About quips

A bash.org inspired quips server.

When Wikimedia used Bugzilla as its issue tracker, we also used the quips functionality to store funny quotes from irc, bug reports, code reviews and other sources. Since we have moved to Phabricator, this functionality has been missed. This app attempts to bring joy back to the masses by allowing access to the former quips dataset that is now stored in an Elasticsearch index.

Wikimedia Toolforge

This service is currently running in Wikimedia Toolforge as the bash tool. It uses an Elasticsearch index maintained by stashbot and hosted in Toolforge. Stashbot collects messages from various IRC channels and looks for messages that start with !bash. The index was bootstrapped with a list of quips that were salvaged from the former bugzilla.wikimedia.org server.


Favicon/logo from glyphicons.com (CC-BY 3.0)