Autometrics Tool

This tool has been developed by User:Blahma as commissioned by Wikimedia Czech Republic. The purpose of the tool is automatic generation of metrics for regular Wikimedia content contributing activities (particularly Wikipedia Clubs organized by Wikimedia Czech Republic).

Because of its capability to edit Wikipedia (saving the generated reports), the tool has no web interface (other than this description page) and needs to be run from the command line on the Wikimedia Tool Labs server (argument syntax will be shown). Prospetive reusers can fork the code and run it from their own account on the Tool Labs, or from their own machine. The code is written in Python 2 and relies on the Pywikibot module (which needs to be properly user-configured).

The tool's source code is available under GPL 2.0 or later and can be found on Wikimedia Tool Labs in the following location: /data/project/autometrics/src