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No local article!Q16579376ceb, en, es, fa, lt, ms, pl, tg, vi
No local article!Q16559076ceb, en, fa, id, ms, pl, tg
No local article!Q11312116en, it, lt, ru, uk, zh
No local article!Q59619584en, et, fa, ja, pt
No local article!Q56590884en, es, ms, pl, pt
No local article!Q5554374en, fa, ms, pl, tg
Pont San Roque González de Santa CruzQ6540843de, en, es, nl, pl
No local article!Q57968233de, en, es, pt
No local article!Q35365623ceb, en, fa, ms, pl, tg
No local article!Q9460832en, es, gn, hu, ja, lt, ru
No local article!Q61137952de, es
No local article!Q204545912en, ms
No local article!Q11129442de, es
No local article!Q74143051en, es
Liste des codes OACI des aéroports/SQ7409161en, fa, hi, hr, it, ja, pt
Hidrovía Paraná-ParaguayQ58971941es, pt
.pyQ431611af, ar, ast, az, be, be_x_old, bg, bpy, bs, ca, ce, ckb, cs, cv, cy, da, de, diq, el, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fiu_vro, fo, gl, hr, hu, hy, id, is, it, ja, ka, ko, krc, ku, ky, lb, lv, mk, ms, nds, nl, no, oc, pl, pt, ro, sah, scn, sco, sh, sk, sq, sr, su, tg, th, tk, tl, tpi, tr, tt, uk, ur, uz, vi, war, xal, xmf, yo, zh, zh_min_nan, zh_yue
No local article!Q390872711en
No local article!Q352548261ceb
No local article!Q352502441ceb
TAM MercosurQ35120201de, en, es, et, fi, he, id, ko, pl, pt, ur, vi, zh
No local article!Q293684471es
No local article!Q250372881en
No local article!Q250372871en
No local article!Q250372831en
No local article!Q250372821en
No local article!Q250372761en
No local article!Q249612231es
No local article!Q215735871en, es, pt
No local article!Q214839561es
No local article!Q204588511ms
No local article!Q204572061ms
No local article!Q204571991ms
No local article!Q204551201ms
No local article!Q204548271ms
No local article!Q204547301ms
No local article!Q179960511pt
No local article!Q159581821en
No local article!Q159362311ceb, en
No local article!Q126952691ms
No local article!Q126943471ms
No local article!Q126924821ms
No local article!Q118247771pl
No local article!Q118244421pl
No local article!Q118243861pl
No local article!Q118243791pl
No local article!Q118243521pl
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