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1Code tag without correct match15
39Comment tag without correct end5
842Double pipe in a link32
155External link with a line break80
192External link with two brackets86
1106Heading should begin with "="105
8912Heading should end with "="8
30Heading starts with one "="19
3Heading with HTML49
7Image gallery without correct match29
39Include tag error109
1Link without target74
Math tag without correct match13
13Nowiki tag without correct match23
Pre tag without correct match24
167Reference list missing3
5761Reference tags without correct match94
73Square brackets without correct beginning46
47830Square brackets without correct end10
2Subscript tag without correct match98
37Superscript tag without correct match99
3Syntaxhighlight tag without correct match14
407Table without correct end28
28Tag with incorrect syntax2
32Template parameter with a problem60
373Template programming element34
437Template without correct beginning47
8081Template without correct end43
577URL without http://62

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