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Mademoiselle Gagne-ToutQ20316265ca, de, el, en, es, it, nl, pt, ru
Amour, Délices et GolfQ23164923en, es, it, nl, pt, ro, tr
Tom et Jerry golfeursQ20612003en, it, ja, ru
No local article!Q73181722en, fa, id, ko
No local article!Q54647692en, pt
No local article!Q46599542en, ja
Golf (film, 1922)Q37731062en, fa, it, pt
No local article!Q36403032en, it
Le Temps des cerises (film, 1927)Q21162242de, en, fi, nl, pt, uk
No local article!Q199548462en, ko
No local article!Q17643222en, no, sv
Love in the RoughQ176344262en, ja, pt
No local article!Q12439592de, en
No local article!Q80331311en
No local article!Q77692611en
No local article!Q77682501bg, en, pt
No local article!Q77501471en
No local article!Q77371451en
No local article!Q77350531en
No local article!Q76288691en
No local article!Q69739711en
No local article!Q54647221en
No local article!Q52977291en
No local article!Q48403211en
No local article!Q48403201en
No local article!Q420490341en
L'Autre HommeQ3674581el, en, fa, it, nl, pt, ru, sh, zh
No local article!Q32834971en, ja, pt
Hole in OneQ31393121en, es, fi, pl
Donald joue au golfQ30361691en, id, it, ja, sv
No local article!Q248071811en
No local article!Q18715171en, nl
The Short GameQ181280001en
No local article!Q172153501ja
No local article!Q171044431en
No local article!Q125979401it, ko
Vous prendrez bien un dernier vert ?Q12590321cs, de, en, es, fi, gl, it, nl, pt, ru, simple, sq
Charlot et le Masque de ferQ11486491ar, ca, de, en, eo, es, fa, fi, id, it, ja, ko, mk, pl, pt, ru, sh, tr, uk
No local article!Q113360091ja
No local article!Q113037411ja
No local article!Q112586241ja
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