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Priorities: all - high - middle - low

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2External link with double http://93
4Heading all CAPS58
11Heading hierarchy25
81Heading start with three "=" and later with level two83
3Headings all start with three "="7
HTML text style element <a>4
33Internal link written as an external link90
8Interwiki link written as an external link or used as a reference.91
8ISBN with incorrect syntax69
2ISBN with wrong length70
ISBN with wrong position of X71
3ISBN-10 with wrong checksum72
3ISBN-13 with wrong checksum73
ISSN with incorrect syntax106
ISSN with wrong checksum108
ISSN with wrong length107
Link with encoded space76
Pipe magicword inside wikilink103
PMID with incorrect syntax102
4Reference list duplication78
Table of Contents after first heading96
TOC has material after it and before the first heading97
2Unbalanced quotes in ref name104

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