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The script found one or more invisible Unicode control characters. For example:
Zero-width space (U+200B), left-to-right mark (U+200E), line separator (U+2028), byte order mark (U+FEFF) or characters from private use areas. This could be a problem inside an article.

Following tools can correct the problem:

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2015 NC State Wolfpack baseball teamedit{00A0}Rescheduled for May 2 (doubleheader)|-more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Abbas Adhamedit{200E}]][[Category:People from Tabriz]][[Camore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Ali Akbar Ghoreyshiedit{200E}]]more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Arthur Olliveredit{00A0}Olliver - Player Bio] </ref>Olliver wasmore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Australopithecus deyiremedaedit{00A0}''A Afarensis'' is known to have inhabimore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Brazil at the 2015 Pan American Gamesedit{200B}]]|align=left|[[Gymnastics at the 2015more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Buddhism and violenceedit{00A0}violent acts. In the history of Buddhismore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Carmel Convent High School, Durgapuredit{00A0}''To one and all it shall proclaim'' more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practiceedit{00A0}[[Ifs University College]]) which meetsmore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Charles Grangier de La Ferriereedit{200E}]][[category:French people executed bymore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Citadelle (gin)edit{00A0} within the French Territory.<ref>{{Citmore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Corner Shop Showedit{200E}]]''*[[British Bangladeshis]]==Refermore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Der Entwurfedit{00A0}plant layout is used to analyze differemore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Dormant Commerce Clauseedit­pretation of the Constitution, the Impomore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Dylan Hughesedit{00A0}|work=|accessdatmore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Elegyedit{2028} University Press, 2010, pp 13-45.</refmore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Emily Greene Wetherbeeedit{202C}|first1=Mary Ashton Rice|last2=Willard|more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Ethiopian general election, 2015edit{00A0}Democratic Front]]||501|-|align=left|more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Etiquette in South Koreaedit{00A0}[[Confucian]] philosophies of the [[Kormore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Ext2Fsdedit{00A0}  > 4G files supported* sparse_super: more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
F.C. United of Manchester Womenedit{200E}#Women's team]]more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Georgy Pashkovedit{200E}]][[Category:Russian graphic designersmore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Guayakí (company)edit{200E}]][[Category:Beverage companies of themore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Habib Boromand Dashghapuedit{200E}]][[Category:Iranian Azerbaijani politmore2015-06-02 00:05:10Done
Hadi Khameneiedit{200E}]]more2015-06-02 00:05:10Done

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