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34Bad or deprecated css attributes112
401Break in list54
254Category before last heading52
1005Category duplication17
1011DEFAULTSORT missing for titles with special letters37
270DEFAULTSORT with a blank at first position88
83DEFAULTSORT with special characters6
64DEFAULTSORT without space after the comma89
215Editor's signature or link to User space95
38Heading ends with a colon57
369Heading with bold44
85HTML list elements12
43HTML table element31
164HTML text style element <b> (bold)26
21HTML text style element <font>40
496HTML text style element <i> (italics)38
214HTML text style element <p>39
155HTML text style element <small> (small text) double55
80HTML text style element <small> (small text) in ref, sub or sup63
5HTML text style element <strike>42
8Image description ends with break65
Image description with full <small>66
70Interwiki before last category53
29Interwiki before last heading51
Interwiki duplication45
Line break or <br> error in wikilink113
68164Link equal to linktext64
6List tag (<ol>, <ul> or <li>) without correct match100
11Multiple categories on one line9
404Ordinal number found inside <sup> tags101
Redirect with incorrect syntax36
292002Reference before punctuation61
Symbol for dead20
346Tags without content85
136Template contains useless word template:1
2094Template value ends with break59
2704Title linked in text48
9067Unicode control characters16

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