Category / Template Watchlist

Categories that are included by templates are not watched. Watch the template instead.
 Categories / Templates (enclose in {{ }}) Match typeReport changes
1Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
2Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
3Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
4Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
5Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
6Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
7Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
8Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
9Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
10Exact  Partial  SubcategoriesBoth  Add  Remove
If any parameters above are changed, the query id in the url and atom feed will change.
Categories / Templates
Enclose templates in {{ }}
Categories that are included by templates are not watched (ie. stubs, cleanup, WikiProject). Watch the template instead.
Template redirects are followed.
<allcategoriesremoved> - Pseudo category indicating that all categories were removed.
Match type
Exact = Specified category/template must match exactly.
Partial = Specified category/template can match any part.
Subcategories = Exact match of category or a subcategory. 100 subcategory limit per watchlist.
Report changes
Both = Report additions and removals.
Add = Report only additions.
Remove = Report only removals.

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