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The script found one or more invisible Unicode control characters. For example:
Zero-width space (U+200B), left-to-right mark (U+200E), line separator (U+2028), byte order mark (U+FEFF) or characters from private use areas. This could be a problem inside an article.

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? (XXXTentacion album)edit{00A0}Music|accessdate=March 15, 2018}}</ref>more2018-03-21 00:05:11Done
'80s on 8edit{00A0}               * 06/04 - Grand Rapids,more2018-03-16 00:05:13Done
1912 Lawrence textile strikeedit{00A0}started to enforce a law that allowed wmore2018-03-16 00:05:13Done
1983 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}|-|[[List of Wrestling Observer Newslmore2018-03-17 00:05:18Done
1985 NASCAR Winston Cup Seriesedit{00A0}lack of consistency in the final stretcmore2018-03-14 00:05:17Done
1989 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}|[[Baltimore, Maryland]]|14,500<ref>{more2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1991 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}[[New York (state)|New York]]|20,000|more2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1992 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}[[England]]|80,355|-| [[Consejo Mundmore2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1994 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}[[Illinois]]|23,000<ref name="pwhistormore2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1995–96 FIBA Korać Cupedit{00A0}|'''90'''–72|77–'''83'''|-|{{flagicmore2018-03-17 00:05:18Done
1996 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}|[[Baltimore, Maryland]]|9,000|-| [more2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1997 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}|[[Cedar Rapids, Iowa]]|5,120|-| [[more2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1997 NASCAR Winston Cup Seriesedit{00A0}North Wilkesboro Speedway in 1996.*Thimore2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1998 Commonwealth Gamesedit{00A0}which represents 1998 Commonwealth Gamemore2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1998 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}|[[Trotwood, Ohio]]|5,486|-| [[Extrmore2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1998 NASCAR Winston Cup Seriesedit{00A0}leads the category by winning at least more2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1998 State Visit by Jiang Zemin to Japanedit{00A0}  From the top-down perspective, Chinmore2018-03-11 00:05:14Done
1999 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}|[[Louisville, Kentucky]]|15,930|-|more2018-03-19 00:05:14Done
1999 Istanbul bombingsedit{00A0}The prosecution claimed that after the more2018-03-04 00:05:15Done
19th Academy Awardsedit{00A0}[[Ernest Hemingway]]**''[[Roma_citta_amore2018-03-13 00:05:33Done
19th SAARC summitedit{00A0}Summit in Pakistan, said the prevailingmore2018-03-20 00:05:12Done
1Eedit{200E}|logo_size = 220|type = [[Privately hmore2018-03-16 00:05:13Done
200 Pressedit{00A0}writing, recording, production==Refermore2018-03-17 00:05:18Done
2000 in Afghanistanedit{00A0}head of state]]: [[Mohammed Omar]] * [more2018-03-11 00:05:14Done
2000 in professional wrestlingedit{00A0}|[[Danbury, Connecticut]]|5,000|-| more2018-03-19 00:05:14Done

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