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No local article!Q49502152en, pt
Église de Waltham AbbeyQ36032912de, en, fa, it, pt, zh
Abbaye de HexhamQ9500371cy, en, fa, ga, simple, zh
Cathédrale de la Sainte-et-Indivisible-Trinité de BristolQ9179171an, ar, be, ca, cs, de, en, eo, es, eu, fa, fi, he, it, nl, pl, pt, ru, uk, zh
No local article!Q9039551de, en
No local article!Q80387251en
No local article!Q80351621en
No local article!Q80333831en
No local article!Q79902961en
No local article!Q79902901en
No local article!Q79638621en
No local article!Q78808451cy, en
No local article!Q78385041en
No local article!Q78207711en
No local article!Q77995231en
No local article!Q77965091en
No local article!Q76887991en
No local article!Q76334971en
No local article!Q76283441en
No local article!Q76190091en
No local article!Q76048301en
No local article!Q75944771en
No local article!Q75942361en
No local article!Q75932951en
No local article!Q75908861en
No local article!Q75908781en
No local article!Q75877421en
No local article!Q75873411en
No local article!Q75776031en
No local article!Q75714721en
No local article!Q74936091en
Christ Church (Oxford)Q7459671ar, ca, cs, cy, de, en, eo, es, fi, he, id, it, ja, ko, la, nl, no, pl, pnb, pt, ru, sh, simple, sv, uk, ur, zh
No local article!Q72935511en
No local article!Q72455241en
No local article!Q72454911en
No local article!Q72355051en
No local article!Q71782771en
No local article!Q71072841en
No local article!Q70619531de, en, ga
No local article!Q70553481en
No local article!Q70198651en
No local article!Q70167311en, ga
No local article!Q66740621en
No local article!Q66617861en
No local article!Q66498661en
No local article!Q65480351en
No local article!Q64984711en
No local article!Q64984681en
No local article!Q64983601en
No local article!Q64156701en
No local article!Q64066161en
No local article!Q61012041en
No local article!Q60999921en
No local article!Q58868081en
No local article!Q57510571en
No local article!Q57127561en
No local article!Q56824591en, eo, ga
No local article!Q56436031en
No local article!Q56076091en
No local article!Q55047521en
No local article!Q54573801en
No local article!Q54501531en
No local article!Q53675541en, pt
No local article!Q53383171en, ga
No local article!Q53157061en, ga
No local article!Q53025111en
No local article!Q52975931en, fa
No local article!Q52614171en
Darley AbbeyQ52238701azb, cy, en, fa, ga, he
No local article!Q51833281en
No local article!Q51799491en
No local article!Q51611071en
No local article!Q51395821en
No local article!Q51318931en
No local article!Q51262381en
No local article!Q51218591en
No local article!Q51090881en, zh
No local article!Q51016111en
No local article!Q50661121en
No local article!Q50473701en
No local article!Q50334111en
No local article!Q50334011en
No local article!Q50214591de, en, ga, it, zh
No local article!Q50191681en
No local article!Q50027151en
No local article!Q50015391en
No local article!Q50007551en
No local article!Q50005911en
No local article!Q49984851en
No local article!Q49832981en
No local article!Q49798711en
No local article!Q49684061en, ga
No local article!Q49592131en, ga
No local article!Q49550081en
No local article!Q49544891en
No local article!Q49231791en
No local article!Q48904941en, ur
No local article!Q48791001en
No local article!Q48738801en
No local article!Q48656701en
No local article!Q48620231en
No local article!Q48612441en
No local article!Q48230951en
No local article!Q48230941en
No local article!Q48230891en
No local article!Q48212391en
No local article!Q47340541en
No local article!Q46640831en
No local article!Q45256701en, ga, sh, zh
Prieuré de NortonQ34030271en, ga, ml, sh
Prieuré Saint-OswaldQ34029321en, ga, nl
No local article!Q30215831de, en, ga
Abbaye de MottisfontQ27313781en, es, sv
Cathédrale de CarlisleQ25335521be, bg, en, fa, fi, ga, hy, it, nl, pl, ru, simple, uk, zh
No local article!Q23729801ceb, cy, en, nl, pl, sv
No local article!Q19806141en, nl, pl, ru, uk
No local article!Q185890251en
Newstead AbbeyQ18193311af, cy, de, en, ja, pl, sv, zh
Prieuré de BoltonQ176708831en, zh
No local article!Q176502031en
No local article!Q175361991en, it
No local article!Q161544221en
No local article!Q152625481en
No local article!Q152621751en
No local article!Q152422191en
No local article!Q152358661en
No local article!Q152231231de, en
No local article!Q152175541en
No local article!Q152077111en
No local article!Q152050861en
No local article!Q151926601en
Abbaye Sainte-Marie de LacockQ11484601ca, cs, de, en, es, it, pt
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