Cleanup listing for WikiProject Artemis Fowl as of September 26, 2017.

Of the 35 articles in this project 16 or 46% are marked for cleanup, with 31 issues in total.

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ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Artemis Fowl (series)Top B2 November 2011Expansion needed (November 2011), Update needed (January 2017)
Artemis Fowl IITop Start4 March 2008Cleanup needed (March 2008, March 2008), Unsourced statements (December 2010), Reliable references lacking (February 2011)
Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis ComplexTop Stub1 November 2013Clarification needed (November 2013)
Artemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeTop B2 March 2008References needed (March 2008), Unsourced statements (July 2008)
Artemis Fowl: The Lost ColonyTop C2 June 2008References needed (June 2008), Dead external links (October 2016)
Artemis Fowl: The Opal DeceptionTop B1 June 2008References needed (June 2008)
Eoin ColferHigh Start1 September 2010BLP articles lacking sources (September 2010)
FoalyHigh Start1 September 2008Fact and fiction differentiation (September 2008)
GnommishHigh Stub1 September 2008References needed (September 2008)
Holly ShortMid Start3 July 2017Promotional tone (July 2017), Notability unclear (July 2017), Reliable references lacking (July 2017)
List of Artemis Fowl charactersMid List3 March 2008Fact and fiction differentiation (March 2008), Cleanup needed (August 2013, August 2013)
List of concepts in Artemis FowlMid List1 Citation lacking title
List of locations in Artemis FowlMid List3 July 2008Reliable references lacking (May 2010), Unsourced statements (July 2008), Fact and fiction differentiation (May 2010)
List of organisations in Artemis FowlMid List2 July 2015Sources lacking (July 2015), Notability unclear (July 2015)
Mulch DiggumsMid Start3 September 2013Notability unclear (September 2013), Reliable references lacking (September 2013), Fact and fiction differentiation (September 2013)
The Artemis Fowl FilesTop Start1 September 2008Sources lacking (September 2008)
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