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Tumor necrosis factor alpha stimulates osteoclast differentiation by a mechanism independent of the ODF/RANKL-RANK interaction[1]K Kobayashi, [2]N Takahashi, [3]E Jimi, [4]N Udagawa, [5]Masamichi Takami, [6]S Kotake, [7]N Nakagawa, [8]M Kinosaki, [9]K Yamaguchi, [10]N Shima, [11]H Yasuda, [12]T Morinaga, [13]K Higashio, [14]T J Martin, [15]T SudaJournal of Experimental Medicine [missing]DOI: 10.1084/JEM.191.2.275 [ORCID]
PubMed: 10637272 [ORCID]
RANK is the essential signaling receptor for osteoclast differentiation factor in osteoclastogenesis[1]N Nakagawa, [2]M Kinosaki, [3]K Yamaguchi, [4]N Shima, [5]H Yasuda, [6]K Yano, [7]T Morinaga, [8]K HigashioBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications [missing]DOI: 10.1006/BBRC.1998.9788 [ORCID]
PubMed: 9878548 [ORCID]
Cloning and characterization of the gene encoding human osteoprotegerin/osteoclastogenesis-inhibitory factor.[1]T Morinaga, [2]N Nakagawa, [3]H Yasuda, [4]E Tsuda, [5]K HigashioFEBS Journal [missing]DOI: 10.1046/J.1432-1327.1998.2540685.X [ORCID]
PubMed: 9688283 [ORCID]
Osteoclast differentiation factor is a ligand for osteoprotegerin/osteoclastogenesis-inhibitory factor and is identical to TRANCE/RANKL[1]H Yasuda, [2]N Shima, [3]N Nakagawa, [4]K Yamaguchi, [5]M Kinosaki, [6]S Mochizuki, [7]A Tomoyasu, [8]K Yano, [9]M Goto, [10]A Murakami, [11]E Tsuda, [12]T Morinaga, [13]K Higashio, [14]N Udagawa, [15]N Takahashi, [16]T SudaProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America [missing]DOI: 10.1073/PNAS.95.7.3597 [ORCID]
PubMed: 9520411 [ORCID]

Group #4

TitleAuthors (identified)Published InIdentifier(s)TopicPublished DateMatch?
[Weekly low dose CPT-11 for multiple lung metastases of colon cancer on an out-patient treatment: a case report].[1]K Sasaki, [2]H Takasaka, [3]H Kawasaki, [4]K Oono, [5]I Nakayama, [6]T Matsunaga, [7]A Takaoka, [8]S Aoki, [9]C Hamamatsu, [10]T Hirayama, [11]N Nakagawa, [12]K Shibata, [13]T Yabana, [14]Y Yamamoto, [15]K HirataNihon Shokakibyo Gakkai zasshi [missing]PubMed: 11235190 [ORCID]
Gastric antral vascular ectasia causing severe anemia.[1]M Toyota, [2]Y Hinoda, [3]N Nakagawa, [4]Y Arimura, [5]S Tokuchi, [6]A Takaoka, [7]S Kitagawa, [8]T Usuki, [9]T Yabana, [10]A Yachi, [11]K ImaiJournal of Gastroenterology [missing]DOI: 10.1007/BF02347621 [ORCID]
PubMed: 8887039 [ORCID]
Circulating tumor-associated antigens detected by monoclonal antibodies against the polypeptide core of mucin--comparison of antigen MUSE11 with CA15-3.[1]Y Hinoda, [2]H Kakiuchi, [3]N Nakagawa, [4]Y Ohe, [5]T Sugiyama, [6]M Tsujisaki, [7]K Imai, [8]A YachiGastroenterologia Japonica [missing]PubMed: 1378032 [ORCID]
Adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma (lymphoma type) with remarkable gastric lesions: a case report.[1]S Katabami, [2]Y Hinoda, [3]Y Ohe, [4]S Aoki, [5]N Nakagawa, [6]Y Kondoh, [7]M Tsujisaki, [8]K Imai, [9]A YachiGastroenterologia Japonica [missing]PubMed: 1555753 [ORCID]
Recognition of the polypeptide core of mucin by monoclonal antibody MUSE11 against an adenocarcinoma-associated antigen.[1]Y Hinoda, [2]N Nakagawa, [3]Y Ohe, [4]H Kakiuchi, [5]M Tsujisaki, [6]K Imai, [7]A YachiJapanese Journal of Cancer Research [missing]DOI: 10.1111/J.1349-7006.1990.TB02679.X [ORCID]
PubMed: 2125988 [ORCID]


