This tool finds all pages and categories in a category tree in language X. Then, it checks all of these categories in other languages, and gets pages with a language link back to X there. It lists all pages in X that are not in the original category tree, but in the tree equivalent in other languages.
Category, depth
External depth (>0 gets more pages, but is much slower) Temporarily disabled
(Example: French scientists on fr.wikipedia)
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No local article!Q6077652de, en, uk
No local article!Q15827842de, en, uk
No local article!Q11732502de, en
No local article!Q76131631en
No local article!Q72559771en
No local article!Q72558121en
No local article!Q72554221en
No local article!Q72447241en
No local article!Q71469761en
No local article!Q63829291en
No local article!Q63818441en
No local article!Q63811531en
No local article!Q63804121en
No local article!Q63801591en
No local article!Q63792171en, uk
No local article!Q63787161en
No local article!Q52571541en
No local article!Q51808241en, pt
No local article!Q51098931en
No local article!Q471612611en
Cornwall Civic ComplexQ29976031en, ko
No local article!Q162140371en
Citadels de HalifaxQ15710611cs, de, en, it, ko
Penguins de Wilkes-Barre/ScrantonQ15508041cs, de, en, fi, it, ko, lv, pl, ru, simple, sk, sv
Express de FrederictonQ14530901cs, de, en, it, ko
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