot3 [manage maintainers] Cobi DamianZaremba Rich Smith Runs the ClueBot III bot.
cluebotng [manage maintainers] Cobi DamianZaremba Rich Smith
cluebotng-staging [manage maintainers] DamianZaremba Rich Smith
cluestuff [manage maintainers] A930913 DamianZaremba Legoktm
cobain [manage maintainers] Alchimista Anskar Arnaugir Castor Coet Gerardduenas Joancreus KRLS Lluis tgn Nknudsen Unapersona
cobot [manage maintainers] MistrX
cocubot [manage maintainers] Cocu Various tasks at no.wikipedia.
cocytus [manage maintainers] Afandian Dfko Maximilianklein Yuvipanda
code-essay [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
codelookup [manage maintainers] MF-Warburg SPQRobin
codeqc [manage maintainers] Ferveo MW code analysis tools
coh [manage maintainers] Lokal Profil Alicia Fagerving (WMSE)
coi [manage maintainers] Samtar
coibot [manage maintainers] Beetstra
comidentgen [manage maintainers] Samtar
common-interests [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678 Little green rosetta
commons [manage maintainers] Léna
commons-app-stats [manage maintainers] Whym
commons-app-web [manage maintainers] Tobias47n9e
commons-campaign-commander [manage maintainers] Tobias47n9e
commons-coverage [manage maintainers] Emijrp This project visualizes geolocated images in Wikimedia Commons. Imagine a world in which every single free image is surrounded by other less than 1 km far away. Explore your region and discover places without pictures. (Source code)
commons-delinquent [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske Magog the Ogre Steinsplitter
commons-maintenance-bot [manage maintainers] Dschwen Krinkle Rillke Bot doing maintenance at Wikimedia Commons. Issues and pull requests? On GitHub.
commons-mass-description [manage maintainers] S3w3nofficial Urbanecm
commons-mass-description-test [manage maintainers] S3w3nofficial Urbanecm
commons-mass-upload [manage maintainers] Jakob Kai Nissen (WMDE) Tobias Gritschacher
commons-video-clicks [manage maintainers] Jkroll Stefan Schneider (WMDE) Tobias Gritschacher
commonsarchive [manage maintainers] Rillke Steinsplitter Zhuyifei1999 A fork of Commons Archive, an unofficial repository for source materials of works on Wikimedia Commons.
commonscategorycount [manage maintainers] Daniel Kinzler Jkroll Kai Nissen (WMDE) Tobias Gritschacher WMDE-Fisch
commonsedge [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
commonsfairuseupload [manage maintainers]
commonshelper [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske Can transfer files from wiki(p|m)edia to Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
commonshelper2 [manage maintainers] Jan
commonsinterwiki [manage maintainers] Legoktm
commonsnotificationbot [manage maintainers] ErrantX
commonsuploadsum [manage maintainers] Pleclown
community-tech-tools [manage maintainers] Fhocutt Kaldari MusikAnimal Niharika29
communityguidelines [manage maintainers] Samtar
compare-accounts [manage maintainers] Silke Meyer Script to compare remaining user and mmp accounts on Toolserver with existing Tool Labs accounts
comprende [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
congressedits [manage maintainers] Edsu
connectivity [manage maintainers] Jkroll Lvova Wizardist
contact [manage maintainers] Merlijn van Deen
content-gap [manage maintainers] Jean-Frédéric PierreSelim
contentcontributor [manage maintainers] BenKurtovic Legoktm
continuitybot [manage maintainers] Jasonspriggs
contribgraph [manage maintainers] Ben Creasy Gergő Tisza
contribstats [manage maintainers] Whym provides a comparative statitics of Wikimedia and other contributor-orientes sites (in preparation)
contributions-summary [manage maintainers] Papuass
contributionsurveyor [manage maintainers] Jalexander
contropedia [manage maintainers] Boogheta Davids Ekborra
convert [manage maintainers] Brian Wolff BryanDavis Brion VIBBER Rillke Light conversions like PDF → SVG. Issues and pull requests? On GitHub.
coord [manage maintainers] Myst Permet la visualisation d'articles ayant besoin d'illustration depuis le wikipedia francophone (dans un premier temps). Allows viewing of articles needing artwork from the French wikipedia (initially).
copypatrol [manage maintainers] Eranroz Kaldari MusikAnimal Niharika29 Samwilson Tool for reviewing possible copyright violations on Wikipedia. Source code on GitHub.
copyvios [manage maintainers] BenKurtovic A copyright violation detector that can search the web for article content and compare pages with specific URLs.
copywhat [manage maintainers] Guillom
corenlp [manage maintainers] Tpt
costar [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
coursestats [manage maintainers] AndyRussG Ragesoss
coverage [manage maintainers] Legoktm
cp [manage maintainers] Dingruogu Copy & Paste wiki text and translate it
cpb [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Experimental comeback of the Compact Personal Bar for demonstration purposes.
crazyometer [manage maintainers] Samtar
crisis-response [manage maintainers] Ruthgavi This is a project for research purposes: credibility of urls in microblogs
crocodylia [manage maintainers] Steinsplitter
cropbot [manage maintainers] Luxo
cropcrop [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Redirects to CropTool
croptool [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Tool for cropping images at Wikimedia Commons or other Wikimedia wikis.
Author(s): Dan Michael O. Heggø
crosswatch [manage maintainers] Sitic A cross-wiki watchlist
Author(s): sitic
csbot [manage maintainers] Ryan Lane Coren Watches new pages on the English Wikiedpa and compares their content with search engine results to find possible copyright violations. (Bot user page)
Author(s): Marc-André Pelletier
cssk [manage maintainers] Blahma Support of Czech and Slovak Wikipedia cooperation by human-revised machine translation and more
cuddle [manage maintainers] 0x010C Thibaut120094 Recent changes patrolling tool for the French Wikipedia community
currentevents [manage maintainers] Emijrp Some scripts and metadata about current events articles in Wikipedia. (Source code)
custom-utils [manage maintainers] Negative24
cvn [manage maintainers] Azariv Barras Krinkle Matanya Rxy
cvrminer [manage maintainers] Fnielsen
cyberbot [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678
cybertools [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678
cyberworm [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678 Worm That Turned
cydebot [manage maintainers] Cyde Runs all tasks for User:Cydebot on enwiki.
daahbot [manage maintainers] Darkdadaah Bot on fr.wiktionary: Daahbot. It uses pywikipedia.
dabsolver [manage maintainers] Dispenser
dal [manage maintainers] Legoktm
danilo [manage maintainers] Danilo
danmicholobot [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo
danorton-dev [manage maintainers] Danorton
dapete-dev [manage maintainers] Dapete
dashboard [manage maintainers] Samtar
data-design-demo [manage maintainers] Madhuvishy
database-reports [manage maintainers] Fhocutt Kaldari Niharika29 Thparkth
datasets [manage maintainers] Halfak Jmo Jmorgan Staeiou Yuvipanda
datbot [manage maintainers] DatGuy Samtar DatBot, a bot for the English Wikipedia. Operated by DatGuy
datbotcommons [manage maintainers] DatGuy MusikAnimal
dateien [manage maintainers] Ireas Provides small tools for file handling in the German Wikipedia.
david-tool [manage maintainers] Bonnedav
dawikibot [manage maintainers] Cgt Kaare MGA73 Steenth
dawikitool [manage maintainers] Steenth
db [manage maintainers] Steinsplitter Zhuyifei1999 db is a user account used for running scripts and bots.
dbbot [manage maintainers] Dalba
dbreps [manage maintainers] Legoktm MZMcBride Naraht Niharika29 Tim Landscheidt Database reports primarily for the English Wikipedia.
dbreps-uk [manage maintainers] DixonD Database reports for the Ukrainian Wikipedia.
deadlinkfinder [manage maintainers] Frog23 The DeadLinkFinder helps the user to find dead external links on the wiki page he/she is currently visiting.
death-anomalies [manage maintainers] Coren Merl Nosy Tim Landscheidt
declare [manage maintainers] Samtar
deep-learning-services [manage maintainers] Ebrahim
defconbot [manage maintainers] A930913
dekel [manage maintainers] Dekel E
delinker [manage maintainers] Hoo man Magnus Manske Steinsplitter CommonsDelinker is a bot that removes image links on Wikimedia wikis for images that are deleted on Commons and performing global replacements of files.
dellie [manage maintainers] MF-Warburg
deltabot [manage maintainers] Pasleim
deltaquad-bots [manage maintainers] DeltaQuad
demibot [manage maintainers] Demize
demo-unicorn [manage maintainers] Demo Unicorn
denisa [manage maintainers] Denisa Rucaj
denkmalliste [manage maintainers] AleXXw Braveheart Ruben Demus Thomas Ledl Multible tools for monuments in Austria.
derivative [manage maintainers] Brian Wolff Steinsplitter Gergő Tisza A tool for generating descriptions for derivative works hosted on Wikimedia Commons.
Author(s): Luxo
design-research-methods [manage maintainers] Ssmith
deskana [manage maintainers] Deskana
deskana2 [manage maintainers] Deskana
detox [manage maintainers] Ewulczyn Iislucas Madhuvishy Nithum
devlibrarycard [manage maintainers] Samtar
dewikinews-rss [manage maintainers] Dapete RSS feed for German Wikinews project.
dewkin [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Advanced edit counter featuring visual data representations.
Author(s): Ricordisamoa
dewpmonobookupdater [manage maintainers] Jan
dexbot [manage maintainers] Ladsgroup
dexibotnet [manage maintainers] DEXi
dibot [manage maintainers] Dmitry89
dicompte [manage maintainers] Darkdadaah This tool helps to find unknown words in Wikisource (French version) and provides links to both Wikisource and Wiktionnaire. The data is extracted with anagrimes.
digitaltmuseum [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo
dimastbkbot [manage maintainers] Dima st bk A pywikibot running on ruwiki.
dimensioner [manage maintainers] A930913
dioceses [manage maintainers] Peter17
directory [manage maintainers] Hedonil
disambinator [manage maintainers] Alessio
disclaim [manage maintainers] Coren
discogs2pistes [manage maintainers] Dereckson
dispatcher [manage maintainers] Petrb Yuvipanda
dispenser [manage maintainers] Dispenser
dixondbot [manage maintainers] DixonD DixonDBot running misc tasks mainly for Ukrainian Wikipedia and Ukrainian Wikisource
dixtosa [manage maintainers] Dixtosa
dna [manage maintainers] Eccenux
dnbtools [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
doi-bot [manage maintainers] Mattsenate Maximilianklein
douglasbot [manage maintainers] Avm99963 Tools and bots created for the Spanish Wikipedia.
Author(s): Avm99963
dow [manage maintainers] UkrFace
dpkg [manage maintainers] Merlijn van Deen
dplbot [manage maintainers] Dispenser JaGa Russell Blau
dramaboard [manage maintainers] DatGuy Samtar
drbot [manage maintainers] Btongminh
drewbot [manage maintainers] Drewmutt
dribper [manage maintainers] Vaggelisifa
drini [manage maintainers] Magister Mathematicae
drtrigonbot [manage maintainers] DrTrigon FNDE Gifti

DrTrigonBot is a Python robot (basing on Pywikibot framework) that runs on several Wikipedia languages.

