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Église Saint-Olaf de TallinnQ8345114be, be_x_old, de, en, es, et, fa, fi, he, hu, hy, id, it, ko, lv, mk, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sk, sv, tr, uk, zh
No local article!Q15706994de, en, it, nl, simple, sv, zh
No local article!Q77884832de, en, pl
No local article!Q7274952de, en, pl, ru, uk
No local article!Q253499862en, es
Église baptiste de la 16e rueQ1972382de, en, nl, sv
Riverside ChurchQ11565862ca, de, en, eo, es, hy, ka, ko, nl, pl, pt, ru, zh
No local article!Q97505881zh
BaptismeQ931911an, ar, arz, ast, az, ba, be, be_x_old, bg, ca, cs, cy, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, frp, fy, ga, gd, gl, hak, he, hi, hr, hu, ia, id, it, ja, jam, ka, kk, ko, ky, la, lrc, lt, lv, mk, mr, mwl, nds, nl, nn, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, scn, sco, sh, simple, sk, sq, sr, sv, sw, th, tr, uk, ur, uz, vep, vi, xh, zh, zh_yue
No local article!Q8312171de
No local article!Q8312141de
No local article!Q8159521de, en
MegachurchQ7815491cs, da, de, en, es, fi, it, ja, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, simple, sv, tl, uk, vi
No local article!Q78138341en, ja, ru
No local article!Q71154681en, ru
No local article!Q65950391en
No local article!Q65633761en
No local article!Q64812911en
No local article!Q60164001ca, en, es, id
No local article!Q5967061de, en, nl
No local article!Q5792381de
No local article!Q55704961en
No local article!Q55289661en, es, zh
No local article!Q54524501en, pt, zh
No local article!Q54523961en, simple
No local article!Q54312921ca, en, es, ko
No local article!Q54156821en, ja, pl, simple, sv
No local article!Q52683791en, sv
No local article!Q51678801en, nl, ru
No local article!Q50604281en, ur, zh
No local article!Q50358571en
No local article!Q494951041uk
No local article!Q48980331en, simple, zh
No local article!Q48978651en, sv
No local article!Q488678141ca, es
No local article!Q487910431en
No local article!Q48576981en, simple, sv
No local article!Q4634551de, en, ja, ko, nl, sv, zh
No local article!Q45041541pl, ru, uk
No local article!Q417913931de
No local article!Q41276291en, pl, ru, uk
No local article!Q3794511de, en
No local article!Q36744101it
No local article!Q36678611it
No local article!Q36678601it
No local article!Q36678581it
Église évangélique baptiste à MontiQ35861571it
No local article!Q312342161de
No local article!Q283746341be, en, ka, ru, uk
No local article!Q280003521de
No local article!Q274788711de
No local article!Q27437691nl
No local article!Q26587231de
No local article!Q26587211de
No local article!Q26587181de
No local article!Q26587161de
No local article!Q26587131de
No local article!Q254375791uk
No local article!Q25299461ca, en, fa, fi, hi, id, it, simple, ta, th, zh
No local article!Q24978311nl
No local article!Q24592241fy, nl
No local article!Q23969201nl
No local article!Q237958061en, simple
No local article!Q23750111de
No local article!Q23562101af, de, it, nl, zea
No local article!Q22637791de, en
No local article!Q21854501nl
No local article!Q218106971de
No local article!Q211881291en
No local article!Q20494441de, en, nl
No local article!Q201709391de
No local article!Q198351941de
No local article!Q19538051en, nl
No local article!Q192799001de
No local article!Q175780611de
No local article!Q17439151de
No local article!Q17284631de
No local article!Q16476911de
No local article!Q157133811fy, nl
No local article!Q15634651de
No local article!Q151167371de
No local article!Q151073681de
No local article!Q150075141uk
No local article!Q15006251de
No local article!Q14568341de
No local article!Q14567691de
No local article!Q14567591de
No local article!Q145450231de
No local article!Q14192831de
No local article!Q13733031de, en
Convention baptiste du SudQ13518801de, en, es, fa, fi, gl, it, ja, ko, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, simple, sv, tr, zh
No local article!Q12785731de
No local article!Q12484251de, en, simple, sq
No local article!Q123169531da, en
No local article!Q121489021uk
No local article!Q121399681uk
No local article!Q11368181de
No local article!Q111243281zh
No local article!Q10873831de
No local article!Q10626701de, en
No local article!Q103777271pt
No local article!Q102968731zh
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