This tool finds all pages and categories in a category tree in language X. Then, it checks all of these categories in other languages, and gets pages with a language link back to X there. It lists all pages in X that are not in the original category tree, but in the tree equivalent in other languages.
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Geoffrey ChaucerQ56835af, als, am, an, ar, arz, ast, ay, az, azb, ba, bar, bat_smg, be, be_x_old, bg, bh, bi, bn, br, bs, bxr, ca, ce, ckb, cs, cv, cy, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fo, fy, ga, gl, he, hi, hif, hr, hu, hy, ia, id, ilo, io, is, it, ja, ka, kaa, kbd, kbp, kk, kn, ko, kw, la, lb, lfn, li, lmo, lt, lv, mg, mhr, min, mk, ml, mn, mr, ms, my, myv, na, nl, nn, no, oc, pa, pl, pms, pnb, pt, qu, ro, ru, rue, sah, sat, sco, sh, simple, sk, sl, sq, sr, stq, sv, sw, ta, tg, th, tl, tr, tt, uk, ur, vec, vep, vi, vo, war, wuu, xmf, yi, zh, zh_min_nan, zh_yue
No local article!Q9685032en, nl
Les Contes de Canterbury (film)Q8580471bg, ca, de, en, eo, es, fa, hu, it, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sh, simple, uk, zh
ÉvocationQ8296971de, en, es, fa, hi, hr, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, sh, simple, tr
No local article!Q77575301en, no
No local article!Q74391461en
No local article!Q72496431en, la
No local article!Q71918371en
No local article!Q71005601en
No local article!Q70252361en
No local article!Q61155591en, no
No local article!Q54133721en, he
No local article!Q53786961en
No local article!Q50726671en
No local article!Q37953991it
No local article!Q220873631en
No local article!Q220873611en
No local article!Q198722291en
No local article!Q163863421en
No local article!Q110429561mk, simple
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