dschwenbot [manage maintainers] Dschwen Account for [[User:DschwenBot]], creator of daily categories and performer of other odd jobs.
dump-torrents [manage maintainers] Legoktm
dumpscan [manage maintainers] Addshore Merlijn van Deen Yuvipanda
dupdet [manage maintainers] Svetlana Tkachenko Jalexander dupdet, tool to help detect duplication in two webpages (to help find copyright violations). Includes surrounding context to identify scuffed up passages. (Thanks dcoetzee for being the original author, Bryan Davis for helping to use ~/.lighttpd.conf, carpii for suggesting mod_status)
duplicate-coords [manage maintainers] Myst
durl-shortener [manage maintainers] Alangi derick
dvtbot [manage maintainers] Devunt
dykautobot [manage maintainers] Wikishizhao Auto update DYK of zh.wp
dykbot [manage maintainers] Shubinator
dykfeed [manage maintainers] Whym
dykmoverbot [manage maintainers] Wugapodes
dykstats [manage maintainers] ErrantX
dynamicbot [manage maintainers] Dynamicwork Revi
dynbot-srv1 [manage maintainers] Dynamicwork
dynbot-srv2 [manage maintainers] Dynamicwork Revi
eagerbot [manage maintainers] EagerLin
eagleeye [manage maintainers] YMS
earwig-dev [manage maintainers] BenKurtovic Testing and development of new projects by Earwig.
earwigbot [manage maintainers] BenKurtovic EarwigBot is a Python robot that edits Wikipedia, primarily for AfC, and interacts with people over IRC.
eathom [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
ebrahim-dev [manage maintainers] Ebrahim
ecmabot [manage maintainers] Catrope Alex Monk Krinkle This project has been discontinued.
edcounter [manage maintainers] Rodrigo Padula
edgars [manage maintainers] Edgars2007
edin [manage maintainers] Edin
edinc [manage maintainers] Anders Feder edinc
edit-counter [manage maintainers] Oren
editathonstat [manage maintainers] Ranjithsiji
editcompare [manage maintainers] JustBerry
editcount-fr [manage maintainers] Brclz
editcountitis [manage maintainers] Legoktm Yuvipanda
editful [manage maintainers] Addshore
editsynergy [manage maintainers] Tristessa de St Ange
efenbot [manage maintainers] Se4598
elasticdash [manage maintainers] Chad
elobot [manage maintainers] Wesalius
elph [manage maintainers] Elph
elvisor [manage maintainers] UA31
emausbot [manage maintainers] Emaus
embeddeddata [manage maintainers] Revent Steinsplitter Zhuyifei1999
embeddedincount [manage maintainers] PiRSquared17
emijrpbot [manage maintainers] Emijrp
enbbsb [manage maintainers] Hasteur
enboten [manage maintainers] EnDumEn Archiving bot EnBotEn for Swedish Wikipedia.
endumen [manage maintainers] EnDumEn Tool testing by EnDumEn.
energybot [manage maintainers] Joeygreen1
enwiktdefns [manage maintainers] Conrad.Irwin
enwnbot [manage maintainers] Acagastya
enwp10 [manage maintainers] Hedonil Kelson Theopolisme
eranbot [manage maintainers] Eranroz Kaldari Lucas559 MusikAnimal Niharika29 Samwilson
erex-yomi [manage maintainers] Abartov
erwin85 [manage maintainers] Akoopal Alphos Cyberpower678 TheDJ Magnus Manske MZMcBride Nemo bis PiRSquared17 Se4598
esbackup [manage maintainers] Addshore BryanDavis Tarrow
etools [manage maintainers] Elee
etwelvetest [manage maintainers] Etwelve
etwikibots [manage maintainers] Kentaur Bots and tools for Estonian wikimedia projects
etwikt [manage maintainers] Kentaur Tools for Estonian Wiktionary
etytree [manage maintainers] Epantaleo
eulenwiki [manage maintainers] Yellowcard
eulenwiki2 [manage maintainers] Yellowcard
eulenwiki3 [manage maintainers] Yellowcard
every [manage maintainers] Pengo
every-other-wiki-has [manage maintainers] Pengo
everythingisconnected [manage maintainers] Addshore Denny Vrandecic
excel2wiki [manage maintainers] Ahecht
exportpdf [manage maintainers] Samtar
expose-data [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Rillke Steinsplitter Exposes data not exposed by MediaWiki API. Only fast queries are permitted. Issues and pull requests? On GitHub.
ext-lnk-discover [manage maintainers] Green Cardamom Discover articles with missing External Links for Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive and LibriVox.
extdist [manage maintainers] Legoktm
extensionservice [manage maintainers] Daniel Friesen A service and API that gathers and exposes metadata about MediaWiki extensions.
extreg-wos [manage maintainers] Legoktm Reedy Table showing the progress of extension registration through MediaWiki extensions.
Author(s): Legoktm
extreme [manage maintainers] Devwebtel ExtremeBOT for PL Wikipedia. (bot isn't running, still in development)
fab-proxy [manage maintainers] Legoktm
faces [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa
faebot [manage maintainers]
fajrbot [manage maintainers]
family [manage maintainers] Multichill Metaodi
fastilybot [manage maintainers] Fastily DB Reports used by FastilyBot @ en.wikipedia
fatameh [manage maintainers] DarTar Daniel Mietchen Harej Tarrow
fatemi [manage maintainers] Fatemi127
fatg [manage maintainers] Pouyan
fawiki-editathon [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
fawikiauto [manage maintainers] Ebrahim Ladsgroup Reza
fc-importer [manage maintainers] Resident Mario
femiwiki [manage maintainers] Revi
fengtools [manage maintainers] Zhaofeng Li Calculates how many bytes have you changed on English Wikipedia.
Author(s): Zhaofeng Li
ferdibot [manage maintainers] Ferdi2005
ffbot [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo FLFBot/FFBot is a bot to monitor requested page moves and merges at Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia (source)
fikarummet [manage maintainers] Lokal Profil Sebastian Berlin (WMSE)
file-reuse [manage maintainers] Addshore Jens Ohlig Kai Nissen (WMDE) Tobias Gritschacher WMDE-Fisch
file-reuse-piwik [manage maintainers] Addshore Jakob Kai Nissen (WMDE) Tobias Gritschacher WMDE-Fisch WMDE-leszek
file-reuse-review [manage maintainers] Addshore
file-reuse-test [manage maintainers] Addshore Jakob Kai Nissen (WMDE) Tobias Gritschacher WMDE-Fisch WMDE-leszek
file-siblings [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
filedupes [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
find-and-replace [manage maintainers] Sitic
fingerprint [manage maintainers] Dschwen Rillke
fischbot [manage maintainers] Pyfisch Tool for the FischBot. The bot is active on Wikidata.
fist [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
five-million [manage maintainers] Legoktm
fiwiki-tools [manage maintainers] Zache-tool
fixdatebot [manage maintainers] Petrb
flickr [manage maintainers] Btongminh
flickr2commons [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
fontcdn [manage maintainers] Zhuyifei1999
forrestbot [manage maintainers] Jforrester Legoktm Merlijn van Deen
foundation [manage maintainers] Dispenser MZMcBride
fountain [manage maintainers] Leloiandudu
fountain-test [manage maintainers] Leloiandudu
fpbot [manage maintainers] FunPika
fpcbot [manage maintainers] Daniel78 Dschwen KTC
fr-wikiversity [manage maintainers] Youni Verciti Tools for french Wikiversity. One Python sript scan the "Faculté" namespace (106), the other scan "Département" namespace (108). Both use Pywikibot to collect data and save them in a Lua module table, to increase monitoring of those main custom namespace.
fr-wikiversity-ns [manage maintainers] Youni Verciti Tools for french Wikiversity. One Python sript scan the "Faculté" namespace (106), the other scan "Département" namespace (108). Both use Pywikibot to collect data and save them in a Lua module table, to increase monitoring of those main custom namespace.
freddy2001 [manage maintainers] Freddy2001
freefiles [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
friskobot [manage maintainers] Frisko
friybot [manage maintainers] Freddy2001 FriyMan
fronds [manage maintainers] Jarry1250
fshbibbot [manage maintainers] Shbib Al-Subaie
ft [manage maintainers] Framawiki
ftl [manage maintainers] Jmo Forward to Libraries: Links to library catalog or discovery searches for resources by or about the subject of a Wikipedia article.
fubar [manage maintainers] Little green rosetta
fun [manage maintainers] Mattflaschen Rjain
furutani [manage maintainers] 콩가루 Check deleting or changing other one's talk or using other one's sign on Kowiki.
gabrielchihonglee-bot [manage maintainers] Gabrielchihonglee Zhuyifei1999 A tool for Gabrielchihonglee-Bot created by Gabrielchihonglee.
gallica [manage maintainers] JeanBono Tool to import hi-def pictures from Gallica (
ganreportbot [manage maintainers] Wugapodes
gblrenamemon [manage maintainers] Legoktm
gdk-artists-research [manage maintainers] Tobias Gritschacher
geekbot [manage maintainers] ProgrammingGeek
gendergapdashboard [manage maintainers] HenriqueCrang
genealogy [manage maintainers] Samwilson
gennfs [manage maintainers]
geocommons [manage maintainers] Para KML of Location templates on Wikimedia Commons
geodata [manage maintainers] Akoopal Kolossos Magnus Manske Tim Landscheidt Stefan Kühn Provide ISO 3166 regions for coordinates (in development)
geograph2commons [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske Can upload a single file from to Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
geohack [manage maintainers] Dispenser Kolossos Magnus Manske Important tool that is linked in nearly all WP's. It is used by Wikipedia to provide links to various mapping services, when a user clicks on a link with geographical coordinates. Documentation
geoloc [manage maintainers] Florenth Gretal MarianneH ZeroK
geonotice [manage maintainers] Aude
geophotoreq [manage maintainers] Mr.Z-man
geoplotter [manage maintainers] Dhvanil
gerakibot [manage maintainers] Geraki
gerakitools [manage maintainers] Geraki
germancontributioncounts [manage maintainers] Aka
gerrit-patch-uploader [manage maintainers] Legoktm Merlijn van Deen Yuvipanda
gerrit-reports [manage maintainers] MZMcBride Nemo bis On-wiki development statistics. Friend of mediawiki-mirror tool and crstats.
gerrit-reviewer-bot [manage maintainers] Legoktm Multichill Tim Landscheidt Siebrand Merlijn van Deen Get added automatically to relevant patchsets on Gerrit (´▽`) 😂
Author(s): Merlijn van Deen
gerrit-to-redis [manage maintainers] Aude Catrope Legoktm MarkTraceur MZMcBride Ori.livneh Merlijn van Deen Yuvipanda
getsentry [manage maintainers] DamianZaremba
ggu [manage maintainers] Gifti Platonides Tim Landscheidt Returns user lists in CSS, JavaScript and Wikitext format. (Source, German description)
giftbot [manage maintainers] Gifti Doc Taxon GiftBot: general purpose bot on dewiki and archiving bot on dewikinews, dewikisource and dewiktionary, IRC bots
giftpast [manage maintainers] Gorlingor
giovannitool [manage maintainers] Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia
giraffe [manage maintainers] Krinkle Tim Landscheidt Yuvipanda
github [manage maintainers] Legoktm
github-notif-bot [manage maintainers] Framawiki
glaisher [manage maintainers] Glaisher
glam2commons [manage maintainers] Basvb Infobliss Zhuyifei1999
glamalign [manage maintainers] Symac The goal of this tool is to provide an easy way to match GLAM descriptors with categories on commons, in order to be used in a mass upload.
glamify [manage maintainers] Abartov
glamtools [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
globaleditcounter [manage maintainers] MistrX Global edit counter (of all wikimedia wikis)
globalprefs [manage maintainers] Legoktm
globalsearch [manage maintainers] Dbarratt Jalexander Kaldari
globalusagecount [manage maintainers] Steinsplitter
gmt [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
gns [manage maintainers] Bovlb Simple web interface for NGA GeoNames service (GNS).
