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[02:03:25] <TimStarling> so you have all been putting up with this for months? [02:03:30] <TimStarling> this is why you need me personally syncing things every once in a while

<itai> found a bug in the english site :| <Angela> what's the problem? <itai> can't tell :x <Gentgeen> that makes it hard to fix <Angela> itai: could you explain where the bug is? <itai> the site isn't secured <JeLuF> secured? <itai> yes <itai> un protected <Angela> anyone can edit it? <itai> yes

<Callidus> I assume sarcasm before I assume the person in question is a complete idiot. <Callidus> It's the polite thing to do.

< TimStarling> well, there are many levels of reality

<jynus> do not try to teach mysql to the dba --Abraham Lincoln

<Aeou>: Give me the place to stand, and I shall rollback the earth.

<Reedy> We're not going to break anything (not purposely anyway).

<bd808> There are a large class of problems that could be fixed with a time machine and a clue bat.

<legoktm> cattle not pets means if your VM dies, you didn't lose anything <legoktm> because its in puppet, you can just create a new one <legoktm> like you don't get attached to cattle, but you do to pets <Emufarmers> right, except cattle are actually very valuable <Emufarmers> and losing them is about as devastating for a farmer as losing a pet is to a regular person

<Nikerabbit> ori: by when do you need/want it to be reviewed and merged? <ori> Nikerabbit: so, Freud's model of the psyche is made up of three parts: the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego. <ori> I will answer on behalf of each part <ori> id: now! <ori> super-ego: there is no definite deadline, really. <ori> ego: soonish? <ori> :) <Nikerabbit> ori: thanks that helps ;)

<pginer> Vagrant is like one of those teletransportation machines, great when it works but if a fly enters the cabin, I don’t know how to solve the mess

I don't sleep, I wait for the next ping --Chad

RoanKattouw: Well right now the policy is that we sort of accept that no one follows the policy

Yes, what the world needs is another horribly confusingly named foundation. After we establish the MediaWiki Foundation, we can start work on the MikiWedia Foundation and the WediaMiki Foundation. ;-) -- MZMMcBride

<varnent> it's hard to bump a Bishop from one's schedule <sumanah> varnent: just move them diagonally?

<James_F> Reedy: Are you trying to tempt me into merging untested code on the basis that you'll fix it if it breaks? <Reedy> Isn't that how things usually work? :P

[21:22] < greg-g> nothing's in the box anymore [21:23] < quiddity> just some trace isotopes and a faint whiff of cat.

^demon|away> Nemo_bis and I removed 31 preferences from Special:Preferences today. What did *you* accomplish?

<bblack> and now I've reached the point in my day where I'm sure that everything I thought I knew about something fundamental in varnish is completely wrong <bblack> usually that means it's only slightly wrong and I've just turned my head in so many circles today I've gotten lost

<TimStarling> maybe it's that stupid preprocessor XML cache <TimStarling> apologies to whoever wrote it <TimStarling> unless it was me in which case I meant every word