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[02:03:25] <TimStarling> so you have all been putting up with this for months? [02:03:30] <TimStarling> this is why you need me personally syncing things every once in a while

<itai> found a bug in the english site :| <Angela> what's the problem? <itai> can't tell :x <Gentgeen> that makes it hard to fix <Angela> itai: could you explain where the bug is? <itai> the site isn't secured <JeLuF> secured? <itai> yes <itai> un protected <Angela> anyone can edit it? <itai> yes

< TimStarling> well, there are many levels of reality

<jynus> do not try to teach mysql to the dba --Abraham Lincoln

<Reedy> We're not going to break anything (not purposely anyway).

<bd808> There are a large class of problems that could be fixed with a time machine and a clue bat.

<legoktm> cattle not pets means if your VM dies, you didn't lose anything <legoktm> because its in puppet, you can just create a new one <legoktm> like you don't get attached to cattle, but you do to pets <Emufarmers> right, except cattle are actually very valuable <Emufarmers> and losing them is about as devastating for a farmer as losing a pet is to a regular person

<Nikerabbit> ori: by when do you need/want it to be reviewed and merged? <ori> Nikerabbit: so, Freud's model of the psyche is made up of three parts: the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego. <ori> I will answer on behalf of each part <ori> id: now! <ori> super-ego: there is no definite deadline, really. <ori> ego: soonish? <ori> :) <Nikerabbit> ori: thanks that helps ;)

<varnent> it's hard to bump a Bishop from one's schedule <sumanah> varnent: just move them diagonally?

<dmarsh>: Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has done mediawiki in a high availability cluster? Are there any good examples out there? I've looked and struggled to find anything. <p858snake_>: dmarsh: does wikipedia count?

<pginer> Vagrant is like one of those teletransportation machines, great when it works but if a fly enters the cabin, I don’t know how to solve the mess

I don't sleep, I wait for the next ping --Chad

<TimStarling> maybe it's that stupid preprocessor XML cache <TimStarling> apologies to whoever wrote it <TimStarling> unless it was me in which case I meant every word

RoanKattouw: Well right now the policy is that we sort of accept that no one follows the policy

Timo: I'm getting close to a final version. Well, at least an initial version. Roan: You know, "final" and "initial" mean completely different things.

<Krinkle> Who's responsible for FlaggedRevs these days? Should I delegate via Dan Garry? <greg-g> "responsible" is such a strong word

<andre__> I am not a private support channel. IRC means patience, <Carmela> I thought it means Internet Relay Chat.

<RoanKattouw> This is embarrassing. It's 3am in Sydney and Tim still has the best ideas

<Splarka> The world will not end with a bang, but with a return false;

<TimStarling> temporary solutions have a terrible habit of becoming permanent, around here