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New articles (1)

ArticleImportanceClass Issues
Tail (song) Mid Stub Sources lacking (March 2017), Notability unclear (March 2017)

Resolved articles (0)

ArticleImportanceClass Issues


Vague or ambiguous time (1)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Double Allergic High GA2 November 2015... (November 2015), Dead external links (December 2016)


Incomplete lists (1)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Grudge Records Low Start1 June 2015... (June 2015)

Notability unclear (3)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Mr Kneebone Low Start1 November 2015... (November 2015)
Powderfinger (EP) Low Start2 November 2015Weasel-worded phrases (November 2015), ... (November 2015)
Tail (song) Mid Stub2 March 2017Sources lacking (March 2017), ... (March 2017)


Dead external links (16)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Bernard Fanning High FA3 March 2012... (March 2012, September 2016, October 2016)
Black Tears Low GA1 June 2010... (June 2010)
D.A.F. (song) Mid B2 December 2016... (December 2016, January 2017)
Darren Middleton High GA1 April 2012... (April 2012)
Double Allergic High GA2 November 2015Vague or ambiguous time (November 2015), ... (December 2016)
Dream Days at the Hotel Existence High FA2 September 2010... (September 2010, October 2011)
Jon Coghill High GA1 August 2013... (August 2013)
List of awards and nominations received by Powderfinger Top FL2 October 2012... (October 2012, January 2017)
Lost and Running Mid GA2 August 2010... (August 2010, April 2012)
Parables for Wooden Ears High GA1 September 2012... (September 2012)
Passenger (Powderfinger song) Mid GA3 September 2012... (September 2012, June 2016), CS1 errors: dates
Powderfinger Top FA1 August 2016... (August 2016)
Tea & Sympathy (Bernard Fanning album) Low GA2 September 2010... (September 2010, December 2016)
The Day You Come Mid B1 October 2012... (October 2012)
These Days (Powderfinger song) Low C2 June 2016CS1 errors: dates, ... (June 2016)
These Days: Live in Concert Mid GA3 September 2010... (September 2010, March 2011, June 2016)


Weasel-worded phrases (1)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Powderfinger (EP) Low Start2 November 2015... (November 2015), Notability unclear (November 2015)


BLP articles lacking sources (1)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Steven Bishop Low Stub1 March 2013... (March 2013)

CS1 errors: dates (3)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Living Type Mid B1
Passenger (Powderfinger song) Mid GA3 September 2012Dead external links (September 2012, June 2016)
These Days (Powderfinger song) Low C2 June 2016Dead external links (June 2016)

CS1 errors: external links (3)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
FOC (album) Low Stub1
Pick You Up Mid Start1
Ross McLennan (drummer) Low Start1

Citation lacking title (1)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Internationalist (album) High FA1

Citation with accessdate and no URL (1)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Ian Haug High Start1

References needed (3)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Across the Great Divide Tour (DVD) Mid Stub1 May 2008... (May 2008)
Love Your Way Mid Stub1 June 2016... (June 2016)
The Predators (Australian band) Low Stub1 September 2007... (September 2007)

Reliable references lacking (2)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Songbird (Bernard Fanning song) Low Start1 June 2009... (June 2009)
Universal Music Group Low B1 September 2015... (September 2015)

Sources lacking (3)

ArticleImportanceClassCount OldestIssues
Gas Food Lodging (EP) Low Stub1 December 2014... (December 2014)
Tail (song) Mid Stub2 March 2017... (March 2017), Notability unclear (March 2017)
Wish You Well Low Start1 December 2009... (December 2009)

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