gnubotmarcoo [manage maintainers] Gnumarcoo
goatid [manage maintainers] Tarrow
goblinbot4 [manage maintainers] Bluegoblin7
goransmtool [manage maintainers] GoranSMilovanovic
gorlingor [manage maintainers] Gorlingor
gpsexif [manage maintainers] Dschwen Bot that reads GPS EXIF data from new files and inserts {{Location}} templates on the description pages. Running as [[User:DschwenBot]] for the Geocoding project on Commons.
gpy [manage maintainers] Svetlana Tkachenko gpy is an IRC bot to notify of new category submissions and wikilink at IRC. With unit tests. (Currently in process of being moved to labs.)
grafana [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
grafana-json-datasource [manage maintainers] Addshore
graham87 [manage maintainers] Graham87
graminbot [manage maintainers] Sbharti
granitstein [manage maintainers] Steinsplitter
grantmaking [manage maintainers] Ciphers
grantsbot [manage maintainers] I JethroBT Jmorgan A bot that supports WMF Grantmaking projects on
grapedog [manage maintainers] Candalua
grep [manage maintainers] Jarry1250
grid-jobs [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
gridengine-status [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Merlijn van Deen Yuvipanda
grillitus [manage maintainers] Hprmedina
grouplens [manage maintainers] Auduwage Nettrom
gsoc-dev [manage maintainers] Alangi derick
gsoc-ifttt-dev [manage maintainers] Alangi derick Slaporte
gsociftttdev [manage maintainers] Alangi derick Slaporte
guc [manage maintainers] Krinkle Luxo global user contributions - a tool to show user contributions of the different wikimedia wikis.
h2bot [manage maintainers] Haffman
hackmd [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Yuvipanda
hall-of-fame [manage maintainers] Tom29739
hartman [manage maintainers] TheDJ Personal tools of TheDJ aka hartman
hashtags [manage maintainers] MahmoudHashemi Slaporte
hassen [manage maintainers] Hassen.Houssein
hasteurbot [manage maintainers] BenKurtovic Hasteur Theopolisme Purpose: To host and run the EN Wikipedia HasteurBot engine consisting of
  • Task 2: Notify users whose AfC page is at least 6 months stale
  • Task 1: Nominate under CSD:G13 those articles that are at least 30 days from the notification date from Task 2
  • Task 3: Traverse AfC space pages looking to remove a specific maintenance category (Trial)
  • Task 4: Traverse mainspace looking for {{NRISref}} and seeing if there are other references besiddes the NRSI linkage (Proposed)
hat-collector [manage maintainers] DeltaQuad Lixxx235 MarcoAurelio MF-Warburg Rschen7754 Tools to analyse the use of user rights crosswiki and to perform other crosswiki tasks.
hatjitsu [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Yuvipanda
hawk-eye-bot [manage maintainers] Hawk-Eye
hay [manage maintainers] Hay
A visual way to query Wikidata without having to use SPARQL.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A (very) limited, visual, replacement for Wikidata Query which just does one claim, based on the 'linkshere' method of the Wikidata API.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A project to visualize the knowledge getting added to Wikidata, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
An unaspiring HTTP API server written in Python with lots of Wikimedia-related commands.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
Use the power of Wikidata to translate a term between two languages.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
Preprocess and transform XML from select API's for ingestion in the GLAMWiki Toolset.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
Page views for an article in all available languages
Author(s): Hay Kranen
Show the newest pages in a category
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A small Javascript bookmarklet to generate a permalink to library catalogues that uses the OCLC PICA software.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A small tool to download all images from a Dutch National Archive inventory.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
View Wikipedia articles in Google Maps & Street View.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
Add a source URL to XML files provided by the Staten Generaal Digitaal API.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A better External links search. Collates all the links so you can view which Wikipedia pages have the most external links to a pattern.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A way to easily discover Wikimedia-related tools.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A way to easily discover Wikimedia-related documentation including all outreach activities e.g GLAM and education.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A simple Reasonator-like viewer for Wikidata items using the simplified Wikidata Readyonly API.
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A tool to do a mass search in the Dutch National Archive photo collection
Author(s): Hay Kranen
Reasonator-like tool for viewing items in the GTAA (Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus Audiovisuele Archieven ).
Author(s): Hay Kranen
A quick way to search and view all properties on Wikidata
Author(s): Hay Kranen
hazard-bot [manage maintainers] Hazard-SJ
hcclab [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
he-wiktionary-rule-checker [manage maintainers] Shavtay
hebbot [manage maintainers] Heb
heimdall [manage maintainers] DZ HeimdallBot
heinterwiki [manage maintainers] Matanya
hello-play [manage maintainers] Ireas
helpearwigbot [manage maintainers] Tom29739
helperbot [manage maintainers] Darkwind
helperpad [manage maintainers] Zhaofeng Li
hennalabs [manage maintainers] Henna Jane023
herculebot [manage maintainers] Hercule
heritage [manage maintainers] Akoopal AleXXw Ash Crow CristianCantoro EdouardHue Jean-Frédéric Lokal Profil Multichill Oren PierreSelim Platonides Slaporte Spider Ynhockey Yuvipanda
An API to query the monuments database
Author(s): Multichill, Lokal_Profil, Platonides
A tool to list all the pictures uploaded to a Commons category during a day.
Author(s): EdouardHue
hermes [manage maintainers] Guillom
hersfold-hacb [manage maintainers] Hersfold HersfoldArbClerkBot assists the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee's Clerk Corps by reviewing evidence submissions to open Arbitration cases to ensure they comply with the limits established by the Arbitration Committee.
hersfold-irc [manage maintainers] Hersfold HersfoldIRCBot is a watchlist bot for the English Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee Clerk Corps, reporting edits made to Arbitration Committee-related pages to #wikipedia-en-arbcom-clerks on IRC. A list of commands is available on Wikipedia.
hersfold-web [manage maintainers] Hersfold A general project for housing any web-based tools written by Hersfold.
hewiki-tools [manage maintainers] Eranroz Matanya Tools for hewiki
hexacore [manage maintainers] HexaCore
hgztools [manage maintainers] Inkowik
hinotetools [manage maintainers] Hinote
hippietest [manage maintainers] Hippietrail
historicmaps [manage maintainers] Alexrk2 Provides historical georeferenced maps from
historyview [manage maintainers] Jesse This tool provides a visual representation of a wiki page's history.
hiw-bot [manage maintainers] Hedwig in Washington Steinsplitter
hiwiki [manage maintainers] संजीव कुमार Sfic
hkjacksonhk-bot [manage maintainers] Hkjacksonhk
hll [manage maintainers]
honeypot95 [manage maintainers] Honeypot95
hoo [manage maintainers] Hoo man Various tools and my API interface to come... stay tuned
hoo-propertysuggester-test [manage maintainers] Hoo man
hostbot [manage maintainers] Jmorgan A bot that invites new editors to en:WP:Teahouse and maintains the project space.
hotarticles [manage maintainers] Kaldari Generates on-wiki statistics about which articles have been edited the most within a particular WikiProject.
hroest [manage maintainers] Hroest
hroest2 [manage maintainers] Hroest
hroest3 [manage maintainers] Hroest
hrwiki [manage maintainers] Stemd Alati namijenjeni suradnicima hrvatske wikipedije/Tools for users of hr.wikipedia:
  • brojač za pravo glasovanja (samo HTML, kôd još nije gotov)/ voting eligibility counter (only HTML, code is not ready)
  • tablica za izbor jubilaraca (testiranje u tijeku) / table for voting 1.000th jubilee article (test in progress)
  • razno / other (svi alati su još u izradi / all tools are still in preparation phase)
hsfbot [manage maintainers] Hidayatsrf
hss [manage maintainers] Abshir
htools [manage maintainers] HakanIST
huggle [manage maintainers] Addshore Petrb Se4598
huji [manage maintainers] Huji
hujibot [manage maintainers] Huji
huwiki [manage maintainers] JulesWinnfield-hu Gergő Tisza Shared account for Hungarian Wikipedia maintenance bots (beta)
hypobot [manage maintainers] Wesalius
ia-upload [manage maintainers] Phe Samwilson Tpt A tool to upload Internet Archive files to Wikimedia Commons
Author(s): Tpt, Sam Wilson
iabot [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678
iacrop [manage maintainers] Symac
ib2test [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
ibrahim [manage maintainers] Ibrahim.ID
ibrahimid [manage maintainers] Ibrahim.ID
icalendar [manage maintainers] Jörg Wiegels Export of some calendars from German Wikipedia in iCal format
Author(s): Jörg Wiegels
icelab [manage maintainers] Torin
ichijo [manage maintainers] 콩가루
icommons [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
ideasbot [manage maintainers] DGideas
ideedarticles [manage maintainers] Dereckson
idsgen [manage maintainers] Shoichi
idwiki-gpu [manage maintainers] Kenrick95 Tool for assisting POTD selection in Indonesian Wikipedia [id]
idwiki-marathon [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
ifttt [manage maintainers] Madhuvishy MahmoudHashemi Ori.livneh Slaporte API endpoint for IFTTT triggers
ifttt-dev [manage maintainers] Alangi derick Madhuvishy MahmoudHashemi Ori.livneh Slaporte Yuvipanda
ifttt-testing [manage maintainers] Alangi derick Slaporte
igloo [manage maintainers] Kangaroopower Igloo- an anti vandalism tool
ignator [manage maintainers] Cmccolli
iluvatarbot [manage maintainers] Iluvatar Miscellaneous works on ruwiki: monitoring correctness adds of templates and others.
image-resize-calc [manage maintainers] Jbarta To calculate new image dimensions so that it's resized to a certain number of megapixels. Useful for determining maximum size for a non-free image thus keeping it within guidelines.
imagechecker [manage maintainers] Jarry1250 Find instances when an article's talkpage suggests it does not have an image, when in fact it does.
imagemapedit [manage maintainers] Dapete ImageMapEdit is a Javascript-based editor for image map definitions as used by Tim Starlings ImageMap extension for MediaWiki. It is shown directly within the image description pages.
images [manage maintainers] Danilo
imagetracer [manage maintainers] Wesalius
img-usage [manage maintainers] Kolossos
inactive-admins [manage maintainers] Madman
inactive-bureaucrats [manage maintainers] Madman
inactiveadmins [manage maintainers] Aka
incolabot [manage maintainers] Incola Pywikipedia bot
info-farmer [manage maintainers] Tha uzhvan
infogeo [manage maintainers] S.desabbata
inforobbot [manage maintainers] TomT0m
inkobot [manage maintainers] Inkowik InkoBot is a Wikimedia bot account operated by Inkowik.
inkowik [manage maintainers] Inkowik
A tool to find redirecting category description pages with their number of entries.
Shows a list of bots on a project with some other information such like edit count, registration date and edit frequency.
Creates a list of contributors to a given article on a given project in wikitext.
Shows a list of pages with uneffective protection levels.
intelibot [manage maintainers] -jem- Miguel2706 Bot for edit from easy and automatic system
intelirc [manage maintainers] -jem- Miguel2706
interlang [manage maintainers] Auduwage Nettrom
intersect-contribs [manage maintainers] Pietrodn Shows all the pages edited by both the two users specified. Useful for discovering sockpuppets.
Author(s): Pietrodn
intuition [manage maintainers] Krinkle Nikerabbit Siebrand
invadibot [manage maintainers] Abián
ios-crashes [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
ip-range-calc [manage maintainers] Fastily Simple javascript application that calculates IP CIDRs for rangeblocks.
ipinfo [manage maintainers] Rompert Check an IP or domain name and get AS-Numbers, RDNS, RBLs/DNSBLs.
