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The script found one or more invisible Unicode control characters. For example:
Zero-width space (U+200B), left-to-right mark (U+200E), line separator (U+2028), byte order mark (U+FEFF) or characters from private use areas. This could be a problem inside an article.

Following tools can correct the problem:

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2-Methylpyridineedit{PUA}more2017-04-26 00:05:09Done
21-Hydroxylaseedit{PUA}more2017-04-30 00:05:06Done
Acropolis Institute of Technology and Researchedit{PUA} Independence day, is a day when every more2017-06-22 00:05:07Done
Andong sojuedit{PUA}  말을 셰여 장 닉게  글힌 믈 두 말애 가 거든 누록 more2017-04-15 00:05:07Done
Australia’s Country Wayedit{00A0}km from Rockhampton to Sydney, requirinmore2017-06-22 00:05:07Done
Bacillus cereusedit{00A0}''Bacillus cereus'' from other bacteriamore2017-05-09 00:05:09Done
Banksia neoanglicaedit{00A0}neoanglica, a new species supported by more2017-04-24 00:05:09Done
Battalion ‘Bolt’edit{00A0}Ignacy Łyskanowski "Skiba Włodzimierz";more2017-07-31 00:05:09Done
Bazouedit{PUA} Food crops: Maize, peanuts, macabo, camore2017-08-29 00:05:10Done
Burnie Dockers Football Club Women’s Teamedit{00A0}Debra Allen (Bonde)|-|Runner up Best more2017-05-20 00:05:04Done
Carmen D’Onofrioedit{00A0}[[Open Canada Cup]].<ref>{{Cite web|urlmore2017-04-16 00:05:07Done
Catholic Church in Somaliaedit{PUA}Carocci editore. Roma, 2006 ISBN 978-8more2017-04-25 00:05:07Done
Chyi Yuedit{PUA}2014叩钟偈/准提神咒 (Morning Bell Gatha,Evenmore2017-08-20 00:05:09Done
Cinema therapyedit{PUA}===Self-help===* {{cite book|author1more2017-04-14 00:05:07Done
Clark L. Andersonedit{00A0}at the National Jewish Hospital in Denvmore2017-08-15 00:05:08Done
Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Actedit{00A0}“new and very negative quality in [[Unimore2017-08-07 00:05:10Done
County Yardedit{PUA}2016more2017-02-12 00:05:11Done
Cream cheeseedit{PUA} Comes to New York: The Marketing of Crmore2017-03-02 00:05:13Done
Cyclaceneedit{PUA}-systems in the final product.== Refemore2017-03-21 00:05:24Done
Daniel E. Flemingedit{PUA}udies, Skirball Department of Hebrew anmore2017-03-21 00:05:24Done
Diana Hopesonedit{PUA} O Holy Night. (Single) GHMusic Publishmore2017-03-03 00:05:18Done
Dick Willettedit‏) was a New Zealand geologist. He rose more2017-08-31 00:05:09Done
Diego Grez-Cañeteedit{200E}]][[Category:Chilean newspaper editorsmore2017-05-08 00:05:08Done
Diocese of Civita–Tempioedit{200E}#Diocese of Civita‎(-Tempio)]]{{R witmore2017-04-26 00:05:09Done
Diocese of Saláciaedit{200E}#History]]{{R with possibilities}}{more2017-03-08 00:05:19Done

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