TitleAuthors (identified)Published InIdentifier(s)TopicPublished DateMatch?
Schizophrenia-like phenotypes in mice with NMDA receptor ablation in intralaminar thalamic nucleus cells and gene therapy-based reversal in adults.[1]K Yasuda, [2]Y Hayashi, [3]T Yoshida, [4]M Kashiwagi, [5]N Nakagawa, [6]T Michikawa, [7]M Tanaka, [8]R Ando, [9]A Huang, [10]T Hosoya, [11]T J McHugh, [12]M Kuwahara, [13]S ItoharaTranslational Psychiatry [missing]DOI: 10.1038/TP.2017.19 [ORCID]
PubMed: 28244984 [ORCID]
Late Graft Rejection in Association With T-Large Granular Lymphocyte Expansion of Recipient Origin After Human Leukocyte Antigen-Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation: A Case Report.[1]N Nakagawa, [2]H Yamazaki, [3]G Aoki, [4]Y Kondo, [5]S NakaoTransplantation Proceedings [missing]DOI: 10.1016/J.TRANSPROCEED.2016.06.037 [ORCID]
PubMed: 27932186 [ORCID]
Effects of low and high tidal volume and pentoxifylline on intestinal blood flow and leukocyte-endothelial interactions in mechanically ventilated rats.[1]N Nakagawa, [2]P Aikawa, [3]HZ Zhang, [4]C Correia, [5]R Pazzeti, [6]C Valente Barbas, [7]T Mauad, [8]E Silva, [9]P SannomiyaCritical Care [missing]DOI: 10.1186/CC10723 [ORCID]
endothelium [missing]2012-03-20
Spatiotemporal classification of environmental monitoring data in the Yeongsan River basin, Korea, using self-organizing maps.[1]Y-H Jin, [2]A Kawamura, [3]S-C Park, [4]N Nakagawa, [5]H Amaguchi, [6]J OlssonJournal of Environmental Monitoring [missing]DOI: 10.1039/C1EM10132C [ORCID]
PubMed: 21892479 [ORCID]
Physical function is weakly associated with angiotensin-converting enzyme gene I/D polymorphism in elderly Japanese subjects.[1]A Yoshihara, [2]T Tobina, [3]T Yamaga, [4]M Ayabe, [5]Y Yoshitake, [6]Y Kimura, [7]M Shimada, [8]M Nishimuta, [9]N Nakagawa, [10]M Ohashi, [11]N Hanada, [12]H Tanaka, [13]A Kiyonaga, [14]H MiyazakiGerontology [missing]DOI: 10.1159/000222429 [ORCID]
PubMed: 19478476 [ORCID]
A novel point mutation of keratin 17 (KRT17) in a Japanese family with pachyonychia congenita type 2: an RNA-based genetic analysis using a single hair bulb.[1]T Tsuda, [2]C Ishikawa, [3]N Nakagawa, [4]H Konishi, [5]M Tarutani, [6]M Matsuki, [7]K YamanishiBritish Journal of Dermatology [missing]DOI: 10.1111/J.1365-2133.2008.08684.X [ORCID]
PubMed: 18547302 [ORCID]
Probing Electronic Structure Changes at Perovskite Oxide Interfaces Using Spatially Resolved EELS[1]L Fitting Kourkoutis, [2]Y Hotta, [3]T Susaki, [4]N Nakagawa, [5]HY Hwang, [6]DA MullerMicroscopy and Microanalysis [missing]DOI: 10.1017/S1431927607072893 [ORCID]
Application of subtype-specific monoclonal antibodies for rapid detection and identification of influenza A and B viruses.[1]M Ueda, [2]A Maeda, [3]N Nakagawa, [4]T Kase, [5]R Kubota, [6]H Takakura, [7]A Ohshima, [8]Y OkunoJournal of Clinical Microbiology [missing]PubMed: 9466738 [ORCID]
Sodium-phosphate transport in the kidney and intestine of the hypophosphatemic mouse.[1]N Nakagawa, [2]F K GhishanPediatric Nephrology [missing]DOI: 10.1007/BF01213366 [ORCID]
PubMed: 7510512 [ORCID]
Characterization and expression of a novel Na(+)-inorganic phosphate transporter at the liver plasma membrane of the rat.[1]F K Ghishan, [2]R Rebeiz, [3]T Honda, [4]N NakagawaGastroenterology [missing]PubMed: 8335206 [ORCID]
IL-6-induced homodimerization of gp130 and associated activation of a tyrosine kinase[1]M Murakami, [2]Masahiko Hibi, [3]N Nakagawa, [4]T Nakagawa, [5]K Yasukawa, [6]K Yamanishi, [7]T Taga, [8]T KishimotoScience [missing]DOI: 10.1126/SCIENCE.8511589 [ORCID]
PubMed: 8511589 [ORCID]
Protective effect of MDP-Lys(L18), a synthetic derivative of muramyldipeptide, on murine cytomegalovirus infection.[1]Y Eizuru, [2]N Nakagawa, [3]R Hamasuna, [4]Y MinamishimaNatural Immunity [missing]PubMed: 1384831 [ORCID]
Two urokinase dose regimens in native arterial and graft occlusions: initial results of a prospective, randomized clinical trial[1]A H Cragg, [2]T P Smith, [3]J D Corson, [4]N Nakagawa, [5]F Castaneda, [6]T F Kresowik, [7]W J Sharp, [8]A Shamma, [9]K S BerbaumRadiology [missing]DOI: 10.1148/RADIOLOGY.178.3.1994402 [ORCID]
PubMed: 1994402 [ORCID]

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