Author(s): Rompert
iplookup [manage maintainers] Samtar
ipp [manage maintainers] APPER
ipython [manage maintainers] Daniel Kinzler JanZerebecki An iPython console for accessing information on tool labs.
irc [manage maintainers] Dispenser
irc-cloaks [manage maintainers] Tom29739
irc-cloudbot [manage maintainers] Revi
irc-wmt [manage maintainers] Alpha Revi Southparkfan Wiki Monitoring Team tool for running bots and web tools.
irclogbot [manage maintainers] Zppix
irclogs [manage maintainers] Krinkle Petrb
ircredirect [manage maintainers] Ahecht Redirects users to an IRC channel on with a random username. See documentation.
ircredirector [manage maintainers] Tom29739
ireas [manage maintainers] Ireas
irfan [manage maintainers] عرفان ارشد محمد شعیب Tahir mq
is-deployed [manage maintainers] Hoo man
isbn [manage maintainers] G Ireas Validates, interprets and formats ISBNs.
isbn-tmptest [manage maintainers] G
isbn-usage [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
isbn2tpl [manage maintainers] Fale Allow to check if an ISBN code is valid and create a template book directly from ISBN code.
isbn2wiki [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
isin [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
isitdeployed [manage maintainers] Legoktm
it-wiki-users-leaflet [manage maintainers] Valerio Bozzolan
italian-wikipedia-bar [manage maintainers] .snoopy.
itemfinder [manage maintainers] Yellowcard
itemlister [manage maintainers] Ash Crow
itsource [manage maintainers] Alex brollo CristianCantoro Candalua Ricordisamoa Tpt
itwiki [manage maintainers] Beta16 Gnumarcoo Incola Mauro742 Pietrodn Ricordisamoa Rotpunkt New experimental group for bot operators on the Italian Wikipedia
itwikinews-rss [manage maintainers] Pietrodn RSS feed generator for it.wikinews recent news.
Author(s): Pietrodn
itwp-deletions [manage maintainers] Mauro742
jackbot [manage maintainers] JackPotte Pywikipedia bot
james [manage maintainers] JamesR Powering English Wikipedia with HBC AIV helperbot5 and AdminStatsBot.
jamesur-usergroupsearch [manage maintainers] Jalexander
jarry-common [manage maintainers] Jarry1250 Common and skin files for Jarry1250's ex-Toolserver tools (svgcheck, wikicup, etc.)
javatest [manage maintainers] Coren
jawi [manage maintainers] Aviator Automatic transliteration of Malay Wikipedia articles from Latin script to Jawi.
jbbot [manage maintainers] Andrew Bogott
jbbot2 [manage maintainers] Gardener
jeltebot [manage maintainers] Jelte
jembot [manage maintainers] -jem- Multipurpose tools and bot for statistical, project, event and maintenance updates and tasks in es.wikipedia and other projects, with IRC interface/complement
Author(s): -jem-
jeremy [manage maintainers] Jeremy Tools and bots used by Jeremy
jeremyb [manage maintainers] Jeremyb
jimmy [manage maintainers] Jimmyxu
jira-bugimport [manage maintainers] Merlijn van Deen
jitse-bot [manage maintainers] Jitse Niesen Updates pages for WikiProject Mathematics on English wikipedia.
jjmc89-bot [manage maintainers] JJMC89 Enviornment for JJMC89 bot
jjmc89-bot-dev [manage maintainers] JJMC89 Development environment for JJMC89 bot and JJMC89 bot II
joanjoc [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
joaquinito01 [manage maintainers] -jem- Joaquinito01
jogobot [manage maintainers] Jogo.obb
jogotools [manage maintainers] Jogo.obb
Wiki Weblink-Helper αlpha
Simple tool to generate Wiki-Syntax for external links – especially with functional characters in MediaWiki.
johnlewis [manage maintainers]
joinedventure [manage maintainers] Rillke Steinsplitter
josve05a-test [manage maintainers] Josve05a
jouncebot [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Catrope Dduvall Chad Greg Grossmeier Hashar Alex Monk Legoktm Mwalker Reedy Thcipriani 20after4 Merlijn van Deen Zfilipin Deployment helper bot for the WMF
jshint [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Rillke
jtools [manage maintainers] Jyothis
jurgennl [manage maintainers] JurgenNL
jury [manage maintainers] Jörg Wiegels Manage and execute voting rounds
Author(s): Jörg Wiegels
justincbot [manage maintainers] Justincheng12345
k8s-status [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
kaare [manage maintainers] Kaare
kanjybot [manage maintainers] Kanjy Kanjybot, a bot for various maintenance tasks, running on jawiki and some other wikis
kanzatgroup [manage maintainers] Kanzat
kaspar2commons [manage maintainers] Kaspar
kasparbot [manage maintainers] Kaspar shows problems connector to authority control information on Wikidata and multiple wikis and provides troubleshooting suggestions
Author(s): T.seppelt
kdb [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
kenrick95bot [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
keystone-browser [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
kharbot [manage maintainers] Kharkiv07
kian [manage maintainers] Ladsgroup
kirstentest [manage maintainers] Kmenger Just testing things out
klossebot [manage maintainers]
kmlexport [manage maintainers] Para Returns the geographical coordinates of a page or a category in KML format
kolega [manage maintainers] Kolega2357
kolega2357 [manage maintainers] Kolega2357
kotools [manage maintainers] 콩가루
kowikitools [manage maintainers] Devunt Online tools and wikibots for Korean Wikipedia
krdbot [manage maintainers] Krd
krinkle-redirect [manage maintainers] Krinkle
krinklebot [manage maintainers] Krinkle Legoktm Steinsplitter
ktc [manage maintainers] KTC
kuwaity-tool [manage maintainers] Kuwaity26
l235-bot [manage maintainers] Lixxx235
l235-irc [manage maintainers] Lixxx235
laaknortools [manage maintainers] Laaknor Tools created by Laaknor
labelimgohs [manage maintainers] PetrohsW
lalm [manage maintainers] Jongleur Web portal to make Openstreetmap Geodata accessible to blind and visually impaired people using text descriptions.
lambdabot [manage maintainers] Esquivalience
languagebar-ui [manage maintainers] Kunalgrover05
languageproofing [manage maintainers] Ankita-ks This tool (once completed) will help activate language-proofing for visualeditor.
languageproofing-ui [manage maintainers] Ankita-ks
languagetool [manage maintainers] Dnaber MatthiasM Style and grammar checking of existing Wikipedia pages and recent changes
Author(s): Daniel Naber
langviews [manage maintainers] Kaldari MusikAnimal
langviews-test [manage maintainers] Kaldari MusikAnimal
lastpics [manage maintainers] Ash Crow
lbenedix [manage maintainers] Lbenedix
lcm-dashboard [manage maintainers] Harshkothari410
ldap [manage maintainers] Legoktm
legobot [manage maintainers] Legoktm See [[d:User:Legobot]]
legoktm-adminbots [manage maintainers] Legoktm
lestaty [manage maintainers] Sir Lestaty de Lioncourt Lestaty's botswiki and irc bots tools.
lets-translate [manage maintainers] Nullzero
liangent-migration-test [manage maintainers] Liangent
liangent-shared [manage maintainers] Liangent
lib [manage maintainers] Legoktm
librarybase-db [manage maintainers] Addshore Harej Tarrow
librarybase-updater [manage maintainers] Tarrow
librewiki [manage maintainers] Revi
liepp [manage maintainers] Yomguithereal
lifeweb [manage maintainers] LivingShadow Testing an extension for generating identification keys.
lighttpd-test [manage maintainers] Tim Landscheidt Tests for lighttpd configuration and its changes.
lijebot [manage maintainers] Lijealso
lil-cvn [manage maintainers] Lil' Miss Rarity
lilbit [manage maintainers] Lil' Miss Rarity
limesmap [manage maintainers] Jkroll
linedwell [manage maintainers] Linedwell
lingua-libre [manage maintainers] Psychoslave
linkedpageviews [manage maintainers] Ireas
linkscount [manage maintainers] Ebrahim
linkstranslator [manage maintainers] Ebrahim Ladsgroup محمد شعیب Reza
linkwatcher [manage maintainers] Beetstra
linkybot [manage maintainers] Zhaofeng Li Telegram bot that automatically expands [[wikilink]]s and {{template}}s. Interested? Invite @linkybot to your group!
linkypedia [manage maintainers] Edsu
list [manage maintainers] Krinkle
listeria [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
listpages [manage maintainers] Aka
lists [manage maintainers] Alessio Fale Incola Mess Tool to view query to generate common lists for different wikis and their output.
Author(s): Alessio, Fale, Incola
livingstyleguide-prototype [manage maintainers] Prtksxna
local-awb [manage maintainers] Reedy
local-library-fulltext [manage maintainers] Ocaasi
local-maps [manage maintainers] Nosy
local-oclc-reference [manage maintainers] Ninkov Nischayn22 Ocaasi
local-reference-api [manage maintainers] Fsainsbu Nischayn22 wikipedia library stuff
local-root [manage maintainers] Nosy
local-southparkfan [manage maintainers] Southparkfan
local-wikipedia-library-reference [manage maintainers] Ocaasi
locator [manage maintainers] Akoopal TheDJ Multichill Silver Spoon A tool to create coordinate templates by selecting them from a map.
locator-tool [manage maintainers] Simon04 Add {{Location}} to images on Wikimedia Commons
locatorbot [manage maintainers] Smalyshev
logger [manage maintainers] Petrb Tim Landscheidt Yuvipanda
logojudge [manage maintainers] Yellowcard
logs [manage maintainers] Coren Petrb
lolrrit-wm [manage maintainers] Aude AzaToth Catrope Chad Filippo Giunchedi Jforrester Alex Monk Ryan Lane Legoktm MarkTraceur Bartosz Dziewoński MZMcBride Ori.livneh Paladox PiRSquared17 Tom29739 Merlijn van Deen
loltools [manage maintainers] Sn1per Useful Wikipedia (etc.) utilities written in Scala.
loltools-testing [manage maintainers] Sn1per
loltrs [manage maintainers] Azariv IRC bot for #wikimedia-otrs
low [manage maintainers] Legoktm
lp-tools [manage maintainers] Lokal Profil
Generates an e-mail informing a re-user on how to properly attribute your Creative Commons image. Swedish only, for now.
Author(s): Lokal_Profil
A map of Wiki Loves Monuments objects in Sweden, labelled by type and displaying customised information.
Author(s): Lokal_Profil, emijrp
Visualises a bounding box on a Leaflet.js map. Useful for getting the valued to enter into MediaWiki:Geonotice.js.
Author(s): Lokal_Profil
Builds an infobox and finds Commons images given the id of an ancient monument in the FMIS database of the Swedish National Heritage Board.
Author(s): Lokal_Profil
Builds an infobox and finds Commons images given the id of a listed building in the BBR database of the Swedish National Heritage Board.
Author(s): Lokal_Profil
Uploads an image to Wikimedia Commons from Kulturmiljöbild - The Swedish National Heritage Board's photographic database.
