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Bubba Gump Shrimp CompanyQ500242de, en, es, fi, id, it, ko, pt, zh
Hard Rock CafeQ9181511ar, be, ca, da, de, el, en, es, eu, fi, he, hi, id, is, it, ja, ka, ko, ms, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, sr, sv, tr, uk, zh
No local article!Q80253391en
No local article!Q79621491en
No local article!Q79416451en, zh
Twin Peaks (restauration)Q78582551en, it, zh
No local article!Q78030121en, fy
No local article!Q77759191en, es, pt
No local article!Q77082441en
No local article!Q77079451ar, en
No local article!Q76678431en
No local article!Q75722451en
No local article!Q75163791en
No local article!Q75000281en
No local article!Q74596531en
No local article!Q73984851en
No local article!Q73824551en
No local article!Q73320171en
No local article!Q71999781en
No local article!Q71764011en
No local article!Q70794901en
No local article!Q68317181en
No local article!Q68068411en, fi
No local article!Q66714641en
No local article!Q64554411en, ja, zh
No local article!Q62172921en
No local article!Q62145701en, sv
No local article!Q62082101en
No local article!Q61997151en, es
No local article!Q61765941en
No local article!Q61120711en
No local article!Q60836991en
No local article!Q58769201en
No local article!Q58575611ar, en, es
No local article!Q562781391en
No local article!Q548712861en
No local article!Q54641331en
No local article!Q54599291en, fi, ja
No local article!Q54367171de, en, pt
No local article!Q54362571en
No local article!Q53981391en
No local article!Q53647081en
No local article!Q52937811en
No local article!Q52838461en
No local article!Q51882441en, et
No local article!Q51483971en, no
No local article!Q51397441en, zh
No local article!Q50894131en
No local article!Q50477901en
No local article!Q49970741en
No local article!Q49323861en
No local article!Q49288621en, ja
No local article!Q48728981en
No local article!Q483055101en, it
No local article!Q47610871en
No local article!Q4751131da, de, en, es, hu, id, ja, ko, zh
No local article!Q474906111en
No local article!Q471724261en, es, it, ms
No local article!Q41315581en, ja, ru
LongHorn SteakhouseQ32590071en, no
No local article!Q312026561en
No local article!Q282261831en
Bar à chatsQ27853591ca, de, el, en, es, fi, hu, id, it, ja, ko, pt, ru, uk, vi, zh, zh_min_nan
L'Enfer (cabaret)Q253952571en, it
No local article!Q244391471en
No local article!Q234613791en
No local article!Q231984391en
No local article!Q230197591en
No local article!Q220795501en
No local article!Q207113451en
No local article!Q198709651en
No local article!Q195897661en
No local article!Q19420241da, de, en, uk, zh
No local article!Q19280541de, en
No local article!Q183503091en
No local article!Q182019251en
No local article!Q171034331en
No local article!Q170783221en
No local article!Q170224901en
No local article!Q170213231en, nl
No local article!Q169954411en
No local article!Q168410921en
No local article!Q16026071de, en
No local article!Q157118571en, es
No local article!Q152726031en
No local article!Q150320551en
No local article!Q147069091en
No local article!Q135640421de, en
Outback SteakhouseQ10648931en, es, it, ja, ko, pt, simple
HootersQ10259211ca, cs, de, en, eo, es, fi, he, hy, it, ja, ko, no, pl, pt, ru, sk, sv, uk, zh
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