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ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Adam ChromýLow Stub1 October 2016Dead external links (October 2016)
AdventureHigh Start1 Detailed references needed
Adventure racingHigh Start4 July 2012In-text citations lacking (July 2012), Promotional tone (January 2013), Web citation with no URL, Dead external links (October 2016)
Amateur radio direction findingTop C3 July 2009Dead external links (July 2009), Reliable references lacking (April 2010, March 2010)
Anne Margrethe HauskenHigh C2 October 2016Dead external links (October 2016, January 2017)
Beam compassMid Stub1 April 2010References needed (April 2010)
Bjørnar ValstadHigh Stub4 May 2010Unsourced statements (May 2010), Cleanup needed (October 2011), Update needed (October 2011), Prose needed (October 2011)
BouldergaineMid C1 May 2014Orphaned (May 2014)
Bækkelagets SKMid Start1 November 2016Dead external links (November 2016)
Chris BoningtonLow Start1 November 2016Dead external links (November 2016)
Christian AebersoldLow Stub1 November 2016Dead external links (November 2016)
Christine SchaffnerMid Start1 November 2016Dead external links (November 2016)
Claes BerglundLow Stub1 November 2016Dead external links (November 2016)
Dana ProcházkováLow Stub1 January 2017Dead external links (January 2017)
Daniel HubmannMid Start1 October 2010Dead external links (October 2010)
Eduard KhrennikovHigh Start1 December 2016Dead external links (December 2016)
Eivind TonnaLow Stub1 December 2016Dead external links (December 2016)
Ellen Sofie OlsvikMid Stub1 October 2011Unsourced statements (October 2011)
Emergency position-indicating radiobeacon stationHigh C5 September 2011Weasel-worded phrases (September 2011), Dead external links (August 2013), Limited geographic scope (September 2012), Citation lacking title, Unsourced statements (June 2015)
Emma ClaessonLow Stub1 December 2016Dead external links (December 2016)
Erik RostHigh Stub1 December 2016Dead external links (December 2016)
Erja JokinenMid Stub1 December 2016Dead external links (December 2016)
European Orienteering ChampionshipsHigh Start1 July 2016Dead external links (July 2016)
Eye protectionLow Start1 August 2013Sources lacking (August 2013)
Fell runningLow C3 April 2008Unsourced statements (April 2008, January 2011), Potentially dated statements (2013)
Foot orienteeringTop Start1 October 2008Unsourced statements (October 2008)
François GononLow Stub1 Reference errors
French Creek State ParkMid B1 January 2017Dead external links (January 2017)
GPS signalsLow C6 October 2010Dead external links (October 2010, January 2017), Update needed (December 2011), Introduction cleanup (May 2012), Unsourced statements (August 2015, January 2017)
GPS watchLow Stub1 August 2015Expansion needed (August 2015)
GaitersLow Start2 January 2010Unsourced statements (January 2010), Dead external links (October 2012)
Global Positioning SystemLow C15 2006Potentially dated statements (2007, 2006, February 2016), Unsourced statements (November 2007, April 2012, May 2013, April 2011, August 2011, March 2013), References needed (March 2015), Clarification needed (February 2013), CS1 errors: dates, Merge needed (April 2015), Dead external links (June 2016, September 2016)
Grant BluettMid Start1 January 2013Unsourced statements (January 2013)
Hanne StaffHigh Stub1 May 2010Unsourced statements (May 2010)
Headlamp (outdoor)Mid Stub3 January 2012References needed (January 2012), Unsourced statements (August 2014), Expansion needed (January 2014)
Helena JanssonLow Stub1 January 2009Unsourced statements (January 2009)
History of orienteeringHigh Start5 May 2008Unsourced statements (May 2008), Expansion needed (September 2008), Cleanup needed (September 2008, September 2008), Citation with accessdate and no URL
Holger HottMid Start2 December 2008Unsourced statements (December 2008), BLP articles lacking sources (January 2013)
Ida BobachMid Start1 October 2010Dead external links (October 2010)
Ivar FormoLow Start1 April 2016Unsourced statements (April 2016)
Jan Kjellström International Festival of OrienteeringHigh Stub1 November 2012Dead external links (November 2012)
Johan ModigMid Stub1 July 2010BLP articles lacking sources (July 2010)
Jukola relayHigh Start1 June 2010References needed (June 2010)
Junior World Orienteering ChampionshipsHigh Start1 February 2014Sources lacking (February 2014)
Kiril NikolovLow Stub2 July 2008Unsourced statements (July 2008, May 2010)
Marching lineMid Stub1 September 2013In-text citations lacking (September 2013)
Martin Johansson (orienteering)Low Stub1 October 2010Dead external links (October 2010)
Martin KronlundHigh Stub2 September 2010Notability unclear (September 2010), Orphaned (September 2010)
Mountain bike orienteeringTop C1 October 2016Unsourced statements (October 2016)
NAVVLow Stub2 February 2011Orphaned (February 2011), Notability unclear (February 2011)
Nesbyen ILLow Stub1 June 2012Orphaned (June 2012)
Nordstrand IFLow Stub1 Reference errors
Orienteering (scouting)High Start1 January 2013Limited geographic scope (January 2013)
Orienteering at the World GamesMid Start1 October 2010Dead external links (October 2010)
Original Mountain MarathonHigh Start1 July 2012References needed (July 2012)
Position resectionMid Stub1 March 2016Merge needed (March 2016)
Relay raceHigh Start3 May 2012Unsourced statements (September 2012, November 2014), References needed (May 2012)
Salients, re-entrants and pocketsMid Start1 May 2007References needed (May 2007)
Satellite navigationLow C5 June 2008Unsourced statements (June 2008, March 2011), Citation with bare URL, Citation lacking title, Potentially dated statements (December 2016)
Silva compassHigh C1 Reference errors
Simone Niggli-LuderHigh Start1 February 2014Unsourced statements (February 2014)
Ski-orienteeringTop Start1 July 2016References needed (July 2016)
Stephen Palmer (orienteer)Low Stub2 August 2012Vague or ambiguous time (August 2012), Unsourced statements (August 2012)
Svajūnas AmbrazasLow Stub1 October 2010Dead external links (October 2010)
Tomáš DlabajaLow Stub1 October 2010Dead external links (October 2010)
Turn-by-turn navigationLow Stub1 December 2011Unsourced statements (December 2011)
WayfindingMid Stub3 May 2007References needed (December 2009), Unsourced statements (May 2007, May 2014)
WhistleLow Start4 January 2017Expert attention needed (January 2017), Style editing needed (January 2017), Too technical (January 2017)
World Orienteering ChampionshipsHigh Start2 January 2010Too long (January 2010), Expansion needed (April 2013)
Yuliya Tarasenko (orienteer)Low Stub1 July 2016Dead external links (July 2016)
Štěpán KodedaLow Stub1 May 2015Unsourced statements (May 2015)
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