This tool finds all pages and categories in a category tree in language X. Then, it checks all of these categories in other languages, and gets pages with a language link back to X there. It lists all pages in X that are not in the original category tree, but in the tree equivalent in other languages.
Category, depth
External depth (>0 gets more pages, but is much slower) Temporarily disabled
(Example: French scientists on fr.wikipedia)
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No local article!Q79254861en
No local article!Q76414411en
No local article!Q75876141en
No local article!Q74402241en
No local article!Q70853731de, en
No local article!Q69685701en, es
No local article!Q67293231en
No local article!Q66718171en
No local article!Q66718161en
No local article!Q66718131en
No local article!Q64390951en
No local article!Q63026201en
No local article!Q62415091de, en, es, zh
No local article!Q60870511en
No local article!Q59674951en
No local article!Q59674931en
No local article!Q5790881de, en, es
No local article!Q56023691en
No local article!Q54612151en
No local article!Q53219291en
No local article!Q52214741en
No local article!Q50187091en
No local article!Q50163071en
No local article!Q50003041en
No local article!Q47338811en
No local article!Q306226981en
No local article!Q306226961en
No local article!Q306226931en
No local article!Q306226921en
No local article!Q169810141en
No local article!Q169492131en
No local article!Q169022591en
No local article!Q168925791en
No local article!Q168587831en
No local article!Q146289941de, en, es
No local article!Q120593751de, en
No local article!Q120550501en
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