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ArcellaQ9715348ca, de, en, es, fa, gl, ja, ko, ky, nl, pl, pt, species
No local article!Q11302418ca, en, es, fa, gl, ia, id, ko, pl, pt, simple, species, zh
No local article!Q5188916az, ca, eml, en, es, eu, fa, fi, gl, hu, id, it, pl, pt, species, te, tr, zh
No local article!Q18468606ar, bn, en, es, et, eu, fa, gl, ko, ky, lt, pl, pt, species, uk
No local article!Q1463006ar, bn, de, en, es, et, fi, gl, ia, ja, ko, pl, pt, species, sr, uk
No local article!Q9498175ar, be, ca, de, en, es, fa, ga, gl, gv, id, it, ja, jv, la, lt, mk, nl, nn, pt, ru, simple, tr
No local article!Q1471505de, en, es, ko, nl, pl, species
Dictyostelium discoideumQ1343515ca, cs, de, en, id, it, ja, nn, pl, pt, ru, sh, sr, th, zh
No local article!Q8650464ar, ca, ia, ko, sk
No local article!Q6055094be, ca, cs, de, en, es, ja, ko, pt, species
No local article!Q33122274az, cs, en, es, gl, ko, pl, species, sr
No local article!Q3103644ca, cs, en, es, ja, ko, pt, simple, species
No local article!Q28042024ar, de, es, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q1490364de, en, es, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q93682733es, ko, pl, species
No local article!Q77776303az, en, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q726633az, de, en, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q720453en, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q52365783en, es, fa, gl, species
No local article!Q4909983ar, en, ko, nl, pl, species, sr
No local article!Q24164183de, es, pl, species, sr
No local article!Q145937293ar, bn, en, es, pl, species, zh
No local article!Q1436913de, en, es, et, ja, pl, ru
No local article!Q14225463de, en, es, ia, ko, pl, species, sr
No local article!Q117625263ar, es, pl, species
No local article!Q1139423en, id, ko, pl, species
No local article!Q9570492en, es, ko, pl, species
No local article!Q93682562nl, pl, species
No local article!Q93475282es, pl, species
No local article!Q93326082ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q9283802nl, pl
No local article!Q72511702en, ko, species
No local article!Q71802542ca, en, ko, species
No local article!Q60622262en, es, fa
No local article!Q596222ar, de, en, ko, pl, species
No local article!Q54652002en, es, gl, ko, pt, species
No local article!Q47702232es, nl, species
No local article!Q44416132en, et, fi, pl, pms, ru, sv
No local article!Q32638312nl, pl
No local article!Q28002902az, en, es, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q27983182en, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q26493452nl, pl, species
No local article!Q26446362nl, pl, species
No local article!Q26234562nl, pl
No local article!Q24492872nl, pl
No local article!Q24386792en, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q24027442nl, pl, species
No local article!Q22573222az, en, es, nl, species
No local article!Q22090492ko, nl, species
No local article!Q22067212nl, pl
No local article!Q20836102nl, pl
No local article!Q20247432nl, pl, sr
No local article!Q19686942az, bn, en, es, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q19127262nl, pl
No local article!Q18594112az, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q171468912de, en, gl, id, it, nl, pt
No local article!Q1488062ca, de, en, es, et, ru, species
No local article!Q13720522de, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q121337272en, ko
No local article!Q11854302en, ko, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q118154962es, pl, species
No local article!Q116939562es, pl, species
No local article!Q10269992en, ja, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q93682751pl, species
No local article!Q93615711pl, species
No local article!Q93583591pl, species
No local article!Q93475301pl
No local article!Q93457361pl, species
No local article!Q93101331nl, pl
No local article!Q92874921pl
No local article!Q92752951pl
No local article!Q92595121pl, species
No local article!Q9229711en, es, hu, it, nl, ru, sv, tt
No local article!Q92063131pl, species
No local article!Q92063101pl
No local article!Q92006871pl
No local article!Q91819721pl, species
No local article!Q91782231pl
No local article!Q91782221pl, species
No local article!Q91501661pl
No local article!Q91501631pl, species
