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Different number of [[ and ]] brackets. If it is sourcecode then use <source> or <code>.

Generally, a bracket needs to be added or removed in the string displayed below.

Following tools can correct the problem:

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Atlanta metropolitan areaedit = 350px|image_caption = [[Buckhead]]more2017-01-17 00:06:04Done
Bareun Partyedit= 바른정당| logo =바른정당PI.jpg|thumb|바른정당 로고 20170115]]more2017-01-16 00:05:30Done
David Lurieedit'''David Lurie''' (born 1951) is a [photographer]]more2017-01-17 00:06:04Done
Kaduna State Universityedit = |students = |city = [[Kaduna]]more2017-01-16 00:05:30Done
List of castles in Baden-Württembergeditak.jpg|thumb|right|250px|[[Hohenzollern Castle]]more2017-01-17 00:06:04Done
List of common World War II infantry weaponseditsoldiers with a [[ZB vz. 26]]more2017-01-17 00:06:04Done

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