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No local article!Q9600862de, en, ja, zh
No local article!Q49506012ar, en, id, ku, la
Bling-blingQ443592da, de, en, es, it, ko, nl, pt, sv, te
Liste d'onomatopées dans différentes languesQ32431312en, ko
No local article!Q79431621en
Liste de cris d'animauxQ7840311af, ang, ar, cs, da, de, en, es, eu, ga, he, hy, ia, la, nds_nl, nl, pt, sl
No local article!Q75821861en
No local article!Q75647531en, lt
No local article!Q74873801en
RonronnementQ6627501ar, ca, de, en, eo, es, et, fa, fi, gl, hu, id, it, ja, ko, la, nl, nn, pl, pt, ru
No local article!Q64414941en, ja
No local article!Q60041741en
No local article!Q57725601es
No local article!Q48799191en
No local article!Q48534791en
Dodo (oiseau)Q435021af, ar, ast, az, azb, bg, bn, bo, br, ca, ceb, chr, cs, cy, da, de, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, ga, gl, hak, he, hi, hr, ht, hu, hy, ia, id, io, is, it, ja, jv, ka, kk, kn, ko, ku, la, lmo, lt, lv, mk, ml, mn, mr, mrj, ms, nds, nl, nn, no, nrm, oc, or, pa, pl, pms, pnb, pt, ro, ru, sco, sh, simple, sk, sl, so, species, sr, sv, sw, ta, th, tl, tr, uk, ur, vi, war, zh, zh_min_nan, zh_yue
No local article!Q38686311en, it, la
Symbolisme phonétiqueQ24752681ca, en, it, ja, nl, pt, ru, tl, tr, uk
De Do Do Do, De Da Da DaQ24691391en, es, eu, it, ja, ka, pl, pt, uk
Wah-wahQ20392161be_x_old, ca, en, eo, es, fi, it, no, pl, pt, ru, sv, uk
Vroom (homonymie)Q19022501de, en
No local article!Q183489661en
BorborygmeQ17811271ar, de, en, es, fa, he, io, it, nl, pt
No local article!Q170987511en
No local article!Q168286781en
No local article!Q163243241da
ZzzQ1365741de, en, et, fa, ja, ko, nl, zh
No local article!Q129011211en, la
No local article!Q123724141et
No local article!Q11304851en, eo, eu, hy, it, ja, ru, simple
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