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The title has a special letter and in the article there is no {{DEFAULTSORT:}}.
{{lifetime}} is not recognized by the script. Redirects are also listed if the redirect contains a category. See Categorization#Sort keys and Namesort for more details.

Following tools can fix most of a problems:

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§185editmore2018-06-17 00:05:07Done
&&&&&editmore2018-06-15 00:05:07Done
===editmore2018-05-18 00:05:12Done
$10 Raiseeditmore2018-06-15 00:05:07Done
$OLDPWDeditmore2018-06-11 00:05:24Done
$PWDeditmore2018-06-11 00:05:24Done
0–9 Serieseditmore2018-05-25 00:05:14Done
1–11 Oakley Streeteditmore2018-06-06 00:05:13Done
1% Friendshipeditmore2018-06-16 00:05:08Done
103rd Street–Washington Heights stationeditmore2018-06-14 00:05:10Done
105-123 St Mark’s Roadeditmore2018-06-11 00:05:24Done
14–25 Oakley Streeteditmore2018-06-06 00:05:13Done
17–44 Cornwall Gardenseditmore2018-06-06 00:05:13Done
1905–06 Lancashire Cupeditmore2018-06-16 00:05:08Done
1923–24 Lancashire Cupeditmore2018-06-15 00:05:07Done
1939–1940 National Challenge Cupeditmore2018-06-07 00:05:08Done
1957–58 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-03 00:31:23Done
1958–59 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-10 00:05:13Done
1959–60 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-10 00:05:13Done
1960–61 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-09 00:05:23Done
1961–62 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-09 00:05:23Done
1963–64 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-09 00:05:23Done
1968–69 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-06 00:05:13Done
1969–70 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-06 00:05:13Done
1970–71 Moroccan Throne Cupeditmore2018-06-06 00:05:13Done

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