Author(s): Lokal_Profil
lrbot [manage maintainers] RLuts
lrtools [manage maintainers] RLuts
lst-guard [manage maintainers] Xelgen
lta [manage maintainers] Samtar
ltfeedchecker [manage maintainers] Dnaber
lua-catscan2 [manage maintainers] LuaKT
luke081515bot [manage maintainers] Luke081515 Luke081515Bot: A bot from Luke081515 which does various tasks at the german wikipedia.
luke081515bot-beta [manage maintainers] Luke081515
lziad [manage maintainers] WhitePhosphorus WhitePhosphorus-bot, a bot on zhwp. >_<
macommune [manage maintainers] Ash Crow
magnus-toolserver [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
magnustools [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
A powerful API to interrogate Wikidata, used by many tools and third-party projects.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A set of games to quickly add statements to Wikidata.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows identical terms (labels) with missing descriptions, popular items with missing labels etc.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Human-readable display of Wikidata.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds Wikidata items with a Wikipedia page in language A but not in B.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
GLAM catalog/Wikidata matching tool; red link lists on steroids.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A tool to keep track usage and views of Commons images on other projects.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Can upload single and multiple files from Flickr to Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Can upload a single file from etc. to Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Can transfer files from wiki(p|m)edia to Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Adds an {{Information}} template to a file on Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A tool to keep track of Commons images used on other projects.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Monthly view counts for pages containing images from selected Commons categories. Supersedec by BaGLAMa2.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Monthly view counts for pages containing images from selected Commons categories.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Monthly view statistics for category trees.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A list of files not used on Wikipedia, from a Commons category tree.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows unsighted pages by category, including subcategories.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows out-of-date sighted versions by category, including subcategories.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows out-of-date sighted versions that only differ a little by size (typo fixes etc).
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Randomly shows articles in de.wikipedia with out-of-date sighted versions.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A book reader for Wikisource.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Attempts to map DNB articles on wikisource to wikipedia.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Looks for inconsistencies in the wikisource link structures of the DNB.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Gives page length ratios between Wikisource and Wikipedia articles.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds links to Google books DNB that would better point to Wikisource.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Meta-map tool. Used on Wikipedia. [example: Berlin]
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows links to CAS numbers for chemicals. [example: Trisodium phosphate]
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows links to ISIN numbers (stock market) based on parameter.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Helps to generate infobox templates for biographies.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Can convert some HTML into wikitext, especially tables.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Converts tables (tab-delimited, e.g. copied from Excel) to Wikitext tables.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A reconciliation API for Wikidata.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A tool to generate and manage lists of pages, and to use them across many other tools.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates KML from a PagePile list of Wikidata items or articles (via Wikidata).
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A form to generate references.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates wikitext reference texts for ISBNs.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Returns the first sentence of an article as JSONP.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Updates the number of articles in a WikiProject.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates templates from forms.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds the 'most wanted' missing topics in an article or category tree.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds articles with things to do for you!
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Topics, measured by redlink count, for several languages.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Gives the distinct (non-IP) list of editors on a set of articles.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows the (last) edits of all users in a user category.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds potential translators between two languages amongst Wikipedians.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Demo for images as data URLs in Wikipedia, with or without WEBP.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Something with language links.
Author(s): Magnus Manske, JoanJoc
Files with no {{Information}} template. Merged from 'all_no_info' and 'mynoinfo' on toolserver.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
File management tool, merged 'Bad Boys' and 'Bad Old Ones' from toolserver.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Allows you to drag'n'drop a file onto it, and show a thumbnail and attribution.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
The Free Image Search Tool.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Can transfer files from a list of URLs to Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Builds, for a file, an HTML fragment with thumbnails of related images.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Wikipedia JavaScript interface for File siblings.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
For finding image duplicates. A merge of 'userdupes' and 'commons_dupes' from toolserver.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates multilingual gallery and file descriptions (a merge of 'whatisthat' and 'commons_sumitup' from toolserver).
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates a .M3U playlist from files hosted on Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A Commons browser for mobile devices.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows free, recently uploaded images on Flickr, ready for transfer to Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
For complex category tree and template intersection.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Get the categories a page or file is in, all the way down to the roots.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Counts pages in a category tree.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
RSS feeds for pages and files based on category or user name.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
RSS image feeds for Commons categories to use in screensavers etc.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Lists Wikipedia articles in a category grouped by their other categories.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds articles that ought to be in a category tree in a language via categories in other languages.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Redirects to a random page in a category.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
An interface to write and run JavaScript code, with convenient classes to get category trees, run WDQ queries etc.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds and ranks missing articles from page links
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds wanted redirects across WIkipedia languages
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates {{Persondata}} template (de/en)
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates KML for all places related to (linked from) an article
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Bing-like Wikimedia search interface.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
An experimental API to return author and media data from Commons as XML.
Author(s): Magnus Manske

Author(s): Magnus Manske
Wikidata items about species that have no image, but potential images on Commons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Simple user edit count breakdown, as a replacement for when supercount is down.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Wikidata automated description API
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates a list of Wikidata labels for a list of items, with language fallback
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates a list of Wikidata items, from wikitext links or PagePile
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows Wikidata items in your area that do not have an image
Author(s): Magnus Manske
A demo for a quiz system, can utilize Wikipedia pages as page source
Author(s): Magnus Manske
OAuth login wrapper for several other tools. Wikidata-centric.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates lists on Wikipedias, based on Wikidata queries. Daily updates.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Demo tool to show crossover between Wikidata and ContentMine
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Alternative display of Hay's tool directory
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Replacement for CatScan2, QuickIntersection, Creator, Autolist etc.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Community-driven translation of tool interfaces
Author(s): Magnus Manske
The Free Image Search Tool for Wikidata. Find items without image, but images in associated Wikipedia articles.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
magog [manage maintainers] Magog the Ogre
Why did OgreBot include a file in one of its Commons galleries? Shows 30 worth of history.
Author(s): Magog the Ogre with Peachy Framework 1.0 (Sam Korn, Soxred93)
Get the upload history of a file for pasting on Commons. Can also generate a simple {{Information}} template.
Author(s): Magog the Ogre with Peachy Framework 1.0 (Sam Korn, Soxred93)
Request OgreBot to perform its cleanup operation on a certain subset of files. Requires special permissions or Commons administrator rights.
Author(s): Magog the Ogre with Peachy Framework 1.0 (Sam Korn, Soxred93)
Show the files currently marked as NowCommons on English Wikipedia. Displayed in a(n ugly) format which makes the process of deleting files easier.
Author(s): Magog the Ogre
Move old and current versions of files from local wiki projects to Commons.
Author(s): Magog the Ogre with Peachy Framework 1.0 (Sam Korn, Soxred93)
Display the history of actions for the old version file mover.
Author(s): Magog the Ogre with Peachy Framework 1.0 (Sam Korn, Soxred93)
mahdiz [manage maintainers] Ladsgroup Mahdiz Reza
maintainers [manage maintainers] Liangent
maintenance-bot [manage maintainers] Ladsgroup Xqt
maintgraph [manage maintainers] Alessio Incola Maintenance statistics visualizer for itwiki.
Author(s): Alessio, Incola
maintun [manage maintainers] Mainsane
maiwiki-editathon [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
makeref [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
manishearth [manage maintainers] Manishearth
manypedia [manage maintainers] Sonet
mapillary-commons [manage maintainers] Faragan Lokal Profil
Uploads an image from Mapillary ( to Wikimedia Commons
Author(s): Lokal_Profil
A map of Wiki Loves Monuments objects from which you can also navigate Mapillary ( and upload its images to Wikimedia Commons
Author(s): peterneubauer, emijrp, Lokal_Profil
A gadget which allows you to browse Mapillary ( from a Wikimedia Commons image description page of an image uploaded from Mapillary.
Author(s): peterneubauer, Lokal_Profil
maps [manage maintainers] Cmarqu Kolossos nothing
mardetanha-dev [manage maintainers] Mardetanha
masscamps [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
massviews [manage maintainers] Kaldari MusikAnimal
massviews-test [manage maintainers] MusikAnimal
math [manage maintainers] Mattflaschen Ori.livneh Physikerwelt
mathbot [manage maintainers] Oleg Alexandrov
matilda [manage maintainers] Legoktm
matthewrbot [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
matthewrbot-dev [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
matthewrbowker [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
matthewrbowker-dev [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
matvaretabellen [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Web-based tool to auto-fill a nutritional value template for use on Norwegian Wikipedia with data from
mavrikant [manage maintainers] Mavrikant
mbh [manage maintainers] Maxbiohazard Some bots for ruwiki: marking orphan non-free files, listing transnamespace moves to main ns.
mc8 [manage maintainers] Microchip08
Shows the state of English Wikinews at a glance
Author(s): Douglas Gardner
A list of recently created categories on an arbitrary Wikimedia wiki
Author(s): Douglas Gardner
A list of mainspace to userspace redirects on arbitrary Wikimedia wikis
Author(s): Douglas Gardner
{{topic cat}} creator for English Wikinews
Author(s): Douglas Gardner
A tool to view the recent OTRS tags of a user
Author(s): Douglas Gardner
mdann52bot [manage maintainers] Mdann52
media-reports [manage maintainers] Foks Jalexander
mediaplaycounts [manage maintainers] Harej
mediaviews [manage maintainers] MusikAnimal
mediawiki-feeds [manage maintainers] Samwilson A tool to generate RSS and iCalendar feeds for pages in MediaWiki categories.
Author(s): Sam Wilson
mediawiki-mc [manage maintainers] Petrb
mediawiki-mirror [manage maintainers] Anomie Nemo bis Tim Landscheidt Yuvipanda A world-readable MediaWiki checkout (all repositories) for all Tools users to use.
mediawiki2latex [manage maintainers] Dirk Hünniger
meetbot [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Daniel Kinzler Hashar MarkTraceur Tim Landscheidt
megacron [manage maintainers] FMorifuji Fnc4 Johntanner Coren Sat Umzegher
memberbot [manage maintainers] Pintoch
menobot [manage maintainers] Meno25
merl-dev [manage maintainers] Merl
merlbot [manage maintainers] Merl
merlbot-read [manage maintainers] Merl This tool is giving access by forein tools to collect data used by merlbot. So people having access to the main tool project merlbot will not have access to all the other tools, too.
merlbot-web [manage maintainers] Merl
merlbot2 [manage maintainers] Merl
merliwbot [manage maintainers] Merl
meta [manage maintainers] Billinghurst Matanya Pathoschild
Analyzes a user account to determine whether it's eligible to vote in the specified event.
Author(s): Pathoschild
Analyzes edits to pages in the category tree rooted at the specified category (or pages rooted at a prefix).
Author(s): Pathoschild
Measures a user's latest edit, bureaucrat, or sysop activity on all wikis.
Author(s): Pathoschild
A live review of permissions assigned to global groups on Wikimedia Foundation wikis.
Author(s): Pathoschild
Search and filter global users on Wikimedia wikis.
Author(s): Pathoschild
Redirects to an arbitrary URL with tokens based on user and wiki filled in.
Author(s): Pathoschild
Shows global details about a user across all Wikimedia wikis. You can provide a username, an IPv4/IPv6 address, or a CIDR block.
Author(s): Pathoschild
Estimates which users in a group are available based on their last edit or action.
Author(s): Pathoschild
Find your user pages on all wikis (or find wikis where you don't have user pages).
Author(s): Pathoschild
Synchronises user pages across Wikimedia projects in every language. This allows users to create user pages on every wiki, or to have global JavaScript and CSS. (Due to potential for misuse, must submit an on-wiki request.)
