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The script found one or more invisible Unicode control characters. For example:
Zero-width space (U+200B), left-to-right mark (U+200E), line separator (U+2028), byte order mark (U+FEFF) or characters from private use areas. This could be a problem inside an article.

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102 (Free Ambulance Service)edit{00A0}free ambulance services under governmenmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
37th International Eucharistic Congressedit{00A0}who had previously served in Munich as more2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Aatos Tapalaedit{200E}]][[Category:Living people]]more2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Adam Nevilledit{00A0}- Pan, 2012, US - [[St. Martin's Griffimore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Africa Nasiredit{00A0}* Methodological support to banks in more2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Aída Olivieredit{00A0}[[vedette (cabaret)|vedette]] and actremore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
All Nepal National Free Students Unionedit{00A0}Bagbazar Kathmandu NepalTelephone 0more2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Alsterdorf (Hamburg U-Bahn station)edit{200E}]][[Category:Railway stations opened imore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Alter Teichweg (Hamburg U-Bahn station)edit{200E}]][[Category:Railway stations opened imore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Antwerpsche Diamantkringedit{200E}]][[Category:Diamond dealers]][[Categmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Argan oiledit{00A0}<ref>{{Cite web|url=http://culinaryargamore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Astrid M. Fünderichedit{00A0}In the following years Engagements follmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Atria (company)edit{00A0}[[Seinäjoki]].]][[File:Atria_slaughtermore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Automotive Cluster of Walloniaedit{200E}]]{{Europe-org-stub}}{{Belgium-stubmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Avadiedit{00A0}is a state assembly constituency in [[Tmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Ayia Napaedit{200E} during afternoon.}}=== Wreck diving more2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Barmbek stationedit{200E}]][[Category:Railway stations opened imore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Bhikampaliedit{00A0}In Bhikampali village population of chmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Bob Deitrickedit{00A0}Bob created several pilot classes in himore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Bobby Tarantinoedit‏on Twitter|publisher=[[Twitter]]|quote=more2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Borgweg (Hamburg U-Bahn station)edit{200E}]][[Category:Railway stations opened imore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Burford Schooledit{00A0} He was a benefactor of Burford School more2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Burton Barr Central Libraryedit{00A0}It provides a team of advisors and offemore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Carbon Based Lifeformsedit{200B}01 (album)|ALT:​01]]'') and one [[Extenmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done
Celina Milneredit{00A0}two, I have been actively involved in mmore2016-07-02 00:05:10Done

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