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World Championship WrestlingQ1301717ar, arz, bar, bg, cs, da, de, en, es, fi, he, hi, hu, hy, it, ja, ko, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, simple, sm, th, tr, uk, zh
Extreme Championship WrestlingQ730024ar, arz, bar, bg, ca, da, de, en, es, fi, hy, id, it, ja, ka, ko, lt, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, simple, sm, sv, th, tr, zh
Hanna-Barbera ProductionsQ7364643ar, bg, ca, da, el, en, eo, es, eu, fa, fi, gl, he, hu, id, it, ja, jv, ko, lt, ms, nl, no, pa, pl, pt, ro, ru, sh, simple, sr, sv, zh
British RailQ6051693af, br, ca, cs, de, en, eo, es, fa, fi, hu, it, ja, ko, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sco, simple, sv, tr, zh
No local article!Q40337633ar, en, ru
Steyr (entreprise)Q6944502da, de, el, en, es, he, it, ja, nl, no, pl, ru, sv, tr, uk
Bullfrog ProductionsQ6114872be, ca, cs, de, en, es, fi, hu, it, ja, lt, nl, no, pl, ru, sl, sv, uk, wuu, zh
No local article!Q44030352en, ru
Renaissance CruisesQ34247342en, es
Hollywood PicturesQ13482642ar, ca, de, en, es, fa, fi, it, ja, ko, nl, pl, pt, ru, simple, sv, uk, zh
No local article!Q106030292en, no, sv
No local article!Q9924291de, en
No local article!Q938251en, ja
No local article!Q90182061en, es
MOS TechnologyQ8521741ca, de, el, en, es, fi, hr, it, ja, ko, la, nl, nn, pl, pt, ru, sh, sr, sv, uk, zh
Banco Nacional UltramarinoQ8061901de, en, es, id, it, ja, pt, wuu, zh
No local article!Q80449211en
No local article!Q79587271en
No local article!Q79559811en
No local article!Q78558781en
No local article!Q78443211en
No local article!Q78275811en
No local article!Q77285061en
JouefQ7621001de, en, ja, nl, pt, sv
No local article!Q76005731en
No local article!Q75797221en
No local article!Q75383341en
Simulations CanadaQ75213431en, sv
No local article!Q74192431en
No local article!Q74160381en
Nostalgie (France)Q7359361de, en, id, nl, ru
No local article!Q73219881en
No local article!Q73006361en
No local article!Q72807461en, id
TallinnfilmQ7199981ca, de, en, et, hy, pl, ru, uk
No local article!Q71800011en
No local article!Q71274511en
No local article!Q70961231en
No local article!Q70923591en
No local article!Q70610391en
No local article!Q69527951en
No local article!Q67566851en
MannesmannQ6749111de, en, es, fa, fi, it, nl, pt, ru, sv, tr, uk, zh
No local article!Q67147081en, es, ko
No local article!Q6691761de, en
No local article!Q6458301de, en, no, sv
No local article!Q64353541en, es, pt
No local article!Q64164561en
No local article!Q63951171en, zh
No local article!Q63306291en
No local article!Q6068751en, it
RothmansQ5971911ar, arz, el, en, fi, it, ja, ms, pl, pt, ru, sr, zh
No local article!Q59537901en
No local article!Q57607251es
No local article!Q565560311ru
No local article!Q56087761en, pt
No local article!Q553165371en
No local article!Q55094721en, zh
No local article!Q53230281en
No local article!Q52048271en
No local article!Q51584971en
No local article!Q51229501en
No local article!Q51056541en
No local article!Q50903681en
No local article!Q50190311en, no, pl
No local article!Q49924111da, en, ja, sv
No local article!Q49862101en, zh
No local article!Q49253641en
No local article!Q4906871de, en, it, ko, pt, ru
No local article!Q48261831en
No local article!Q48226611en, es
No local article!Q47434151de, en
No local article!Q46912461en, fi
No local article!Q46363671en
No local article!Q45707141en, nl
No local article!Q44395391ru
No local article!Q43575591en, id
No local article!Q42993801ru
No local article!Q42679111ru
No local article!Q40561501en, ru
No local article!Q40362501en, ru
No local article!Q40361331en, ru
No local article!Q39732751en, it
AdtranzQ3787671cs, de, en, fa, fi, hu, it, ja, ko, nl, no, pl, ru, sv, zh
No local article!Q37353091en, et, fi, lv, pl, sv
Renault BusQ34250161da, ru
National PowerQ33369261en
No local article!Q33264601ca, en, es, gl, it
No local article!Q32680431en, ja, pt, sv, zh
Le Studio (Québec)Q32274321en
Westland HelicoptersQ31250081ar, en, fi, id, ms, no, pl, pt, sv, uk
Riley & ScottQ30562871en, es, ja, pl, pt, sv
No local article!Q303105241ca, es
NapsterQ2751411ar, az, ca, cs, da, de, en, es, et, fa, fi, he, hi, hu, id, it, ja, kn, ko, lmo, lt, ms, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, simple, sk, sv, uk, zh
No local article!Q271867071ru
Dark Horse RecordsQ26636581br, da, en, es, it, nl, no, pt, ru
No local article!Q253945391ru
No local article!Q2526101en, et, zh, zh_yue
No local article!Q251020881en
No local article!Q248366911zh
No local article!Q230222481en
No local article!Q22453221fy, nl
No local article!Q21847491nl, pt
No local article!Q21260011de, en
Litton IndustriesQ20583111cs, en, fi, it, ko, nl, ru
Banque ottomaneQ20414531ar, ca, de, el, en, es, he, id, it, oc, pl, sh, sv, tr
No local article!Q20069881nn, no
No local article!Q183436951en
No local article!Q18211371de, sv
No local article!Q17639631de, en
No local article!Q17191681de, en
No local article!Q170985521de, en, ru, uk
No local article!Q170926811de, en
No local article!Q170872871en
No local article!Q17050631ar, en, nl, pt, ru
No local article!Q170425621en, zh
No local article!Q170400671zh
No local article!Q170325801zh
No local article!Q170321771zh
No local article!Q170286271zh
No local article!Q169737221en, sv
No local article!Q169665981en
No local article!Q169582221en, no
No local article!Q169535541en
No local article!Q168443801en
No local article!Q168433801en
International Sport and LeisureQ16669281ca, de, en, es, ja, lv, pt, sv, tr
No local article!Q16134031de, no
No local article!Q144724401en, no
FASA CorporationQ13865291de, en, it, ja
No local article!Q13485551de, en
Tecno SoftQ12964331de, en, ja, ko, ru
No local article!Q119925471no
No local article!Q119629441es, no
Plymouth (automobile)Q11248571ar, ca, cs, de, en, es, fi, hr, id, it, ja, ko, lb, lt, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sv, tr, uk
No local article!Q111650281en, es
No local article!Q111033311zh, zh_min_nan
No local article!Q110645401zh
No local article!Q109094861zh
No local article!Q108892951zh
No local article!Q108766551zh
No local article!Q108690261zh
No local article!Q108511421ja, zh
No local article!Q107096611sv
No local article!Q106822321sv
No local article!Q106022201sv
No local article!Q105415931sv
No local article!Q105388121sv
No local article!Q104959571sv
Carrozzeria GhiaQ10453391cs, da, de, en, es, fi, it, ja, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sv
No local article!Q104308251sv
No local article!Q103975351sv
No local article!Q103731261pt
No local article!Q103663711pt
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