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Gérard DornQ9007172de, en, eo, es, it, la, nl
Guillaume de MoerbekeQ5382672als, ar, ca, cs, de, en, es, fi, he, it, nl, pl, pt, ru, sv, uk
Marguerite YourcenarQ1631182an, ar, azb, be_x_old, bg, br, bs, ca, ckb, cs, da, de, el, en, eo, es, eu, fa, fi, ga, gl, he, hi, hr, hu, hy, ia, id, ie, io, it, ja, jv, ko, la, lb, lt, lv, mk, mzn, nah, nl, nn, no, oc, pl, pms, pt, ro, ru, scn, sco, sh, sk, sr, sv, sw, uk, vo, zh
Marie GeversQ9732911ca, de, en, eo, es, nl, pl
Philippe de Marnix de Sainte-AldegondeQ7016051de, el, en, es, fy, it, ko, la, nl, pl, pt, ru, sv
No local article!Q64255691en
No local article!Q62825511en
No local article!Q48526461en, it
No local article!Q36164721af, de, en, it, pl, sl
Évelyne WilwerthQ35927981en
Liliane WoutersQ32408501en, eo, nl
Jean van WinQ31758601es
Jean DaiveQ31715261en, ru
Éric-Emmanuel SchmittQ2878281ar, azb, be_x_old, bg, ca, ckb, cs, de, en, es, et, fa, fi, he, hr, ia, it, ja, ka, la, lv, mk, mzn, nl, no, pl, pt, ru, tr, uk, vi
No local article!Q284696941nl
No local article!Q23434441nl
No local article!Q23122141nl
No local article!Q206312041en, pl
No local article!Q199738981nl
Angèle ManteauQ19559731ca, en, nl
Jan MoretusQ19133331ca, en, eo, es, it, nl, pl, pt
Stijn StreuvelsQ1756691ca, cs, de, en, eo, es, hy, it, nl, pl, ro, simple, sv, vls
No local article!Q174293351nl
Julia BastinQ17118101de, en, es, nl
Marguerite CoppinQ154071121en, nl
No local article!Q120800201uk
Hugo ClausQ1177831ar, bg, ca, cs, da, de, en, eo, es, fa, fi, fy, gl, hr, hu, it, ko, lb, li, mg, nl, no, pl, ro, ru, sh, sv, tr, uk, vls, zh
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