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The script found one or more invisible Unicode control characters. For example:
Zero-width space (U+200B), left-to-right mark (U+200E), line separator (U+2028), byte order mark (U+FEFF) or characters from private use areas. This could be a problem inside an article.

Following tools can correct the problem:

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1,3,5-Trithianeedit{PUA}CS linkage. Towards lipophilic mono- amore2020-05-07 00:05:18Done
13th Berlin International Film Festivaledit{200E} El less wal kilab]]''|[[Kamal El Sheimore2020-05-23 00:07:25Done
14th Berlin International Film Festivaledit{200E} al-aydi al-nā'ima]]'' |[[Mahmoud Zulfmore2020-05-23 00:07:25Done
2000 Birthday Honoursedit{PUA} characters need sorting out|date=Sepmore2020-05-19 00:05:17Done
2010–11 Saudi Professional Leagueedit{200F} |url= 00:05:19Done
2011 Pan Arab Gamesedit{200E}|al-ʾImārāt|||-|align=center|3|{{more2020-05-27 00:05:19Done
2016 Mahamahamedit{FEFF}: 10 லட்சம் பக்தர்கள் வருவார்கள் என எதிmore2020-05-29 00:05:34Done
2018 Cannes Film Festivaledit{200E}''/ ''Al-massir'' || [[Youssef Chahine]more2020-05-24 00:05:12Done
2019 West Pokot landslideedit{PUA}Allan|language=en-US|access-date=2019-1more2020-04-30 00:05:18Done
2019–20 Red Star Belgrade seasonedit{200F}أنهت إدارة النادي ⁧{202B}#الأهلي{202C}⁩ برئاسة الmore2020-05-19 00:05:17Done
2020 Minnesota House of Representatives electionedit{2008}He will not run again |url=https://www.more2020-05-29 00:05:34Done
2020 United States House of Representatives elections in New Jerseyedit{202C} {202A}✅Supports a #GreenNewDeal 🌿‬ ✅Took thmore2020-05-29 00:05:34Done
21-Hydroxylaseedit{PUA}􏰁]]'''[[Alpha helix|α-helices]] and 9 [more2020-05-27 00:05:19Done
5 Seconds of Summeredit{200E}On the Record: 5 Seconds of Summer - Yomore2020-05-29 00:05:34Done
5-Aza-7-deazapurineedit{2005}Oligonucleotides Incorporating Anomericmore2020-04-21 00:05:15Done
55th Airborne Brigadeedit{200E}|Tīp-e 55-e Havābord}}) is an [[airbornmore2020-05-04 00:05:19Done
75th Venice International Film Festivaledit{200E}'' / ''Khesht o Ayeneh'' || data-sort-vmore2020-05-11 00:05:16Done
7th Berlin International Film Festivaledit{200E} El fatawa]]''|[[Salah Abu Seif]]|Egymore2020-05-23 00:07:25Done
9936 Al-Biruniedit{200E} ''al-Bīrūnī'']]<br />{{small|(Persian more2020-04-12 00:05:09Done
9th Berlin International Film Festivaledit{200E} Hassan wa Nayima]]'' |[[Henry Barakatmore2020-05-29 00:05:34Done
Ababeel (NGO)edit{200E}, romanized: abābīl) refers to the miramore2020-05-28 00:05:19Done
Abaddon in popular cultureedit{200E} ''Avaddon''), means "doom"); the Greekmore2020-05-12 00:05:16Done
Abdul-Wahab Abu Al-Hailedit{200E}}}; born 21 December 1975) is an Iraqi more2020-05-04 00:05:19Done
Abdullah Al-Mogrenedit{202C} |url=}}more2020-05-09 00:05:19Done
Abigail Romanchakedit{2008}Cultural Center and Hui No’eau Visual Amore2020-05-29 00:05:34Done

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