This tool finds all pages and categories in a category tree in language X. Then, it checks all of these categories in other languages, and gets pages with a language link back to X there. It lists all pages in X that are not in the original category tree, but in the tree equivalent in other languages.
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John SmitQ13967713af, de, en, es, it, ka, pl, pt, sr
Joe MaddockQ5818292en, it
No local article!Q52242362en, it
Matthew Stevens (rugby à XV)Q32998042en, it, sr, zh
Jim HamiltonQ31788162en, es, it, sco, sr, zh
Peter StringerQ14458732de, en, es, ga, gl, it
Troy CokerQ9537361en, it, pl
No local article!Q80093641en
No local article!Q78148171en
No local article!Q78043501en
No local article!Q77071741en
No local article!Q76136991en
No local article!Q74074231en
No local article!Q73406011en
No local article!Q73290751en
No local article!Q73217791en, zh
No local article!Q71617811en
No local article!Q71474651en
No local article!Q70453721en
No local article!Q69692331en
No local article!Q68468821en
No local article!Q68458991en
No local article!Q68347761en
No local article!Q67885041en
No local article!Q67676261en
No local article!Q67666671en
Liam WilliamsQ65398461en, it
No local article!Q64054101en
No local article!Q63957891en
No local article!Q62237871en
No local article!Q61431321en
No local article!Q61178061en
No local article!Q59804471en
No local article!Q56217681en
No local article!Q54872651en
Tony DalyQ5445941en, es, it
No local article!Q54034961en
No local article!Q53950541en
No local article!Q538712721en
No local article!Q53360971en, it
No local article!Q53357551en
No local article!Q53010411en
No local article!Q52940131en
Dominic DayQ52905161en, it, zh
No local article!Q52396551en, la
No local article!Q52249011en
No local article!Q503089951en
No local article!Q49681001en
No local article!Q49623701en
No local article!Q48865351en
No local article!Q48859201en
No local article!Q47612801en
No local article!Q47179471en
No local article!Q47177431en
No local article!Q47086911en, ta
No local article!Q47065101en
No local article!Q469962581en
No local article!Q46796231en
No local article!Q46622071en
No local article!Q465856801en
Charlie HodgsonQ3606941de, en, it, zh
Steffon ArmitageQ34980281en
Richard WigglesworthQ34313281en, it, sr, zh
Michael HorakQ33082571en
Takashi KikutaniQ30683911en, ja, pl, sr
Deon CarstensQ30234531en
No local article!Q300149021en
Carlos NietoQ29394221en, it
Schalk BurgerQ2848461af, br, de, en, es, eu, gl, it, ja, pl, pt, ru, sr
Thibault GiroudQ251720751en
No local article!Q237628251en
No local article!Q229583261en
Savenaca RawacaQ220980011en, lt, no, pt
No local article!Q198770211en
No local article!Q196632721en
No local article!Q196632341en
No local article!Q196628801en
No local article!Q196627371en
No local article!Q196626041en
No local article!Q196621411en
No local article!Q195717241en
No local article!Q195604231en
No local article!Q195601021en
No local article!Q195197721en
No local article!Q195195081en
No local article!Q162350431en
No local article!Q162324411en
No local article!Q162175561en
No local article!Q162048741en
No local article!Q161969621en
Billy VunipolaQ151190901ca, en, es, it, sr
No local article!Q149482281it
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