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Different number of [[ and ]] brackets. If it is sourcecode then use <source> or <code>.

Generally, a bracket needs to be added or removed in the string displayed below.

Following tools can correct the problem:

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1675editHouse.jpg|thumb|right|[[King Philip's War]]more2017-08-22 00:05:15Done
1901edit1: The [[Commonwealth of Australia]]more2017-08-13 00:05:10Done
2007 Bersih rallyeditthe [[Istana Negara, Jalan Istana|Istana Negara]]more2017-07-31 00:05:09Done
20th centuryeditEarth seen from Apollo 17.jpg|thumb|The [[Earth]]more2017-08-06 00:05:09Done
Aeliaeedit(Roman province)|Africa Proconsularis]]more2017-08-06 00:05:09Done
Agriculture in Myanmareditin [[Burma]]more2017-08-02 00:05:10Done
American Indian boarding schoolseditat [[Carlisle Indian Industrial School]]more2017-08-06 00:05:09Done
Andrew Vallance-OweneditBirmingham|Birmingham University Medical School]]more2017-08-18 00:05:10Done
Angrezi Mein Kehte HaineditKehte Hain| creator = [GAGANDERP SINGH]]more2017-08-12 00:05:09Done
Arclight (novel)edit2015}}}}'''Arclight''' is a [4+]]more2017-08-22 00:05:15Done
Arjun Vajpaieditand age|1993|6|9|df=y}}| birth_place = [bambai]]more2017-08-17 00:05:10Done
Aya HijazieditHijazi, upon release from prison in Egypt]]more2017-07-31 00:05:09Done
Bahadur Bepariedit |Bahadur Bepari]]more2017-08-07 00:05:10Done
Ballislife.comeditis an American sports [[website]]more2017-08-08 00:05:11Done
Bass Strait ferrieseditStrait ferry ''[[Spirit of Tasmania I]]more2017-08-12 00:05:09Done
Bearded reedlingeditBD5).ogg|thumb|center|Birds recorded in [[Norfolk]]more2017-08-19 00:05:11Done
Cadastreeditmap of the village of [[Pielnia]]more2017-08-22 00:05:15Done
Cannibalism in humanseditBrazil. Engraving by [[Theodor de Bry]]more2017-08-08 00:05:11Done
Christoph ChorherreditChorherr''' (born 9 December 1960, [[Vienna]]more2017-08-08 00:05:11Done
Cinematographereditpicture Stealth.jpg|thumb|right|A [[camera crew]]more2017-08-17 00:05:10Done
Cloutedit[[TYB (gang) has so much clout* [[Clout (band)]]more2017-08-09 00:05:09Done
Concurrency (road)editindicating a concurrency of [[Interstate 93]]more2017-08-22 00:05:15Done
CPU-boundedit{{Unreferenced|date=April 2007}}]]more2017-08-09 00:05:09Done
Cymax StoreseditInc'''. is a privately held [online retailer]]more2017-08-13 00:05:10Done
De KarmelieteditKarmeliet''' is a restaurant in wBruges]]more2017-08-03 00:05:11Done

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