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The script found one or more invisible Unicode control characters. For example:
Zero-width space (U+200B), left-to-right mark (U+200E), line separator (U+2028), byte order mark (U+FEFF) or characters from private use areas. This could be a problem inside an article.

Following tools can correct the problem:

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2014 Japanese Grand Prixedit{00A0}years and three days which made him themore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Geralin Thomasedit{00A0}[[ISBN 9781506148359]]* She is referenmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Gerard Vasilyevedit{00A0}820 «О награждении государственными нагmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Gerardo Ulloa Pérezedit­[[Party of the Democratic Revolution|ofmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Gerhard Pickedit­'''Gerhard Otto Pick''' (17 November 19more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
German Solar Mobility Associationedit­[[National Electric Mobility Platform|tmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
German Volleyball Player of the Yearedit­The '''German Volleyball Player of the more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Gjerstad Church (Osterøy)edit­by the builder Ole Vangberg.<ref>{{citemore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Glinka, West Pomeranian Voivodeshipedit­­{{Infobox settlement| name = Glinka|more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Global Politicianedit­{{italic title}}[[Image:Global Politicmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Glossary of psychiatryedit­­This glossary covers terms found in thmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Government College, Nalwaedit­'''Government College, Nalwa''' is a [[more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Grace Mount Residential Schooledit{00A0}'''Violators will be subjected to stricmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Grant Township, DeKalb County, Indianaedit­'''Grant Township''' is one of fifteen more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Gravitation of the Moonedit­The acceleration due to gravity on the more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Gríma Wormtongueedit­{{Infobox Tolkien character|character_more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Gymnotocinclus anosteosedit­'''''Gymnotocinclus anosteos''''' is a more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Habenaria plantagineaedit­'''''Habenaria plantaginea''''' is a [[more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Hajjiabad, Mazkurehedit­'''Hajjiabad''' ({{lang-fa|حاجي اباد}},more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Hans Hartungedit­'''Hans Hartung''' (21 September 1904 &more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Harmonia Sacraedit­'''''Harmonia Sacra''''' is a [[Mennonimore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Harriet Dinersteinedit{200E}]][[Category:Living people]]{{astromore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Heather Engebretsonedit­'''Heather Engebretson''' (born Februarmore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Helen Chambersedit­'''Helen Chambers''' [[Order of the Brimore2016-07-25 00:05:14Done
Henry Keyworth Raineedit{2028}Son of the Rev Chancellor Raine, the more2016-07-25 00:05:14Done

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