This tool finds all pages and categories in a category tree in language X. Then, it checks all of these categories in other languages, and gets pages with a language link back to X there. It lists all pages in X that are not in the original category tree, but in the tree equivalent in other languages.
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Geoffroy II d'AnjouQ5268153bg, br, ca, cs, de, el, en, es, it, pl, pt, ru, sh, simple, sr, sv
Liste des comtes et ducs de VendômeQ22375732en, it, pt, ru, zh
Louis II de VendômeQ9388681ca, de, en, es, it, ja, nl, pl, ro, ru, sco, zh
Philippe de VendômeQ6954941de, en, eo, es, it, ja, nl, ru, sco, sl, sv
Louis-Joseph de VendômeQ3155131ca, cs, da, de, en, es, fi, he, it, ja, ko, nl, nn, pl, ro, ru, sco, sk, sl, uk, zh
César de VendômeQ3038431ca, de, en, es, it, ja, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sco, zh
No local article!Q215258711cs
Comté de VendômeQ16154841ca, de, ru
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