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Michel ServetQ1859142an, ar, ast, az, be, bg, ca, cs, cv, da, de, el, en, eo, es, eu, fa, fi, gl, he, hr, hu, ia, id, it, ja, ka, ko, ku, kw, la, mg, ms, nl, nn, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sa, scn, sk, sl, sv, tr, uk, ur, war, wuu, zh
No local article!Q9693911ca, en, es, id, ja, ro
No local article!Q9578791ca, en, es, it, ja, ru
Mariano Lagasca y SeguraQ8919661ca, de, en, es, ja, pt, ru, species
Iñaki AzkunaQ8536471ca, cy, de, el, en, es, eu, fi, gl, ja, nl, simple, tr, zh
No local article!Q64413191bg, cs, el, en, es, ja, ko, th, zh
Jordi PujolQ4587021ast, br, ca, de, el, en, eo, es, eu, fi, gl, he, it, ja, lmo, nl, oc, pl, pt, qu, simple, sv, vec
PirriQ4424411ar, ca, cs, de, en, es, fa, fi, he, hr, hu, hy, it, ja, mg, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, tg, tr, uk
Arnaud de Villeneuve (médecin)Q3565681be, be_x_old, bg, ca, cs, cy, de, en, eo, es, eu, fi, he, hr, it, ja, la, nl, oc, pl, pt, ro, ru, sh, sq, tr, uk
Martin de Sessé y LacastaQ29836131ar, de, en, es, ja, pt, ru, species
Pío BarojaQ2209801af, an, ar, ast, azb, bat_smg, bcl, be, bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, ga, gd, gl, hr, it, ja, la, nl, oc, pl, pt, qu, ro, ru, simple, sv, uk, vo, zh
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