Author(s): Pathoschild
meta-dev [manage maintainers] Pathoschild
metamine [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
metmuseum [manage maintainers] Jeremyb
metricslibrary [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
metricslibrary-dev [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
mfw-bww [manage maintainers] MF-Warburg Rschen7754
mg-bot [manage maintainers] Miguillen
mide [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
mide-dev [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker
mifterbot [manage maintainers] Mifter
mifterbot-en [manage maintainers] Mifter
misc2svg [manage maintainers] Marsupilami This project has been discontinued.
missing-from-wikipedia [manage maintainers] Sharihareswara Terrrydactyl "Missing From Wikipedia" is a tool to help fight systemic bias on Wikipedias. Users can upload lists of nouns to learn the subset of those names that don't have Wikipedia pages, for any Wikipedia. A work in progress.
missingpages [manage maintainers] Urbanecm
missingtopics [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
mix-n-match [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske GLAM catalog/Wikidata matching tool; red link lists on steroids.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
mlwikisource [manage maintainers] Balasankarc
mobile [manage maintainers] BearND Dbrant Mholloway Niedzielski
monaco [manage maintainers] Ebrahim
mono [manage maintainers] Mono
montage-beta [manage maintainers] Jean-Frédéric Leila MahmoudHashemi Ori.livneh Slaporte Yarl
montage-dev [manage maintainers] Jean-Frédéric Leila MahmoudHashemi Slaporte Yarl Yuvipanda
monumental [manage maintainers] MahmoudHashemi Slaporte Yarl
morebots [manage maintainers] Andrew Bogott BryanDavis Danny B. Dzahn Hashar Jeremyb Alex Monk Krinkle Legoktm Mattflaschen Petrb
mormegil [manage maintainers] Mormegil
Suggests articles which could be added to a category based on a corresponding category in another language.
Author(s): Mormegil
Suggests categories for an article based on a corresponding article in another language.
Author(s): Mormegil
Lists articles in a given category without geographical coordinates.
Author(s): Mormegil
Counts Wikipedia biographical articles per birthyear and deathyear
Author(s): Mormegil
Creates a random list of Wikipedia articles of a given size
Author(s): Mormegil
morph [manage maintainers] Mahairod Morh is a tool for coverting russian word forms to normal form in wikilinks.
morphtool [manage maintainers] Mahairod
most-readable-pages [manage maintainers] MusikAnimal
most-wanted [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
mostlinkedmissing [manage maintainers] Urbanecm
movecat [manage maintainers] Negative24
movestats [manage maintainers] GoldenRing
mp [manage maintainers] Euku Ireas
mpaatools [manage maintainers] Mpaa
mrmetadata [manage maintainers] Guillom Ladsgroup
mscbot [manage maintainers] C-M Lokal Profil Prolineserver Convert and upload photos from the Munich Security Conference.
mstools [manage maintainers] MisterSynergy
Organize usage of redirects by topic (root category)
Author(s): MisterSynergy
Identify main authors by topic (root category)
Author(s): MisterSynergy
msynbot [manage maintainers] MisterSynergy
mu [manage maintainers] Blahma
multichill [manage maintainers] Multichill
multidesc [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
musikanimal [manage maintainers] Matthewrbowker MusikAnimal
musikanimal-test [manage maintainers] MusikAnimal
musikbot [manage maintainers] MusikAnimal
mw2sparql [manage maintainers] Tpt
mwcoreteam [manage maintainers] RobLa
mwhook-bot [manage maintainers] Legoktm
mwp [manage maintainers] BenKurtovic Legoktm
mwp-testing [manage maintainers] Legoktm
mwstew [manage maintainers] Mooeypoo
my-first-django-oauth-app [manage maintainers] Tobias47n9e
my-first-django-tool [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
my-first-flask-oauth-tool [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
my-first-flask-tool [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
my-first-pywikibot-tool [manage maintainers] Xephyr826
mybot [manage maintainers] IAlex
myrcx [manage maintainers] Samtar
mysql-php-session-test [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
mywikitool [manage maintainers] NoBiasedWiki
mzmcbride [manage maintainers] MZMcBride
nagf [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Hashar Krinkle Yuvipanda
nakon [manage maintainers] Nakon
napalmbot [manage maintainers] Facenapalm This tool is used for some regular tasks by NapalmBot in Russian Wikipedia. Source code of my scripts is available here.
napalmbot-sah [manage maintainers] Facenapalm This tool is used for some regular tasks by NapalmBot in Sakha Wikipedia. Source code of my scripts is available here.
napalmtools [manage maintainers] Facenapalm This tool is used only for testing and temporary hosting for now.
nara [manage maintainers] Dominic Jeremyb
nasirkhanbot [manage maintainers] Nasirkhan A test bot account maintained by Nasir Khan Saikat
nasirkhantools [manage maintainers] Nasirkhan nasirkhantools is maintained by [[user:nasirkhan]]
neechalbot [manage maintainers] Neechalkaran
negative24-bottesting [manage maintainers] Negative24
neuraltricity [manage maintainers] Madjaoue
neuromat [manage maintainers] Ederporto
new-uploads-refresher [manage maintainers] Magog the Ogre
newbie-uploads [manage maintainers] Rillke Steinsplitter Zhuyifei1999 This tool is intended to help users find newbie uploads.
newfiles [manage maintainers] AzaToth
newiki-editathon [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
newusers [manage maintainers] Legoktm
newwebtest [manage maintainers] Hedonil Torin
newyorkadam [manage maintainers] Newyorkadam
nicepedia [manage maintainers] Pyguerder
ninjastrikers [manage maintainers] Ninjastrikers
ninobot [manage maintainers] Ninovolador
ninobott [manage maintainers] Ninovolador
ninthcircuit [manage maintainers] Legoktm
niosh [manage maintainers] Harej
Find duplicate items on Wikidata, via labels/aliases.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Redirects to a random Wikidata item that does not have an instance property set.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows Wikidata items linked via a property (eg 'part of') on both a timeline and a map.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generate lists and trees from Wikidata structures, such as subclasses, administrative divisions, and taxons.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows statistics based on bi-weekly Wikidata snapshots.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows a list of items based on a Wikidata Query. See also AutoList 2.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows a list of items based on a Wikidata Query, and allows mass-editing of statements on the results.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Tries to match recent celebrity deaths from Find-a-grave to Wikidata items.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows number/% of items linked to a Wikipedia article, per language.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows language labels for Wikipedia links from a Wikidata item, and allows label editing.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Can create Wikidata items for articles that don't have one yet.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows lists of external identifiers (eg VIAF) matched to Wikidata items, or to other external IDs..
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Show items with coordinates around a center from Wikidata.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Can add statements (with optional qualifiers and sources) to Wikidata items.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows Wikidata items with coordinates but no images on a map. Heatmap or markers. [example: Cambridge]
Author(s): Magnus Manske
This tool can analyze the results from a WikiData Query, and show the properties used in all items matching a query.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates statistics on dates by (bucket) on property subclasses, e.g. all artists except actors and singers.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates unique- and subsets of Wikidata item lists. Does not draw actual diagram yet.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Lists all translations (labels) of Wikidata items with a specific property. Used by BEACON.
Author(s): Magnus Manske

Author(s): Magnus Manske
Shows you little things you can do on Wikidata.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generated a list of Wikidata items of pages linked from Wikitext.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates a pseudo-random list of Wikidata items that have no statements.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Forwards to a Wikidata item, given a unique property and (string) value combination.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates a list of awards for people from Wikipedia, and statements to add to Wikidata.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generate an image RSS feed (for your screensaver?) from a WDQ query.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Finds 10 random Commons Creators, items created by them without image, and Commons images created by them without Wikidata item.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Returns labels for a list of Wikidata items.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Get multiple items by property.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Find Wikipedia articles without associated Wikidata items, and match or create a new item.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Get new Wikidata items (now or before timestamp) as HTML or PagePile.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Fills a Commons {{Creator}} template based on a Wikidata item.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
Generates simple graphs from Wikidata/WDQ trees.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
njsbot [manage maintainers] Ninjastrikers NjsBot is a general purpose bot that runs for mywiki.
nlwikibots [manage maintainers] Akoopal Edoderoo Multichill Siebrand Silver Spoon Merlijn van Deen Project for bots, scripts or web tools relevant for the Dutch wikimedia projects. See the wiki page for more information.
nlwikt-tools [manage maintainers] Annabel
nn1l2bot [manage maintainers] 4nn1l2 4nn1l2's bot performing simple tasks
noaabot [manage maintainers]
noclaims [manage maintainers] Multichill
not-in-the-other-language [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske Finds Wikidata items with a Wikipedia page in language A but not in B.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
notebooks [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
notif-bot [manage maintainers] 0x010C Bot repplying to new user's notifications on frwiki, to teach them how to correctly notify someone and what it means to be notified.
nppbrowser [manage maintainers]
nppdash [manage maintainers] MusikAnimal Samtar
nrhpservice [manage maintainers] LimboDancer
nullbot [manage maintainers] Joe Decker
nullzero [manage maintainers] Nullzero
nullzerobot [manage maintainers] Nullzero Nullzerobot is a general purpose bot on Thai Wikipedia.
nyandata [manage maintainers] Jeroen De Dauw
oabot [manage maintainers] Pintoch Tom29739
oabot-wd-game [manage maintainers] Pintoch Tpt
oar [manage maintainers] A930913
oauth-hello-world [manage maintainers] Anomie A simple application to test MediaWiki's OAuth extension.
obaid [manage maintainers] محمد شعیب Obaid Raza
ocgepub [manage maintainers] Ljonka
ocounter [manage maintainers] Oren
ocr4wikisource [manage maintainers] Niharika29 Psychoslave 8ohit.dua Tshrinivasan
octodata [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Rillke Database and query service. Issues and pull requests? On GitHub.
octrabot [manage maintainers] Octahedron80
odder-dev [manage maintainers] Odder
okmaps [manage maintainers] Pkraker
olsibot [manage maintainers] Olsi
oncall [manage maintainers] Samtar
onetools [manage maintainers] 1-Byte
oojs-ui [manage maintainers] Catrope Jforrester Krinkle Bartosz Dziewoński Rillke
opendatasets [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
openhatch-wiki [manage maintainers] Jeremyb
openipmap [manage maintainers] Pintoch
openrefine-wikidata [manage maintainers] Pintoch
openstack-browser [manage maintainers] Andrew Bogott BryanDavis
openstack-browser-dev [manage maintainers] Andrew Bogott BryanDavis
oqtools [manage maintainers] Brent Garber Assortment of tools such as whois lookup
order-user-by-reg [manage maintainers] Dargasia
orejasbot [manage maintainers] Alan MistrX
ores [manage maintainers] Awight Halfak Ladsgroup Legoktm
orphan-groups [manage maintainers] Eranroz Groups of orphan pages not connected to other pages in Wikipedia
orphantalk [manage maintainers] Krinkle
orwell01 [manage maintainers] Oren a web service for providing feedback to moodle on user assignments in student sandbox.
orwell02 [manage maintainers] Oren a web service for providing feedback to moodle on group wikipedia editing assignments
os [manage maintainers] RHaworth
oscoor [manage maintainers] RHaworth
osm [manage maintainers] Dschwen Kolossos Retsam Central storage for different javascript libs for Openstreetmap usage.
osm-add-tags [manage maintainers] Kolossos
osm-gadget [manage maintainers] Kolossos
osm4wiki [manage maintainers] Kolossos Plenz
osmbstat [manage maintainers] Morray
osmkmlmap [manage maintainers] CristianCantoro
osmlint [manage maintainers] MaxSem Tool that analyzes linking between OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia/Wikidata
otrsreports [manage maintainers] Milimetric Pajz Raimond Spekking Steinsplitter
oubli-signature-bot [manage maintainers] Coren Bot used to sign messages on frwiki (alpha)
ouda [manage maintainers] Mohamed Ouda
oudabot [manage maintainers] Mohamed Ouda this is bot for arabic wikipedia
outofband [manage maintainers] Coren Yuvipanda
owintes [manage maintainers] Daniel Kinzler Hippietrail Kipcool Purodha Raimond Spekking WikiLexicaldata development & integration testing 
pagecount [manage maintainers] Stigmj Backend statistics for nowiki.
