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Villa MédicisQ13626637be, ca, de, el, en, eo, es, eu, gl, hu, hy, it, ja, nl, no, pt, ru, sv, uk, zh
Villa FarnèseQ5979574de, en, es, hr, it, ja, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sh
Villa BalbianelloQ17594464de, en, es, hu, hy, it, pt, ru, th, zh
No local article!Q6824043de, en, it, la, ru, uk
Villa CarlottaQ5331563ca, de, en, it, la, nl, pt, zh
Villa RoseberyQ16319713de, en, es, it, pt, zh
Villa d'Este (lac de Côme)Q15705853ca, de, en, it, nl, zh
Villa FarnesinaQ11267233ar, be, bg, ca, cs, de, el, en, eo, es, eu, he, hr, hu, hy, it, la, nl, no, pt, ru, sh, sk, sv, uk, zh
Casina VanvitellianaQ9581522be, it, ru
Palais Medici-RiccardiQ9110472be, bg, ca, de, en, es, eu, gl, he, hu, id, it, ko, mk, nl, pl, pms, pt, ru, sh, tr, zh
Villa ErbaQ8910952en, it, zh
Galerie BorghèseQ8415062ar, az, be, bg, br, ca, cs, da, el, en, es, et, he, hr, hy, id, it, ja, ko, la, lt, mk, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sh, sv, th, uk, zh
No local article!Q8283742de, en, hu, it, zh
No local article!Q7183152de, en, hu, it, zh
Villa BorghèseQ6783132ar, be, ca, ceb, da, de, el, en, es, eu, gl, he, hy, it, ja, ko, la, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sh, sv, uk, zh
No local article!Q66097632en, fa, it
No local article!Q6412442de, en, hu, it, zh
No local article!Q40127552de, en, it
No local article!Q40127412en, es, it
No local article!Q40124942it, uk, zh
No local article!Q40120802de, en, it
No local article!Q40119392de, en, it
No local article!Q40117932en, it, ru, uk
No local article!Q38914982de, en, it, zh
No local article!Q25251942de, eo, it
Villa OlmoQ15165902ar, de, en, it, zh
Palais de la ZisaQ10000542be, de, en, es, it, nl, ru, scn, zh
Villa Giulia (Rome)Q9644991de, en, es, eu, it, nl, no, pt, sl, sv, uk, zh
Villa royale de MilanQ8393791en, es, hu, it, ru, uk
No local article!Q79305391en
No local article!Q79305021en, no, zh
No local article!Q79304801en, it
No local article!Q79304421en, zh
No local article!Q79304091en
No local article!Q79304051en, it
No local article!Q79302911en, zh
No local article!Q79302771en, it, ru
No local article!Q79302611en
No local article!Q79302571en, uk
No local article!Q7378711de, en, it, pt
No local article!Q7366181en, it, la
BoscorealeQ718451an, bg, ca, ceb, de, en, eo, es, eu, fa, fi, hu, hy, ia, id, it, ja, kk, ko, la, lmo, ms, nap, nl, nn, pl, pms, pt, ro, roa_tara, ru, scn, sh, sr, sv, tl, uk, uz, vi, vo, war, zh, zh_min_nan
No local article!Q6643441en, it
Villa MelziQ6500881de, it, zh
No local article!Q64625661en
No local article!Q61621011es, it
No local article!Q5975271de, en, it, pt
No local article!Q5698791de, en
No local article!Q51239681en, tr
No local article!Q508239791en
No local article!Q502340331it
No local article!Q49450751en
No local article!Q488107931it
No local article!Q483355031en, it, lij
Villa RomanaQ4605041de, en, it, nl
No local article!Q423780611en
No local article!Q423780571en
No local article!Q423780541en
No local article!Q423780521en
No local article!Q423780501en
No local article!Q423778111en
No local article!Q423778101en
No local article!Q423778071en
No local article!Q41112261ar, de, en, es, ru
No local article!Q40127981en, it
No local article!Q40127971it
No local article!Q40127921en, it
Villa NapoleonicaQ40127681de, it
No local article!Q40127521en, it
No local article!Q40127351en, it
No local article!Q40127291en, it
No local article!Q40126821en, it
No local article!Q40126221en, it
No local article!Q40125951en, it
No local article!Q40125831en, it
No local article!Q40125561en, it
No local article!Q40125541en, it
No local article!Q40125321en, it
No local article!Q40124331en, it
No local article!Q40123981en, it
No local article!Q40123891it, pt
No local article!Q40123491en, it
No local article!Q40123221it
No local article!Q40123061de, it
No local article!Q40121321en, it
No local article!Q40121131en, it
No local article!Q40121081en, it
No local article!Q40119661de, he, it
No local article!Q40119171en, it, pt
No local article!Q40118961en, it
No local article!Q40118911en, it
No local article!Q40118691it, ru, uk
No local article!Q40118671en, it
No local article!Q40117731en, it
Villa AlbaniQ40117491cs, de, en, es, it, pt
