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Archidiocèse d'ArmaghQ13640352ca, de, en, es, ga, id, it, nl, pl, pt, ru, sh, zh
Évêque de RochesterQ13075042de, en, fi, la, sh
Thomas HerringQ9087261cy, en, ko, la, ru
No local article!Q8780381de
No local article!Q8772401de
No local article!Q8764231de, la
No local article!Q8763061de
No local article!Q8712371de
Diocèse de LeicesterQ8711311de, en, pl, zh
Diocèse de KilmoreQ8705541de, en, it, nl, pl, zh
Diocèse de GibraltarQ8690911de, en, es, it, pl, ru, zh
No local article!Q8685371de, en
No local article!Q8684311de, en
Évêque de CreditonQ8681821de, en
No local article!Q8681721de, it
Évêque de CornouaillesQ8681421de, en
Diocèse catholique de ClogherQ8680721de, en, ga, it, nl, pl, sh, zh
No local article!Q80062081en
No local article!Q80050791en
No local article!Q79642371en
No local article!Q77945981en
No local article!Q77944651en
No local article!Q77888341en
No local article!Q77888171en
No local article!Q77887011en
No local article!Q77876771en
No local article!Q76634921en
No local article!Q75994741en
No local article!Q75953661en
No local article!Q75953421en
No local article!Q75943911en
No local article!Q75943531en
No local article!Q75941031en
No local article!Q75939461en
No local article!Q75938851en
No local article!Q75931371en
No local article!Q75901671en, fi
No local article!Q75899141en, fi
No local article!Q75898591en
No local article!Q75889831en
No local article!Q75881071en
No local article!Q75192351en
No local article!Q74117171en
No local article!Q73500521en
No local article!Q73500001en
No local article!Q73496521en
No local article!Q73278061en
No local article!Q73088871en
No local article!Q71758651en
No local article!Q69696521en
No local article!Q67666781en
No local article!Q65958061en, ko
No local article!Q65957961en
No local article!Q64842951af, en, la, simple, tl
No local article!Q62593171en
No local article!Q62194331en
No local article!Q57243471en, pl
No local article!Q55764471en, pl
No local article!Q54826431en
No local article!Q53928031en
No local article!Q53926011en
No local article!Q53457061cy, en
No local article!Q53453211en
No local article!Q53394801en
Doyen de RochesterQ52466561en
No local article!Q51174911en
No local article!Q48889481en
No local article!Q474768841en
No local article!Q47295391en
No local article!Q47294671en
No local article!Q46852481en, pl
No local article!Q36185901gl, it
William Markham (évêque)Q35688091en, ru, uk
No local article!Q3196621cs, de, it, pl, ru
No local article!Q3193161cs, de, it, pl
Diocèse de Swansea et BreconQ30286361cy, en, fi, nl
No local article!Q284556521en
Diocèse de Sodor et ManQ2807681de, en, ga, gv, lt, no, pl, ru, zh
No local article!Q280197451en
No local article!Q277343151en
No local article!Q233023681en
No local article!Q226612421en
No local article!Q207137471en
No local article!Q201834171de
No local article!Q173188351en
No local article!Q170222071en
No local article!Q169854201en
No local article!Q159899191en
No local article!Q159899031en
No local article!Q159794121en
No local article!Q157888181de, it, no
No local article!Q157888161de
Évêque des OrcadesQ15027431de, en
No local article!Q14387171de, en, no
No local article!Q131309781cy
No local article!Q117224821en
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