pagecounts [manage maintainers] Jdrewniak MaxSem Page counts on every wiki in machine-readable format:
pagepile [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
pageviews [manage maintainers] Kaldari MusikAnimal
Analysis of pageviews across multiple pages
Author(s): MusikAnimal, Kaldari, Marcel Ruiz Forns
Pageviews of an article across all languages
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Most viewed pages of a project
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Analysis of total pageviews across multiple projects
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Import a list of pages and analyze the pageviews
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Get the pageviews of all redirects to a page
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Get the pageviews of all pages created by a user
Author(s): MusikAnimal
pageviews-test [manage maintainers] Kaldari MusikAnimal
Analysis of pageviews across multiple pages
Author(s): MusikAnimal, Kaldari, Marcel Ruiz Forns
Pageviews of an article across all languages
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Most viewed pages of a project
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Analysis of total pageviews across multiple projects
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Import a list of pages and analyze the pageviews
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Get the pageviews of all redirects to a page
Author(s): MusikAnimal
Get the pageviews of all pages created by a user
Author(s): MusikAnimal
paid [manage maintainers] Samtar
pandata [manage maintainers] Batpad Yuvipanda
panderine [manage maintainers] Pyr0 Panderine! is a Wikipedia bot to fix common UI errors while editing.
panoviewer [manage maintainers] Dschwen Interactive panoramic image viewer for Wikimedia Commons.
para [manage maintainers] Para Quick & dirty migration, to be spread out...
parliamentdiagram [manage maintainers] Slashme Create and upload SVG election apportionment diagrams for Wikimedia Commons to show the composition of legislatures.
Author(s): David Richfield
parsec [manage maintainers] Pasleim a tool between Siri and WolframAlpha
paste [manage maintainers] Liangent Matthewrbowker Petrb Paste bin service for wikimedia developers
paste-test [manage maintainers] Hedonil Liangent Petrb
pastebin [manage maintainers] Petrb
patrollerinfo [manage maintainers] Samtar
patrolstats [manage maintainers] Cgt
pavlochembot [manage maintainers] Pavlo Chemist PavloChemBot is a general purpose standard Pywikipedia bot on ukwiki operated by Pavlo Chemist.
paws [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
paws-dev [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
paws-public [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
paws-published [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
paws-stats [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
paws-status [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
paws-support [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
pb [manage maintainers] Euku Ireas Jörg Wiegels
pbbot [manage maintainers] Peter Bowman
peachy [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678
peachy-docs [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678 Matthewrbowker
peek [manage maintainers] Pathoschild
perebot [manage maintainers] Pere prlpz
perfect-venn-diagram-generator [manage maintainers] Jalexander
perfectbot [manage maintainers] Fluff
perflogbot [manage maintainers] Gilles Krinkle Ori.livneh
periodssuck [manage maintainers] Legoktm Yuvipanda
permission-denied-test [manage maintainers] Dalba
personabot [manage maintainers] Incola Rotpunkt Prototype for replacement of Biobot in it.wikipedia
persondata [manage maintainers] APPER Wurgl
pg2ws [manage maintainers] Samwilson
pgrmeval [manage maintainers] Chedasaurus
phabricator-bug-status [manage maintainers] Mattflaschen

API for accessing Phabricator over JSONP, originally developed for use with BugStatusUpdate.

phantombot [manage maintainers] PhantomTech This bot operates on the English Wikipedia under the username ThePhantomBot. More information can be found on its user page.
phragile [manage maintainers] Jakob
piagetbot [manage maintainers] Tom29739
piagetenwiki [manage maintainers] DatGuy Tom29739
pileviews [manage maintainers] Abartov
ping08bot [manage maintainers] Ping08
pinyin-wiki [manage maintainers] Spacemartin A Pinyin mirror of the Chinese Wikipedia to help language learners.
pirsquared [manage maintainers] PiRSquared17 Just some tools, not much here yet
pitsilemu [manage maintainers] Diego Grez-Cañete
plagiabot [manage maintainers] Eranroz Kaldari MusikAnimal Niharika29 Samwilson
plaigsossbot [manage maintainers] Ragesoss
plaintexteditcounter [manage maintainers] Tom29739 A simple (WIP) edit counter that gives the edit count of a user in plain-text.
Author(s): Tom29739
planettoearth [manage maintainers] VIGNERON Create correpondance between named places on planets and Earth.
Author(s): VIGNERON
plantel2wiki [manage maintainers] Juanman Convert a Football Current Squad to Spanish Wiki markup
platypus-qa [manage maintainers] Tpt
plstools [manage maintainers] Lokal Profil Prolineserver
pltools [manage maintainers] Pasleim
turn string claims to monolingual claims
Author(s): Pasleim
copy data from Wikimedia templates to Wikidata
Author(s): Pasleim
Patrol and rollback edits made on Wikidata
Author(s): Pasleim
add missing dates of deaths to Wikidata
Author(s): Pasleim
add descriptions to Wikidata items
Author(s): Pasleim
pmidtool [manage maintainers] Gstupp testing 123
popularpages [manage maintainers] Mr.Z-man Kaldari Niharika29
popularpages-dev [manage maintainers] Mr.Z-man Kaldari MusikAnimal Niharika29 Samwilson
portal-stats [manage maintainers] Valerio Bozzolan
portalbox [manage maintainers] Lbertolotti The purpose of this bot (for now) is to update the market box indices for the Portal:Business and economics
potd [manage maintainers] Btongminh Legoktm Steinsplitter Tool for sending out daily image mails to daily-image-l.
potd-feed [manage maintainers] Daniel Kinzler
potrace [manage maintainers] Wesalius
poty [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Rillke
powow [manage maintainers] Peter17 Places of Worship on Wikipedia
This tool is used by Peter17-Bot to analyze all the article about places of worship in France, on the French Wikipedia.
The bot then fills the corresponding Wikidata items, with properties: P17, P18, P131, P373, P380 and P625, as described here.
ppp-sparql [manage maintainers] Bene Tpt Generate SPARQL queries for Wikidata from natural language questions.
Author(s): Tpt, Bene*
precise-tools [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Matanya Zhuyifei1999
prefbot [manage maintainers] Smalyshev
prism [manage maintainers] Legoktm [redacted]
projanalysis [manage maintainers] Harej
project-fa [manage maintainers] Ebrahim Ladsgroup Mardetanha Reza
projektneuheiten-feed [manage maintainers] Manuel Bieling

ATOM & RSS 2: Wikipedia-Projektneuheiten

projetpp [manage maintainers] ProgVal Tpt
prometheus [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
prompter [manage maintainers] BETA: Generates prompts for user to update Wikidata by comparing external CSVs to what's in Wikidata.
propertyuse [manage maintainers] MisterSynergy
prosjektbot [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Profoss
proxies [manage maintainers] S3w3nofficial Urbanecm
ptable [manage maintainers] ArthurPSmith Lucie Kaffee Ricordisamoa Modern Wikidata-based version of Mendeleev's periodic table
ptbot [manage maintainers]
ptbots [manage maintainers] Alchimista Danilo
ptools [manage maintainers] Pleclown
An upload counter for Commons (Number of files, distribution of uploads in time and type).
Author(s): Pleclown
Find files by a user in a Commons category (or files by a user not in a Commons category).
Author(s): Pleclown
List uploaders and number of files by uploader in a Commons category.
Author(s): Pleclown
Displays informations on a Commons category.
Author(s): Pleclown
An action (as defined in MediaWiki) counter.
Author(s): Pleclown
Displays the last 1000 cumulated contributions of two users on a wiki.
Author(s): Pleclown
ptwikis [manage maintainers] Agx Alchimista Danilo Diego Queiroz He7d3r HenriqueCrang Sir Lestaty de Lioncourt Raylton P. Sousa Rodrigo Padula

Tools developed in colaboratin between Portuguese speaking users.

pub [manage maintainers] Wikishizhao Panoramio upload bot
pubchem-wikidata-updates [manage maintainers] Methaspirin
purger [manage maintainers] JustBerry
pv [manage maintainers] BryanDavis
pywikibot [manage maintainers] John Vandenberg Ladsgroup Legoktm Multichill Russell Blau Merlijn van Deen
pywikibot-testwiki [manage maintainers] John Vandenberg Ladsgroup Legoktm Multichill Merlijn van Deen VcamX
pywikibot-tw [manage maintainers] Thathanka
pywikipedia [manage maintainers] Ladsgroup
pywowbot [manage maintainers] Darkpsy3934
qic [manage maintainers] Dschwen Housekeeping bot [[User:QICbot]] for the Quality Images project on Commons.
qsgenerator [manage maintainers] Mbch331
quality-analyzer [manage maintainers] Dst2015 1. Automatically ranks and classifies articles based on their quality 2. Should help to understand article quality from different perpectives 3. Should reduce workload
quality-assisted-editor [manage maintainers] Dst2015 The Quality Assisted Editor supports users in detecting strengths and weaknesses of a particular article in order to improve its quality!
quarry [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
quarry-dev [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
quarrybot-enwiki [manage maintainers] Paladox Zppix
quentintools [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678 Quentinv57
quentinv57-bots [manage maintainers] Quentinv57
quentinv57-common [manage maintainers] Quentinv57
quentinv57-tools [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678 -jem- MarcoAurelio Quentinv57
query [manage maintainers] Krinkle
query-universe [manage maintainers] Hardwigg
query2map [manage maintainers] Kolossos Query-to-map is a script to show the results of an database query in a map. The used database is the same like used for Mapnik. The script is designed to work in real-time, so it should be used with queries returning only relatively small results. Surely is Overpass-turbo nowadays the much better applcation. This tool is more a simple example how it is possibble to work with the existing database. (Still moving from Toolserver.)
quick-intersection [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
quickquery [manage maintainers] Little green rosetta
quickstatements [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
quips [manage maintainers] Yuvipanda
r96340-bot [manage maintainers] R96340
raehhamsang [manage maintainers] Fatemi127
ragesossbot [manage maintainers] Ragesoss
railways [manage maintainers] Multichill Railways project
ralgisbot [manage maintainers] Ralgis Multi-purpose and customized Pywikibot.
ramp [manage maintainers] J.little Timathom GLAM-Wiki editing tool for converting XML-encoded metadata to wiki markup.
random [manage maintainers] Merl Redirect visitors to a random wiki page with special contitions like category tree. Usable for all WMF wikis.
rang [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
rangecalc-improved [manage maintainers] NativeForeigner
rangecontrib [manage maintainers] HelloAnnyong Find contributions in an IP range on any wiki.
raun [manage maintainers] Kenrick95 Tool to watch the recent changes of Wikimedia Foundation projects, live; with ORES score for supported projects.
Author(s): Kenrick95
raunbot [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
raymond [manage maintainers] Raimond Spekking
raymondyee-test [manage maintainers] RaymondYee
rc-vikidia [manage maintainers] Unapersona
rchv [manage maintainers] ASammour
rcm [manage maintainers] Luke081515
rcquery [manage maintainers] Krinkle
readmore [manage maintainers] Ewulczyn Madhuvishy
reasomics [manage maintainers] GuZ-MPG
reasonator [manage maintainers] Ladsgroup Magnus Manske Human-readable display of Wikidata.
