A showcase of interactive demo apps built using the MediaWiki Action API. To submit your app, read the contribution guidelines.

Nearby Places Viewer

Geo search for wiki pages near your location
Built by @srish

Picture of the Day

Display Wikipedia's picture of the day
image imageinfo
Built by @martyav

Holidays Viewer

Allows viewing and adding new holidays for a given date
tokens parse login edit
Built by @brendajerop

QR Code Generator

Allows generating and uploading QR code to Wikimedia Commons
tokens upload
Built by @Jayprakash12345

User Contributions

Fetches top 50 edits made by a user
Built by @Jayprakash-SE

Account Creator

Creates account on a wiki
tokens authmanagerinfo createaccount
Built by @srish

Wiki Login

Allows logging-in on a wiki
tokens login
Built by @srish

Article Ideas

Suggests articles from categories that don't yet exist on Wikipedia
parse links
Built by @srish

Quote Mashup

Creates a quote mashup from random quotes
opensearch parse
Built by @natetyler

Wikipedia Viewer

Allows searching on Wikipedia
search info
Built by @sunilsj99

AfD Stats

Analyzes a user's voting history of Articles for Deletion.
revisions info
Built by @enterprisey


Benchmarks MediaWiki installations
purge parse
Built by @Fannon

OAuth Hello World

Edits your talk page using OAuth
userinfo tokens edit
Built by @BradJorsch

Wikidata Addlingue

Converts Wikidata string claims to monolingual claims
backlinks wbgetentities
Built by @Pascalco

Recent Acquisitions

Shows the newest pages in a category
categorymembers info
Built by @hay

Wikidata Translate

Translates a term between two or more languages
wbsearchentities wbgetentities
Built by @hay

Recent Deaths

Adds missing dates of deaths
parse wbgetentities
Built by @Pascalco

Wikidata Skim

A visual wikidata query service
linkshere wbgetentities
Built by @hay


Emails wiki users en masse
emailuser tokens
Built by @Urbanecm

Parliament Diagrams

Returns details of memberships of parliaments
wbgetentities wbgetclaims
Built by @Teester


A news feed of featured articles
categories random categorymembers info extracts pageimages
Built by @hackerkid

Speed Patrolling

Wikidata tool that makes patrolling easier
Built by @lucaswerkmeister

Sightseer Map

Features a map with interesting places to visit around Athens
query extracts
Built by @desinas