No local article!Q40075971es, it, pl
No local article!Q39853311es, it
Palais de QuisisanaQ39317011en, it
No local article!Q38955771en, it
No local article!Q38914571it, pt
No local article!Q38904731en, it, pt
No local article!Q38903291en, it
No local article!Q38677811en, it
No local article!Q382509701en
No local article!Q382509661en
No local article!Q37471631it
No local article!Q36705731en, it
No local article!Q36616311it
No local article!Q36616241it
No local article!Q36613461it
Maison de JulietteQ36612931es, it, ru
No local article!Q36612811en, it, pl
No local article!Q36611581it
No local article!Q36611431it
Villa GordianiQ33079801en, it, simple
No local article!Q306871071en
Casino Mediceo di San MarcoQ29410871en, it, pt
Casa Fenoglio-LafleurQ29407531en, es, it, pms
Palais PittiQ292861ar, ast, be, be_x_old, bg, br, bs, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, es, et, eu, fa, fi, he, hr, hu, hy, id, it, ja, ka, ko, la, lv, nl, no, pl, pms, pt, ro, ru, sco, sh, simple, sk, sr, sv, th, tr, uk, uz, vls, war, zh
No local article!Q290457541en, it
Villa San DonatoQ2902651en, it, pt, ru
No local article!Q288079931en, it
No local article!Q286708591en, it
Maison des vestalesQ2851961be, de, en, es, hu, it, ja, nl, pt, ru, sv, uk, zh
No local article!Q282289891en
Palazzo VecchioQ2719281ar, be, bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fi, gl, he, hr, hu, hy, id, it, ja, ko, lt, nl, nn, no, pl, pms, pt, ru, sco, sh, sk, sr, sv, uk, vi, war, zh
No local article!Q262580671en, it
No local article!Q25259511de
No local article!Q25255451de, it
No local article!Q25255261de
No local article!Q25252011de
No local article!Q25250891de, it
No local article!Q25249171de
No local article!Q252478081en
No local article!Q250447401en
No local article!Q248988371en
No local article!Q248988101en, it
Villa LudovisiQ24134391ca, de, en, es, he, it, nl, pt, sv
AsturaQ23046971an, ca, de, en, es, it, nn
No local article!Q22369151de, en, it, pt
No local article!Q22052131en, it, nl
No local article!Q213290191en, it
No local article!Q212341031en, it
Poggio a CaianoQ203871bcl, bg, ceb, co, de, eml, en, eo, es, eu, fa, hu, it, ja, ko, la, lmo, mk, ms, nap, nl, no, pl, pms, pt, ro, roa_tara, ru, scn, sh, sr, tl, uk, vec, vi, vo, war, zh, zh_min_nan
No local article!Q201075811en
No local article!Q201075791en
No local article!Q201075781en, it
No local article!Q201075771en, rm
No local article!Q201075761en
No local article!Q201075751en
No local article!Q201075741en
No local article!Q201075731en
No local article!Q201075721en
No local article!Q200881241en, it
No local article!Q200752891uk
No local article!Q200652491en
Villa AdaQ20003871bg, ceb, de, en, es, it, pt, ru, tr, uk, zh
No local article!Q198665741en
No local article!Q198643971en
No local article!Q198624681de
No local article!Q197682681en, it
No local article!Q196266671en, it
No local article!Q193589391en, it
No local article!Q18528161de, en, it, nl
Palais Pallavicini RospigliosiQ18171321de, en, es, it, nl, pt, ru, zh
No local article!Q181500331en, it
Andrea PalladioQ1776921ar, ast, az, be, be_x_old, bg, bs, ca, cs, cy, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fur, ga, gl, he, hr, hu, hy, id, it, ja, kk, ko, la, lt, lv, mg, mk, ml, mt, nl, no, oc, pl, pt, ro, ru, sc, sco, sh, simple, sk, sl, sr, sv, th, tr, uk, vec, vi, war, za, zh, zh_yue
Palais Madame (Rome)Q17550461be, de, el, en, es, eu, it, nl, pt, ru, sh, uk, zh
No local article!Q169026791en
No local article!Q16278771de
Villa Borghese (homonymie)Q16150961de, en, it, la, lt, pl
Vittoriale degli italianiQ15471601de, en, es, it, pt, zh
No local article!Q151339421de, it, zh
No local article!Q14578751de, it
No local article!Q145149991it, nl
Palais du TeQ12615441ar, ca, de, en, es, et, fi, hr, it, nl, pl, pt, ru, sh, sl, uk, zh
Villa PalagoniaQ12412621be, cs, de, en, it, la, pl, pms, ru
SettefratiQ1173621bcl, be, bg, ceb, co, de, en, eo, es, eu, fa, hu, hy, ia, it, ja, kk, ko, la, lmo, ms, nap, nl, pl, pms, pt, ro, ru, scn, uk, uz, vi, vo, war, zh, zh_min_nan
No local article!Q11524241en, es, it, uk, zh
Villa La PietraQ11295571de, en, it
No local article!Q10488401de, en, it
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