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The script found one or more invisible Unicode control characters. For example:
Zero-width space (U+200B), left-to-right mark (U+200E), line separator (U+2028), byte order mark (U+FEFF) or characters from private use areas. This could be a problem inside an article.

Following tools can correct the problem:

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17 Perseiedit{00A0}giants from CORAVEL/Hipparcos/Tycho-2 dmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
2008 World Outdoor Bowls Championship - Women's Singlesedit‏IRL}}||{{PHL}}||21-12|-|{{AUS}}||{{SCmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
2016 Shepherd Rams football teamedit{2008}playoff | newspaper= [[The Journal (Wesmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
20th Space Control Squadronedit{00A0}inch (half meter) [[Schmidt camera#Bakemore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Achilles and Patroclusedit{00A0}between members of the same-sex, typicamore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Active Designedit{00A0} ==Effects==There are not that many more2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Ada Zayas-Bazánedit{200E}]][[Category:1958 births]][[Category:more2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Adelaide University Football Clubedit­ Australian selection in 1974 (K.R. Grimore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Adrenergic receptor autoantibodiesedit{00A0}[[Adrenergic receptor|adrenergic receptmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Albie Selznickedit{00A0}/ Tak Tak|2 episodes|-|1997|[[The Smore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Amos Macedit{00A0}[[Timothy Greenfield-Sanders]]. Mock almore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Andrés Manuel López Obradoredit­tico mexicano declara a noticiero radiamore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Anglican Church of Australiaedit{00A0}The [[Anglican Diocese of Sydney]], themore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Anglican Diocese of Perthedit{00A0}In April 2016, St. Andrew's Church withmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Animakeredit{00A0}[[Social video marketing|Social Videos]more2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Anita Ghaiedit{00A0}Fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum Libmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Arab diasporaedit{00A0}[[Allianz]]* [[Steve Jobs]] (Syrian ormore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Arabs in Franceedit{00A0}[[French Senate]] ([[Socialist Party (Fmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Austrian presidential election, 2016edit{00A0}(in German). Retrieved 10 December 2016more2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Barolo shearwateredit{00A0}| accessdate = 10 December 2016 | publimore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Biathlon World Championships 1970edit{200E}]]more2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Bluma Zeigarnikedit{00A0}''Journal Of Applied Behavioral Sciencemore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
BoBoiBoy (character)edit{200E} |date=December 2016}}more2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Bovine somatotropinedit{00A0} one to two week period, pre-synchronizmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done
Broccoli (D.R.A.M. song)edit{00A0}''[[Kirby's Dream Land|Kirby’s Dreamlanmore2016-12-11 00:05:14Done

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