ScléroteQ8373771ca, cs, de, en, eo, es, eu, fa, fi, gl, hr, hu, it, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sh, sr, sv, uk
No local article!Q74210851en, pl, species
No local article!Q72518871en, nl, species
No local article!Q720041bn, de, en, ja, pl, species
No local article!Q69935781en, nl, species
No local article!Q69346031en, ko, pl, species
No local article!Q60897751es
No local article!Q60745411ar, en, es, et, hu, hy, ia, ja, pt, ru, species
No local article!Q6043581ca, de, en, es, mk, species
No local article!Q60093521es
No local article!Q58499651es
No local article!Q58341611es, pl, species
No local article!Q5711211de, nl, species
No local article!Q56080561en, pt
No local article!Q55889741nl
No local article!Q53595411nl
No local article!Q52078151en, pl
No local article!Q51990631nl, pl
No local article!Q49625441en, es, ko, species
No local article!Q48749101nl, species
No local article!Q48445721nl, pl
No local article!Q47852631en, nl
No local article!Q47420801en, ml
No local article!Q46899191en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q46757301nl
No local article!Q44886231nl, species
No local article!Q44414131nl
No local article!Q38989621it, pl
No local article!Q35271931nl
ThécamibienQ35262781be, en, pl, pt
No local article!Q35194751nl, pl
No local article!Q34736511nl
No local article!Q34520461ar, az, hr, ia, it, kk, lv, pl, ro, ru, sr, tt, vi
No local article!Q33530921nl
No local article!Q32491821nl
No local article!Q32418021nl
No local article!Q32062861nl
No local article!Q31971081nl
No local article!Q31441471nl, pl
No local article!Q313500631th
No local article!Q31024121nl
No local article!Q309145691es
No local article!Q30741531nl
No local article!Q30288851nl
No local article!Q29576181nl, species
No local article!Q29307761nl
No local article!Q28975891en, nl, species
No local article!Q28802531nl
No local article!Q286009861es
No local article!Q28578511nl
No local article!Q28545321ar, nl
No local article!Q28033781nl
No local article!Q28015841nl
No local article!Q27774761nl
No local article!Q27657051nl, pl
No local article!Q27425081az, nl
No local article!Q27391641en, nl, species
No local article!Q270433961es, species
No local article!Q26949801nl
No local article!Q26936171nl
No local article!Q26934621nl, pl
No local article!Q26913171nl, pl, species
No local article!Q26859061nl
No local article!Q26701631nl, species
No local article!Q26283941nl
No local article!Q26255861nl
No local article!Q26246351en, nl
No local article!Q26233271nl
No local article!Q26140511nl, species
No local article!Q25897181nl, species
No local article!Q25888511nl
No local article!Q25826391nl, species
No local article!Q25789641nl
No local article!Q25679311nl
No local article!Q25649301nl, pl
No local article!Q25647291nl
No local article!Q25591601nl
No local article!Q25572101nl
No local article!Q25432651nl
No local article!Q25318311ar, nl
No local article!Q25283191nl
No local article!Q25236241nl
No local article!Q25071741nl
No local article!Q24998531nl
No local article!Q24990331nl, species
No local article!Q24990231nl
No local article!Q24920591nl
No local article!Q24813111nl, pl
No local article!Q24777641nl, pl
No local article!Q24722881nl
No local article!Q24707071nl
No local article!Q24687771nl
No local article!Q24667781nl, pl
No local article!Q24667251nl, pl
No local article!Q24590221nl, pl
No local article!Q24589521de, en, fi, nl, pl, ru
No local article!Q24526111de, ru, species
No local article!Q24423531nl, species
No local article!Q24403131nl, pl
No local article!Q24401521nl
No local article!Q24289571nl
No local article!Q24240421nl, pl
No local article!Q24187751nl
No local article!Q24186751nl, species, sr
FlagellésQ2404331ar, az, bg, bs, ca, ckb, cs, de, es, et, eu, fa, ga, gl, id, it, ja, jv, ko, la, lv, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sh, sk, species, sr, sv, tr, tt, uk, vi, zh
No local article!Q23635411nl
No local article!Q23369761en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q23360501nl
No local article!Q23297901nl, pl
No local article!Q23293111nl
No local article!Q23271311nl, species
No local article!Q23199051nl
No local article!Q230729851nl, species
No local article!Q22974141nl
No local article!Q22945691nl, pl
No local article!Q22821981nl
No local article!Q22817431nl
No local article!Q228144131de
No local article!Q22812231nl