Author(s): Magnus Manske
recitation-bot [manage maintainers] A930913 Betacommand Catapanoth Dfko Daniel Mietchen Klortho Mattsenate Maximilianklein Arlitt
recom-tool [manage maintainers] NoBiasedWiki
recommendation [manage maintainers] Nschaaf
redirectviews [manage maintainers] MusikAnimal
redirtest [manage maintainers] Kalan
refcreator [manage maintainers] Yexiaoxing
referencebot [manage maintainers] A930913 Legoktm
refill [manage maintainers] Zhaofeng Li
refill-api [manage maintainers] Zhaofeng Li
refswikipedia [manage maintainers] Lebronj23 Tool for the semi-automatic creation of references from URL, DOI and ISBN
reftoolbar [manage maintainers] Mr.Z-man Kaldari Backend tool for Wikipedia RefToolbar to get data for DOI/PMID/ISBN
registro-cancellazioni [manage maintainers] Geofrizz Registro delle cancellazioni.
reise-reise [manage maintainers] Reise Reise
relgen [manage maintainers] FDMS Steinsplitter Generates release eMails to be sent to OTRS.
Author(s): FDMS
remarkup2wikitext [manage maintainers] Gergő Tisza Converts the description of a Phabricator task to wikitext.
Author(s): Gergő Tisza
rembot [manage maintainers] 4shadoww
reminderbot [manage maintainers] Philroc2
render [manage maintainers] Daniel Kinzler Jkroll Kai Nissen (WMDE) Software developed by Wikimedia Deutschland during the RENDER Project.
Toolkit - RENDER Toolkit
Supporting Tools:
  • Article Monitor - MediaWiki gadget which gives an overview of statistical data and various analyses for a Wikipedia article.
  • Article List Generator - a CatGraph-based tool for searching categories recursively with set operations and various editing-related filters.
render-tests [manage maintainers] Daniel Kinzler Jkroll Kai Nissen (WMDE)
repi [manage maintainers] Addshore Merlijn van Deen
replacer [manage maintainers] Benjavalero
replag [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Wikimedia Labs replica database lag as reported by the heartbeat_p database.
Author(s): Bryan Davis
repo [manage maintainers] Tim Landscheidt
reportsbot [manage maintainers] Harej
request [manage maintainers] FNDE
revdiffsearch [manage maintainers] Whym
revertstat [manage maintainers] Aka
revi [manage maintainers] Revi
revibot [manage maintainers] Hym411
revibot-i [manage maintainers] Hym411
revibot-ii [manage maintainers] Hym411
revibot-iii [manage maintainers] Hym411
revibot-iv [manage maintainers] Revi
reviewers [manage maintainers] Legoktm
revisions-blacklist [manage maintainers] UkrFace
revisionstats [manage maintainers] MahmoudHashemi Slaporte
reza-dev [manage maintainers] Ebrahim Ladsgroup Reza
rezabot [manage maintainers] Ebrahim Ladsgroup Reza
rfa-tool [manage maintainers] Leloiandudu
rfahelper [manage maintainers] FriyMan
rfastats [manage maintainers] KSFT
ricordisamoa [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa some generic online tools (experimental, more will come soon)
rightstool [manage maintainers] Dungodung
rillke [manage maintainers] Rillke Rillke's tools. Issues, Bugs, Feature requests?
rillke-node [manage maintainers] Rillke A custom installation of node.js. Issues, Bugs, Feature requests?
rluts [manage maintainers] RLuts
rm-stats [manage maintainers] APerson Analyzes how a user votes in RM discussions and reports statistical results.
Author(s): APerson
robin [manage maintainers] MF-Warburg SPQRobin This is the place where I (SPQRobin) maintain my tools, moved from Toolserver. In the long term, I may create separate service groups for individual tools.
robokobot [manage maintainers] Thibaut120094
roccerbot [manage maintainers] Jackmcbarn PhilrocWP
rotatebot [manage maintainers] Luxo
ruarbcom [manage maintainers] Kalan
rubinbot [manage maintainers] Rubin
rubinbot2 [manage maintainers] Rubin
rubinbot3 [manage maintainers] Rubin
russbot [manage maintainers] Russell Blau
ruwikisource [manage maintainers] Hinote Vladis13 Various staff for ru.wikisource
ruwn-misc [manage maintainers] Artem Korzhimanov Krassotkin

Miscellaneous scripts for Russian Wikinews

rxy [manage maintainers] Rxy
ryu [manage maintainers] Ryuch running the RFC bot for KOWP, and other small experimental gadgets
sal [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Yuvipanda Display log messages from IRC stored in Elasticsearch
Author(s): Bryan Davis
sammour [manage maintainers] ASammour
sanaa [manage maintainers] Mr.Ibrahem
saper [manage maintainers] Saper
sau226-wiki-bug-testing [manage maintainers]
sbl [manage maintainers] Legoktm
scaldingbot [manage maintainers] Martijn Hoekstra
scfc-test-can-be-deleted-anytime [manage maintainers] Tim Landscheidt
scholia [manage maintainers] Fnielsen
schubota [manage maintainers] Physikerwelt
scottytools [manage maintainers] Cyberpower678 Scottywong Σ Theopolisme
scratch [manage maintainers] DamianZaremba
sdbot [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo SDBot is a bot for archiving article for deletion (AfD) discussions (WP:S) at Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia (source)
sdm [manage maintainers] Soumyadip
searchdiff [manage maintainers] Little green rosetta
searchsbl [manage maintainers] Seth search spam blacklists of wikimedia projects for entries. input = url, output = regexp entry in blacklist
Author(s): seth
section-redirect [manage maintainers] KSFT
secwatch [manage maintainers] FNDE
seealsology [manage maintainers] Boogheta SeeAlsology is a simple tool that allows you to explore as a network graph the semantic area related to any Wikipedia page.
Author(s): Density Design & médialab SciencesPo
seijabot [manage maintainers] Dargasia 逆襲的天邪鬼 Vandalizing Wikipedia on IRC channel #cvn-lzh, #cvn-zh-sw. Maybe I'll commit other vandalism.
selim [manage maintainers] Mustafa Selim
sequencer [manage maintainers] Brian Wolff JS for
sergobot-statistics [manage maintainers] Sergento
service001 [manage maintainers] Stefan Schneider (WMDE)
serviceawards [manage maintainers] Mormegil
sficbot [manage maintainers] Sfic For Hindi Wiki
shbibbot [manage maintainers] Shbib Al-Subaie
shbot [manage maintainers] Shbib Al-Subaie
shfbot [manage maintainers] Shbib Al-Subaie
shields [manage maintainers] Ricordisamoa Badges for WikimediaALPHA
shilad [manage maintainers] Shilad Sen
shortnames [manage maintainers] Coren Mdann52 Displays file names on English Wikipedia that are shorter than 9 characters (not counting an eventual extension).
shotbot [manage maintainers] Sn1per
shri [manage maintainers] Shrikarsan
shrinitools [manage maintainers] Neechalkaran Tshrinivasan
shrugbot [manage maintainers] Elee ShrugBot's home on enwiki
shtest [manage maintainers] Sumanah-testing
shuaib [manage maintainers] محمد شعیب Tahir mq Home for hosting Urdu Wikipedia tools and bots, Plz see another tool account named local-shuaib-bot.
shuaib-bot [manage maintainers] Ameen.Akbar محمد شعیب Obaid Raza Tahir mq
sibu [manage maintainers] Kevin py
sibutest [manage maintainers] Infobliss
sighting [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
sigma [manage maintainers] Σ A random dump of Σ's stuff, which might be useful.
signature-manquante-bot [manage maintainers] Brclz
signpost [manage maintainers] Jarry1250 Tools built to assist the Signpost's Editor-in-Chief in publishing, notifying users, etc.
signpostlab [manage maintainers] Resident Mario
simple [manage maintainers] Hydriz

Collection of tools for the Simple English Wikipedia and Wiktionary.

simplecommonstransfer [manage maintainers] Ireas
simplewikt [manage maintainers] Hydriz
sistercities [manage maintainers] Tbscho A Service to analyze the inconsistency between Wikipedia articles and Wikidata entries.
sit [manage maintainers] Kenrick95
sitematrix [manage maintainers] Jeremyb
sites [manage maintainers] Chricho
siteviews [manage maintainers] Kaldari MusikAnimal
siwiki [manage maintainers] BinaryDude
sixdegrees [manage maintainers] Maths22
slakrtools [manage maintainers] Slakr
sleepybot [manage maintainers] SleepyMode
slow-parse [manage maintainers] Legoktm A more human-readable view of the slow-parse.log
slumpartikel [manage maintainers] Ainali C-M Lokal Profil Prolineserver
sn1pebot [manage maintainers] Sn1per
snaevar-bot [manage maintainers] Snaevar
snapshots [manage maintainers] Krinkle
snowolf [manage maintainers] Snowolf
soni [manage maintainers] Soni
sonitool [manage maintainers] Soni
sourcemd [manage maintainers] Magnus Manske
southparkfan [manage maintainers] Southparkfan
sowhy [manage maintainers]
spamwatch [manage maintainers] Samtar
sparqlblocks [manage maintainers] Gergő Tisza
speedydeletionwikia [manage maintainers] Mdupont
spellcheck [manage maintainers] APPER -jem-
sphinxcapt-leaderboard [manage maintainers] Rrajasek95
spiarticleanalyzer [manage maintainers] JustBerry
splinetools [manage maintainers] Reticulated Spline
WHOISA WHOIS service that also handles rDNS and IP geolocation.
Author(s): Reticulated Spline
sqid [manage maintainers] Guenthermi Markus Kroetzsch Mmarx Browse Wikidata classes and properties with statistics
sqoop-tool [manage maintainers] Joal
srwiki [manage maintainers] Dungodung
stabilizerbot [manage maintainers] 4shadoww
stang [manage maintainers] Stang Crystal-bot running on toollabs.
stashbot [manage maintainers] BryanDavis Greg Grossmeier Hashar Yuvipanda An IRC bot designed to store data in an Elasticsearch cluster.
Author(s): Bryan Davis
static [manage maintainers] Hedonil Ireas Krinkle
static-browser [manage maintainers] Ireas
static-bz [manage maintainers]
statistics [manage maintainers] Urbanecm
stats [manage maintainers] Addshore Legoktm Yuvipanda
status [manage maintainers] Abián Checks the availability status of Wikimedia webpages not hosted by the WMF (owned by Wikimedia chapters, created for Wikimedia contests, etc.).
Source: GitHub - Maintainer: Abián.
Author(s): Abián
steinsplitter [manage maintainers] Steinsplitter Zhuyifei1999
steinsplitter2 [manage maintainers] Steinsplitter Zhuyifei1999
stemmeberettigelse [manage maintainers] Danmichaelo Tool for checking voting eligibility (stemmeberettigelse) in elections at Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia.
stewardbots [manage maintainers] BryanDavis DerHexer HakanIST Hoo man Jyothis Linedwell Mardetanha Matanya Matiia MarcoAurelio Melos MF-Warburg Shanmugamp7 Multi-mantainer project for IRC bots and other steward-related tools.
stimmberechtigung [manage maintainers] Ireas Tool checking the right to vote (Stimmberechtigung) of users in the German Wikipedia.
stradbot [manage maintainers] Mr. Stradivarius
stub [manage maintainers] Little green rosetta
studiesworld [manage maintainers] StudiesWorld
stwalkerster [manage maintainers] Stwalkerster
styleguide [manage maintainers] Jdlrobson Mattflaschen Prtksxna Spage StyleGuide for MediaWiki.UI
stylize [manage maintainers] Catrope Krinkle Reedy Rillke Steinsplitter Yuvipanda Code style tools. Coding conventions made easy.
submitter [manage maintainers] Coren
suchaserver [manage maintainers] Legoktm Yuvipanda
suggestbot [