This tool finds all pages and categories in a category tree in language X. Then, it checks all of these categories in other languages, and gets pages with a language link back to X there. It lists all pages in X that are not in the original category tree, but in the tree equivalent in other languages.
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No local article!Q4781998az, de, en, es, hy, id, ja, ko, pt, ru, uk, vi, zh
YeonpyeongQ2738908az, ceb, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, fa, fi, hr, id, it, ja, ko, ms, nl, no, oc, pl, pt, ru, sr, sv, th, tl, tr, uk, vi, zh
No local article!Q4949863ceb, de, en, es, it, ja, ko, pt, sl, sv, zh
No local article!Q4869923ceb, en, es, ko, sv, uk
No local article!Q19623383az, cv, en, es, hy, ru
No local article!Q171664383en, ja, ko
SinmiQ8461152az, ceb, en, es, ko, ru, sv
Penglai ShanQ7983912el, en, es, id, it, ja, pl, ru, tr, vi, zh
No local article!Q67618752en, ko, zh
No local article!Q6262112ceb, ja, ko, sv, zh, zh_classical
No local article!Q4881222ceb, en, es, ko, no, pt, sv
No local article!Q4875102ceb, en, es, ja, ko, no, sv, zh
No local article!Q291512be, bg, ceb, cs, de, el, en, eo, et, fa, gl, hy, id, io, ja, ko, la, mk, ml, ms, nl, simple, sv, tl, tr, uk, ur, vi, zh, zh_classical
No local article!Q171664042en, ja
No local article!Q165106332el, en, ja, ko
No local article!Q125982872en, ja, ko
Xian de ChanghaiQ10620272ceb, de, en, ja, ko, no, ru, sv, vi, zh, zh_min_nan
No local article!Q8591281ceb, en, es, eu, sv, zh
No local article!Q8590671en, es, eu, zh
No local article!Q72109391en, ko, zh
No local article!Q6737291de, en, zh
YeongheungdoQ6261741ceb, en, es, ko, sv, ur, vi
No local article!Q6245791ja, ko, zh
No local article!Q6237281en, ja, ko
No local article!Q4954831az, en, eo, es, hy, ko, ru, tr
No local article!Q4935921ja, ko, zh
No local article!Q29856541az, en, es, ja, ru, zh, zh_yue
No local article!Q279515751ko
No local article!Q1962651en, es, id
No local article!Q181276451en
No local article!Q179904951ja, ko, zh
No local article!Q172295181ja
No local article!Q172293201ja
No local article!Q172286801ja
No local article!Q172234231ja
No local article!Q172177571ja, ko
No local article!Q172148761ja
No local article!Q162197451ja, ko
No local article!Q161832741ko
No local article!Q161809661de, ko
No local article!Q161798431en, ko
No local article!Q161754151ko
No local article!Q161714521ko
No local article!Q161706761ko
No local article!Q161702101ko
No local article!Q161699061ko
No local article!Q161679521ko
No local article!Q161665771ko
No local article!Q161605131ko
No local article!Q161603321ja, ko
No local article!Q161602411de, ko
No local article!Q126225571ko
No local article!Q126220751ceb, en, ko, sv
No local article!Q126199971cs, en, ja, ko
No local article!Q126174851ko
No local article!Q126174831ko
No local article!Q126105501ko
No local article!Q126085251ko
No local article!Q126085191ja, ko
No local article!Q126059691ko
No local article!Q126031251ko
No local article!Q126017371en, ko, pt
No local article!Q125948261ko
No local article!Q125914851ja, ko
No local article!Q125863441ja
No local article!Q125844771ko
No local article!Q116679561ja
No local article!Q115855891ja
No local article!Q115742001ja
No local article!Q115027001ja
No local article!Q112626021ja, ko
No local article!Q112505531ja, ko
No local article!Q108552641ceb, ja, ko, sv
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