No local article!Q22792561nl
No local article!Q22783971nl
No local article!Q22740861en, nl, species
No local article!Q22574171nl
No local article!Q22523871nl
No local article!Q22485801nl, pl
No local article!Q22264691nl, pl
No local article!Q22062821nl, species
No local article!Q21982601nl, pl
No local article!Q21968861nl
No local article!Q21967191nl
No local article!Q21920861nl
No local article!Q21912421nl, species
No local article!Q21876571nl
No local article!Q21805721nl
No local article!Q21755021nl, species
No local article!Q21731421nl
No local article!Q21684701nl
No local article!Q21619941nl, pl
No local article!Q21549681nl, species
No local article!Q21526901en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q214464741es, pt, species
No local article!Q21432541en, nl, species
No local article!Q21166511nl
No local article!Q21157331nl, species
No local article!Q21151361en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q21108501nl
No local article!Q21015761nl
No local article!Q20827801nl, zh
No local article!Q20805601en, nl, species
No local article!Q20795831nl, pl
No local article!Q20794561nl, pl
No local article!Q20757381nl, pl
No local article!Q20733281nl, pl, species
No local article!Q207198151es
No local article!Q20599311nl
No local article!Q20567781nl, species
No local article!Q203885861ar
No local article!Q20191851nl
No local article!Q20191161nl
No local article!Q20169271nl, pl
No local article!Q20089071nl
No local article!Q19967001nl
No local article!Q19950181nl, species
No local article!Q19936751nl, species
No local article!Q199040741de, en, species
No local article!Q19882901nl
No local article!Q19864731nl, species
No local article!Q19683521nl
No local article!Q19515661nl, pl
No local article!Q19346521nl
No local article!Q19283401nl, pl
No local article!Q19171601nl
No local article!Q19142491nl, pl
No local article!Q18912511nl
No local article!Q18710951nl
No local article!Q18673591nl
No local article!Q186674371es, species
No local article!Q18661581nl, species
No local article!Q18622931nl, pl
No local article!Q186046131nl, species
No local article!Q18465681en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q18462751en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q18165811de, nl, species
No local article!Q18129801nl, pl, species
No local article!Q18086681en, nl
No local article!Q17309201es, species, sr
No local article!Q162621411ko
No local article!Q161891631ko
No local article!Q161827471ko
No local article!Q161595951ko
No local article!Q160534571fa
No local article!Q159773151nl, species
No local article!Q146567871nl, species
No local article!Q145937721en, es, pl, species
No local article!Q145088961nl
No local article!Q145051131nl, species
No local article!Q141146161nl
No local article!Q140903061az, nl, species
No local article!Q140467601nl, species
No local article!Q135025091nl
No local article!Q135025081nl
No local article!Q1344441ca, cs, de, en, es, gl, ja, ko, pl, pt, species, sr, th
No local article!Q12806861de, es, mk, species
No local article!Q12805471de, es, et, species
No local article!Q126173381ko
No local article!Q126047851ko
No local article!Q125982691ko
No local article!Q125946011ko
No local article!Q125938701ko
No local article!Q125909161ko
No local article!Q123590571cs, et
No local article!Q120391161cs
No local article!Q11857231en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q11853271en, nl, pl, species
No local article!Q118306341pl, species
No local article!Q118161091pl
No local article!Q118129141pl, species
No local article!Q118112041pl, species
No local article!Q117927581pl, species
No local article!Q117927571pl
No local article!Q117904111pl, species
No local article!Q117719381pl
No local article!Q117548491pl, species
No local article!Q116982991pl, species
No local article!Q116060891ja
No local article!Q116045361ja
LabyrinthulomycetesQ11487911ca, cs, de, en, es, fa, fi, gl, ja, ko, mk, no, pt, ru, sk, species, sr, uk
No local article!Q112988221ja
No local article!Q112851761ja
No local article!Q11051481de
No local article!Q11051461de
No local article!Q10546451de
No local article!Q10546401de, pl
No local article!Q10543581de, en, nl, species
No local article!Q10346221ar, de, en, eo, es, pl, ru
No local article!Q102728161es, pt
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